In an AI-powered world, many tasks, including content writing, video editing, photo editing, and much more, have become quite easy because of AI technology. AI has expanded into almost every field and generating music is one of them.

If you are a musician or interested in learning about music composition, many AI music generators are available on the Internet now. With these free music generators, you can create music within minutes, creating music in different genres with so many instruments.

So, if you are interested in this field, read this article carefully. We have compiled a list of the best AI music generators that can help you in composing music.

Best AI Music Generators in 2024

Here, we have mentioned one of the best free AI music generators that every musician or anyone interested in music can use to generate great music.



AIVA is one of the popular AI music generators that can help you create music. You can use this to create music in different genres like lo-fi, meditation, techno, and many other genres. It also allows you to customize the music according to your needs, such as mood, instruments, tempo, and more.

This software also generates high-quality music for use in films and professional commercial productions. The best part is that it helps you create original music.

2. MuseNet 


MuseNet was developed by OpenAI to generate music in different genres intuitively. There are many musical genres in which you can create music, such as jazz, rock, classical, and many more. You can also create music with instruments like violin, drums, and piano, which makes your music richer and more professional.

It can create musical compositions using more than 10 different instruments. If you are a musician or composer who uses musical notation, this AI tool can generate sheet music for you. As we know, AI is developing day by day, and it is continuously enhancing its music-composing capabilities.

3. Soundful


If you are a beginner, go with Soundful as it is very easy to use to create music tracks instantly. You just need to provide basic information about the music you want, like genre and mood, and Soundful will provide the music for you.

This website’s interface is so simple that both musicians and non-musicians can use it. Additionally, it has over 50 templates that you can try to learn how to create music with Soundful.

4. Soundraw


Another best AI music generator is Soundraw, which you can use to create beats. All you have to do is choose the mood and genre, and it will create the best music for you within a minute. If you need music for a specific music length, it also offers a feature where you can set the length of the music.

If you have a song and want to customize it, then this website can help you with this too. For non-copyrighted music and support on Spotify and Apple Music, you’ll need to get their Artist Plan.

5. Beatoven


If you are a content creator and always struggle with background music, go with Beatoven. This will help you generate background music for your content. Just upload your content and select the style and genre according to the style of your content, and it will provide you with the best background music instantly.

It also allows users to edit music. If you feel that the music doesn’t suit a particular point, you can trim the music from that specific part and compose another musical to match the mood of that specific part.

6. Loudly 


Loudly Music is another option you can use to generate music for your social media, YouTube, or podcast content. Like other platforms, you also need to provide command regarding mood, genre, and length of the music for creating music. Then it will generate high-quality music for you.

This is the best choice for all music creators because it allows them to explore the latest trends in AI music generation.

7. Veed


Veed is one of the best AI music generators because it Allows you to create great music and soundtracks. Yes, if you write songs, you can convert your lyrics into a soundtrack with the style and genre you want for that track.

You can choose from many moods, including chill, hip-hop, dance, and more, to generate music. You can also add AI-generated soundtracks in the video editor to create videos.

8. Media


If you don’t have any experience making music, don’t worry. With Madia, you can create unique music in just seconds for free. Media is very easy to use.

All you need to do is select the music genre and length, then click Create Music and it will instantly generate the music, which you can play and download with just one click. Apart from music, you can also create ringtones for your smartphone for free.

9. Mubert


Mubert is a great choice for content creators and artists. You can create music for your content like a podcast, and if you are an artist, you can create music for your songs and make money from the track. You can also create music for your commercial products.

Simply choose the business style and prepare the best background music for the video showcasing your product. You can also use Mubert’s extensions, APIs, and apps for free.

10. Boomy


Boomy provides a platform where you can create songs in just a few seconds and earn money from streaming platforms by sharing your songs. It offers many music genres, including lo-fi, rap, meditation, electronic, and more. You can also create your own custom style.

You just have to choose some options and click on Create Song. It will create a song within a minute, which you can play with a single click. If you think the song is no good, you have the option to reject it immediately. Otherwise, you can save it and use it anywhere you want.


These are some of the best AI music generators for creating music without any experience. All of the options in this article are currently the best platforms for people who really want to make music.

I hope you have found the best option for you. If you face any issues regarding this list of AI music platforms, please let us know in the comments section.