If you’re an online marketer, developer, salesperson, or any other guy trying to add more customers through online means, here’s a tool to make that easier – WebinarJam.

WebinarJam is a reliable online seminar platform that can handle thousands of participants with ease. It’s been existing in the market for over a decade and is optimizing the platform regularly to fit a marketer’s needs.

You could be of any field, but if attracting customers and adding them to your network is your goal, WebinarJam is the easiest way to get through.

We say that on experience, as we conducted numerous webinars with few tens of participants to thousands of them. And we were never let down. Besides, we are given more tools to tune our webinar helpful to our participants and turn them from customers to consumers ultimately. If you’re still skeptical, here’s more to learn about it;

Activate 14 Days Trial for $1

Why is WebinarJam Trusted?

1.) Free Landing Page Builder

To impress your visitors in the first instance, you should be making your landing page attractive. This the page where you’ll be giving a sneak peek into your upcoming webinar and take email registrations. Tuning this page with catchy titles and stickers could be appealing, and you can do so with the number of tools provided.

2.) Easy Handling

WebinarJam makers have made short videos to help you whenever you stumble upon something. These could be setting up a webinar or attracting participants, or handling the extensive toolset in the live webinar; you’ll be guided in every step. Besides, you have 24×7 support from customer care irrespective of your plan.

3.) Webinar Recording and Sharing

All your webinars are recorded by default and be sharable to platforms like YouTube for free. While you can choose not to record, saving them for further use is recommended if your webinar is frequently referred to.

4.) Accepting Secure Payments

You can create paid webinars and accept enrolling payments from your visitors for free and securely. All the details they submit are encrypted and safeguarded, and just the enrolling details are shown to you to track them.

5.) Rescheduling

Rescheduling your determined webinar is tough, mentally, and operationally. While you’ve decided to postpone or prepone anyway, you can reschedule the affixed webinar easily in WebinarJam, and inform your registered visitors in time through emails.

6.) Webinar Features

While we talked about the surrounding features of WebinarJam, the core functionality is well-served too. You’ll be given all the engaging and conversion options like countdown timers, personalized pop-ups, etc., to urge visitors to participate in any of your activities.

Also, you can message your participants publicly and privately to sell them customized offers. And, you can pull any of the viewers onto your screen to share their opinions with others. If you’re mesmerized as us with the features and eager to try them out, here you go – WebinarJam Plans.

Activate 14 Days Trial for $1

If you’re still unsure about WebinarJam’s capabilities, you can try them before purchasing any of the plans. WebinarJam’s giving a free 14-day trial to experience its suite of tools without any coupons. While everyone feels the trail offer is dead, it’s still available, and here’s how to try it out.

Click on this link and select the desired plan. Going for payment, you can see the free 14-day trial offer available for just $1. Go for payment, where you’ll be charged only $1 for trial and the actual plan amount once the trial period is over. So you may choose to cancel before paying up for the actual plan in case not satisfied.

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