Currently, everyone is using smartphones with a high-quality camera that clicks pictures in a fantastic resolution. But there is a problem because these pictures come in large sizes costing your phone valuable storage space. However, you can use tools to reduce image sizes and save your smartphone space.

These special tools are called photo resize apps and are available for Android and iOS devices. An image compressor app helps you save your phone’s storage and lets you conveniently share images via social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.

In our today’s list, we have mentioned some such photo resize apps for Android devices. The best thing about our list is that most options are free to use. Moreover, you can also crop your images through these applications. So let’s take a look at them.

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Best Android Apps To Reduce Image Size

  • PicTools
  • Photo Compressor and Resizer
  • Photoczip
  • Image Compressor Lite
  • Resize Me
  • Photo Compress 2.0
  • Q Reduce Lite
  • Cram

1. PicTools

PicToolsIt is a well-known Android photo editing app that you can use to reduce image sizes. For instance, you can convert your JPG or JPEG images into PDF or other document formats. Apart from that, there are several other valuable features available in PicTools.

The app has an easy-to-navigate user interface with straightforward controls and functions. There is an option in PicTools that can compress multiple images at a time. Moreover, you can directly share edited images through WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media apps.


2. Photo Compressor and Resizer

Photo Compressor and ResizerThis is an advanced app with some premium functionalities to offer its users. Photo Compressor and Resizer can flawlessly compress and resize your photos using excellent tools. In addition, you will get tons of useful features that will make your work easy. 

On launching the application, you will find options to choose photos from your gallery. There are several aspect ratios like 6:9 and 16:4, which you can use to apply your images. You can also use photos in your Google Drive cloud storage to resize them.


3. Photoczip

PhotoczipIf you want an easy-to-use and Quick App to compress and resize your photos, then Photoczip will be an excellent option. This integrates resizing and sharing photos to speed up your work. Furthermost, the user interface is clean and straightforward to reduce complications.

You can compress your images measured by percentage or by size. However, the more you compress your image, the more it gets distorted. Still, the app lets you keep the image’s visual quality intact.


4. Image Compressor Lite

Image Compressor LiteAnother image compressing tool that you can use is Image Compressor Lite. The app has some unique tools that let you make different adjustments to the appearance of a picture. There is also an image resizing option in Image Compressor Lite.

Once you import your desired image into the app, Image Compressor Lite shows you all the available details of the photo. These details make it easy to understand how much they need to adjust their picture to attain the desired dimension. 


5. Resize Me

Resize MeResize Me is a fantastic app developed by a well-known photo-editing brand used to make software for PCs. The app is simple and has all the functions required to resize an image effectively. You can directly select photos from your smartphone gallery to reduce their sizes in Resize Me.

For cropping images, you will get presets and aspect ratios. You can also use the free crop option to custom crop your image. To reduce the size of pictures, you can reduce it by a percentage or directly set the size.


6. Photo Compress 2.0

Photo Compress 2.0It is a fantastic app that can easily compress your required images without compromising quality. The app also lets you resize your pictures using its advanced crop technology. Several aspect ratios can be used to do the work automatically.

Photo Compress 2.0 also has other photo editing features that make it a complete suite of functions. There is a pro version that removes the image editing limits. You can use the app free of cost without worrying about unwanted commercials.


7. QReduce Lite

QReduce LiteOur following inclusion is an  Android app that lets you reduce image sizes effectively. The best part of Q Reduce Lite is that you can use it in different languages, making it easy to use by different nationals. Apart from that, there are many useful photo editing features in it.

A free crop tool lets you outline the areas to be cropped. For example, you can resize your photo by using the crop tool in the app. Moreover, a batch editing option is available to compress multiple images simultaneously.


8. Cram

CramIf you want an Android application that only focuses on reducing image sizes, then Cram will be a good option. This app lets you shrink your image size by more than 60% without reducing the quality of the picture. The fantastic app enables you to edit as many images as you can.

A bulk editing option is also available in the app where you have to choose the images you want to resize, and the app will automatically do the work. In addition, the app is free to use. 



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