It often happens that even after searching from social media platforms or using phone directories or any other source, we don’t find the people we are looking for. If it happens to you, then you can go for free people’s search online platforms. 

There are many websites, paid and free, which allow you to find someone’s phone number, email address, or even physical address, or any other related stuff. A paid platform consists of publicly available information about a person. The commonly used people search site is Whitepages.

With good background check services, extensive criminal record information, free information before payment, and no customer funnel, Whitepages has a solid fan base.

But, poor people find experience,  hidden costs, and complex payment options make it difficult to get the desired results. In this article, we will give the best Whitepages alternatives to help you reach your desired person.

Best Whitepages Alternatives and Similar Sites in 2023

1. TruthFinder

TruthFinderNext, we have TruthFinder, a website that performs a more thorough search than Whitepages. It looks for court records, traffic offenses, phone numbers, online profiles, weapon permits, and many more.

Once the background checks are done, the site searches for email addresses, job information, government records, and others. With TruthFinder, you get only a person’s full name for free. To get the detailed information, you will need to pay. Once the payment is done, the site provides detailed results in about 15 minutes.

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2. TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearchThis people-finder website is completely free and enables you to look for people just with the help of their names, phone numbers, or addresses. Compared to Whitepages, the information provided here is better and more detailed.

Enter the person’s name, phone number, or address and get results. To get more detailed information about someone, you can click on the link that would take you to the different sites where you can purchase the complete details.

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3. BeenVerified 

BeenVerified With its seven products, BeenVerified helps you do more than search for people. Enter any information like a person’s name, email, or phone number and the site provides you with background reports, contact information, phone numbers, criminal records, physical addresses, and many more.

You can pay for the service and get reports like a person’s past or current location, last data verification date, loan records, etc. It also helps to know more about people you meet online or in person. Here you can even search for used vehicle sellers or buyers.

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4. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn Now we have on the list LinkedIn, a famous professional networking site that can be used to search for people or their working groups.

The site differs from WhitePages as it focuses more on work-related and professional searches. Create your profile for free, and add additional information like your work profile and others.

If the person you are looking for is on the platform, enter the person’s name and you will get to know where and with whom they work. The sites we have discussed provide information based on public directories, whereas LinkedIn shows you what the person has allowed you to see. 

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5. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearchAnother free people-finder site is ZabaSearch which provides reverse phone lookups and a better people-searching experience through public records, court records, and phone directories.

ZabaSearch gives you instant results, but the information might not be updated. Also, the site contains many ads too. It is a free search platform where you are not asked to register or add your credit card information. For better background information, you can also opt for a paid plan.

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6. PeopleFinders 

PeopleFinders If you want access to basic information like age, family members, and aliases of a person for free and instantly, then PeopleFinders is the one for you. You will need to pay a few bucks for more information like criminal records, contact information, property records, and many more.

PeopleFinder has served people for about 30 years and gives access to more than 6,000 information sources. As the site goes beyond public records, it provides more detailed results, unlike Whitepages.

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7. PeekYou

PeekYouPeekYou find the person you are looking for by searching through many social media platforms. The site analyzes all the content available, goes through every public weblink available, finds out who the work is and who made it, and provides appreciable results.

Here too, the information provided is the one displayed publicly. You can also look for the person’s web activities using their name and phone number.

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8. Pipl

PiplThe last search engine on our list is Pipl, particularly for business users. Unlike Whitepages is designed for general use. Enter information like a person’s name, phone number, and email address and get results like the person’s personal and professional details.

Since the platform is for business users, you must pay for a slightly expensive membership. The cited analysis combines several social identity, professional and personal data and gives its users a unique global index of about 3 billion genuine profiles.

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9. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate

As straightforward as its name suggests, Instant Checkmate is a very popular platform to search for people online instantly. With it, you will get every detail of the person from birth to present address, and other details as well, such as criminal records, neighbors, and other documents.

To get started, you have to sign up over there, and you can search for anyone who lives in the USA. Although it doesn’t allow you to search unlimited for free of cost but provides top-notch security with Norton security. Overall, a worthy alternative to Whitepages.

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10. PeopleSmart


PeopleSmart is yet another great website and Whitepages competitor that provides people’s information. The public record platform gives information with accuracy which is the main highlight of the website. And the user interface is very friendly to search for anyone’s details within a minute.

However, PeopleSmart provides various options to search, and you can search by name, number, and email. So if you are thinking to acquire people’s data on a large scale, PeopleSmart is the source that you will get everything under one roof.

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