Manga is more than just one of the biggest forms of entertainment worldwide today – it is a form of art that has taken and continues to take time, skill, and effort to create. With the help of the internet, anyone can now read Manga for free. Be it classic Manga titles or new web uploads, and you can find them all at your fingertips.

1stKissManga is one of the biggest Manga websites available today. It publishers content by independent creators as well as big artists. It has also brought free versions of exclusive Manga, Manhwa, and webtoon titles to the public. Unfortunately, being a controversial website, 1stKissManga is often inaccessible.

The love for Manga is not hosted by one website or two – it is a common fascination shared by all. If 1stKissManga is inaccessible, then you can go for the alternatives. We have brought you the best 1stKissManga Alternatives to read Manga online

Best 1stKissManga Alternatives for Manga Lovers

Given below is the list of best 1stKissManga alternatives to fulfill your love for the Manga-

1. Mangabuddy

This website contains hundreds of Manga titles by established and emerging independent authors. There are several different graphic styles in which Manga and webtoons are released daily. The most popular genres on this website are Yaoi, Smut, Action, and Shounen.

Mangabuddy has made reading and keeping track of different Manga titles easier with the help of a Google login; however, it is optional to log in. This is of the best 1stKissManga alternatives that you can go for. 

2. MangaGo

A website dedicated to making the reading of Manga as pleasurable as possible, MangaGo comes with a simple but attractive interface with detailed Manga covers for every title. On their homepage, you will find sections dedicated to ‘Featured Manga’ and ‘Latest Update.’

They also have a top 10 countdown list dedicated to each genre – and this is dependent on the most views a Manga gets. The website also has a forum where readers comment and chat with each other. 

3. Kunmanga

This site has established itself as one of the fastest Manga websites out there, which can also deliver high-quality content. From clever murder mysteries to innocent teen romances, this platform offers much more than smut or adult content.

You can easily keep track of every Manga title by clicking on the newest uploaded chapter – which appears just below each Manga cover. The biggest drawback of this platform is the pop-up ads. 

4. MangaOwl

On MangaOwl, you can find some creative, authentic titles that can get you hooked, along with recreations of well-known stories. Most importantly, it is a gorgeous website that has exquisite Manga covers for each story. 

It is one of the most reliable websites out there regarding Manga collections, website stability, and performance speed. You can find Manga in different genres, including Comedy, Shoujo, Action, Shounen, etc.

5. Bibimanga

The popular Manga and Manhwa website Muctau has now been renamed Bibimanga. Its user interface is extremely similar to that of MangaOwl, and it displays only the latest updates and new popular on its homepage. One pro of reading Bibimanga is that it houses exclusive titles and titles originally published on other websites.

If you want to read Manga books recently published in Japan or Korea, you can search for those titles on Bibimanga. If you create an account, you will also be able to access your ‘reading history’ easily.

6. HariManga

This website is the number one location for finding romance, Manga, Manhwa, and Manhua titles. Indeed, finding and reading content on this website is easy; you can find the Manga by name or genre. 

You can sign into the HariManga to continue reading from where you left off. This will also show you the reading history to know where you left off. 

7. MangaForFree

Another best alternative to 1stKiss Manga is MangaForFree. The Manga titles are listed with their Manga cover, name, and latest chapter displayed one after the other. The site is updated with new titles almost daily. 

MangaForFree is predominantly a website dedicated to adult content viewers. However, you can also find Manga in other genres, including action, fantasy, romance, etc.

8. MangaPark

Readers cannot only find and read classic Manga titles for free on this website, but they can also upload and share their content. If you are a fan of retro artistic styles and fanfiction of Manga like Demon Slayer and Kamisama Kiss, this is the website for you.

MangaPark hosts Manga titles with complex storylines with fascinating graphics. You will find underrated Manga titles with good setups, excellent character buildup, and insane twists on the MangaPark website.

9. TopManhua

If you are specifically looking for Manhua webtoons, TopManhua will delight you with the biggest possible collection. MangaChill readers often provide great reviews for popular Manga, so you know what you are reading even before you start. The website algorithm promotes such comments so other readers can benefit from them. 

MangaChill is mostly dedicated to romance and adult content, but he will also find comedy, action, and adventure here. This is probably one of the best 1stKissManga alternatives that you can go for. 

10. ZinManga

If you are looking for a site to read Manga online, then you should visit this site. You will find most Manga titles here on this site, with the new ones updated frequently. ZinManga has a strong community of readers who engage in the comment section to have fun, get feedback, and share favorites.

If you sign in, you can tag all the good Mangat titles as ‘favorite.’ The pink-and-white user interface and lack of distracting ads make this new platform a worthy competitor to the big names.


Manga is one of the most unique and captivating ways to tell a story. 1stKissManga is a popular site for reading Manga online, but you can also go for its alternatives if the site isn’t working or you cannot find your favorite Manga. The 1stKissManga alternatives we have listed above are the best ones where you can find almost all the manga titles.