Are you an AnyWho user fed up with the limited information you get on the site? And do you want to know about other sites similar to AnyWho? Then we must confirm that you are at the right place. AnyWho is one of the most trusted people search engine on the internet.

For those who don’t know about people search engines, it is a tool that helps you find the background and other details of an individual using his name or location. There is also some other non-conventional usage of a people search engine that we may discuss later. For a long time, AnyWho was used for this purpose.

But recently, the site has Limited the details in their reports. So we have prepared a list of alternatives that are similar to it in terms of features and will offer you even better search results. You will find both free and paid options in our list.

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List of Best AnyWho Alternatives in 2022

  • TruePeopleSearch
  • Instant Checkmate
  • Been Verified
  • Spokeo
  • Truthfinder
  • Whitepages
  • PeekYou

1. TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearchThis is a well-known people search tool that you can use instead of AnyWho. The site provides credible information about an anonymous person from trusted servers. For example, TruePeopleSearch collects data from local authorities, organizations, government agencies, etc. It also takes into account information from Facebook and other social media platforms.

The user interface of TruePeopleSearch is pretty impressive, with an easy navigation option and a visible search bar. You can search for people by entering names and locations in the search bar. Moreover, the tool is free to use and doesn’t require registration.

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2. Instant Checkmate

Instant CheckmateInstant Checkmate is recognized as one of the best people search tools by Online Trust Alliance. You can get various details of a person and their location with minimum information in your hand. For instance, one can use contact details, addresses, or family members’ names to get an individual’s details.

You can trust the platform’s information as it is collected from public sources, domains, and social media. Moreover, you can cross-check the source’s details mentioned in the report. Therefore, Instant Checkmate will be of great use if used appropriately.

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3. BeenVerified

BeenVerifiedIt is a people search tool that offers more features than AnyWho. The best part of BeenVerified is the number plate search that can be used to check the owner of a vehicle by his car’s registration. In addition, you can get employment details and other general information about a person.

Moreover, a special property search engine can search for properties by owner’s name. This may help you if your ancestors have left some ambushed establishment for their heirs. There are both free and paid services available in BeenVerified.

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4. Spokeo

SpokeoOur next AnyWho alternative is famous for collecting information about people from public records and social networks. Spokeo offers a search option where users can enter their name, email address, or contact number to find out further information about a person. The platform uses proprietary deep web technology to get accurate results.

Spokeo also has a reverse search that can fetch you a person’s social accounts, photos, videos, and other things available in the public domain. However, it must not be expected that Spokeo will always provide you with the details of the person you want as it depends on the public records. Still, the tool is relevant to use for its functionalities.

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5. Intelius

InteliusIf you want to find how people are related to each other or find out their family tree, INTELIUS will help you out. Besides, you can also use the tool to search for an email address, contact number, and other such contact details. However, all the searches are restricted to the United States of America as it collects data from the US public records.

The site also proved helpful to check an anonymous’s background details and criminal records. But the only drawback of INTELIUS is that it is not free to use. The plans start from 4.99 dollars per month and can go upto $ 25 per month as per the services you opt for.

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6. Truthfinder

TruthfinderAnother people search engine that can be an excellent alternative to AnyWho is Truthfinder. The US-only people search engine is well known for providing accurate information. Moreover, the tool is minimalistic to encourage easy navigation and an intuitive interface.

From a person’s Facebook profile to his police record, Truthfinder provides you with every detail you want. You can also search about the criminal record of a particular locality with Truthfinder. This feature proves helpful if you need to settle in a new place.

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7. Whitepages

WhitepagesIt is an AnyWho alternative covering all the expected features of a people search engine. In addition, White Pages search for an individual through 33 million public records to provide valid details to the users. So if you have failed to get your job done by other alternatives, White Pages can be your last resort.

You will get a detailed personal report, including address, contact number, properties, family member, and more. In addition, Whitepages also has its Android and IOS apps to use on smartphones. All over, it is a powerful tool to use.

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8. PeekYou

PeekYouThis is a comparatively new people search engine that one can refer to. PeekYou is featured by an easily navigable user interface and powerful search mechanism. The platform digs through thousands of data sources to get your required information.

Moreover, the functioning time of PeekYou will also amaze you and can be termed as the fastest among the other AnyWho alternatives. You can search PeekYou using a person’s name, location, contact details, etc. However, the details must be registered in the USA.

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