Sometimes moving around can be quite stressful, especially in densely populated areas. It gets worse if you don’t have a personal car of your own or have no idea where you’re headed.

The good thing about our modern world now is that getting around has been made easy. With the availability of ridesharing and carpooling platforms, we can move around without hassles.

One of these ridesharing apps that is quite popular is Lyft; it offers a great deal. However, there are other alternatives you can explore. In this guide, we’ve handpicked the best apps like Lyft for ridesharing.

Best Apps Like Lyft for Ridesharing

Whether you’re looking for cheaper rides or broad services, the following ridesharing apps have you covered.

1. Curb


One of the reliable alternatives to Lyft is Curb, which is meant for users who prefer a more localized experience. With a fully functioning service in numerous cities across the United States, it makes ridesharing easy.

Curb is known to offer a better way of connecting users with licensed taxi drivers. Also, the app comes with an intuitive interface, giving a better insight into booking rides and all. You’ll get real-time tracking and upfront pricing features.

With an emphasis on local regulations and standards, Curb has created a secure and dependable ridesharing experience. There’s no doubt about it being a top-rated app like Lyft for getting anywhere faster.

Download: Android & iOS

2. Uber


When it comes to ranking taxi-booking apps, Uber is regarded as a global giant. Besides, it remains a top choice for users because it offers versatile transportation services. You’ll find it operating in almost every country worldwide.

One thing that has made Uber quite popular is the fact that it goes beyond ridesharing. In addition, it does offer services such as Uber Eats and a lot more. Also, Uber does offer cheap rides and licensed drivers.

Furthermore, Uber’s global presence and user-friendly interface have made it a go-to option for ridesharing. Whether you’re looking for cheap rides or a smooth travel experience, you should consider Uber.

Download: Android & iOS

3. Wingz


Another app that offers a unique ridesharing experience for smartphone users is Wingz. It doesn’t work like other alternatives like Uber or Lyft. With Wingz, you can schedule rides in advance and choose your preferred driver.

It’s more like having a personal driver tasked to drive to meetings, spas, hospitals, etc. The app provides users with a sense of familiarity and control over their rideshare experience.

Furthermore, the personalization aspect of Wingz is one reason why most people enjoy using it. Also, you can book the same driver multiple times, which builds familiarity and safety.

Download: Android & iOS

4. Via


Undoubtedly one of the best when it comes to shared rides and carpooling. Via offers a cost-effective and sustainable service for users who want to move around. Besides, it also focuses on minimizing environmental impacts.

In addition, it does that by reducing the number of drivers on the road. Also, users can book the same ride and still experience a convenient trip. The app has a friendly interface, making it very easy to use.

If you’re looking for an app like Lyft that’ll let you experience cheaper ridesharing services. Without any delays, you should consider using this one.

Download: Android & iOS

5. Bridj NSW

Bridj NSW

Bridj NSW is one of those ridesharing apps that caters for users who are headed in almost the same direction. It offers one of the easiest ways to move around cities at a cost-effective service.

Moreover, Bridj NSW works more like a public transportation system but in a coordinated way. In terms of locations, its services are still regionally based, and it is bound to expand over time.

Lastly, Bridij NSW is known to operate in New South Wales. Well, that’s for those who can’t use Lyft in that region. With an approach towards serving the local community, it is surely an option to go for.

Download: Android & iOS

6. GoKid


For those looking for a friendly carpooling solution, GoKid is the perfect app. It is considered the ultimate ridesharing app for families around a neighbourhood. GoKid offers services for parents looking for convenient transportation options for their children.

With features like live tracking, easy scheduling, an in-app chat option and a friendly interface. GoKid does make perfect sense as a recommended alternative to Lyft for ridesharing.

Moreover, GoKid is meant to streamline the carpooling process, which allows parents to arrange rides for their kids. In addition, rides are being coordinated with trusted drivers in the vicinity.

Download: Android & iOS

7. Flywheel


Flywheel takes a different approach to ridesharing by encompassing traditional taxis with today’s technology. While its operations are mainly restricted to certain cities in the United States.

Well, it still comes as a great deal for users in the supported regions, you’ll get the best of what it offers. While using Flywheel, you’ll be able to connect with licensed taxi drivers via the app.

Similar to other modern taxi apps, Flywheel does offer features like upfront pricing and real-time tracking. The app focuses more on making traditional taxis more accessible via modern technology.

Download: Android & iOS



Formerly known as MyTaxi, FREENOW is one of the top apps like Lyft. It only operates in European cities, making it a bit limited in terms of accessibility. However, users in the available regions will get a great deal on it.

With FREENOW, you’ll be in control of your rides, you can decide who drives you and how you’d choose to pay. Using the app gives users more freedom to get things done based on their preferences.

If you’re looking for a regulated and convenient rideshare experience, FREENOW is your go-to option. Lastly, there’s an option to book black cabs, eScooters, and eBikes directly within the app.

Download: Android & iOS


While Lyft does continue to offer good ridesharing services. There’s nothing wrong with trying something new. Especially if you’re in countries where Lyft is not available, the likes of FREENOW can come in handy. Furthermore, there’s a sense of affordability and reliability with the alternatives above.


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