Technology constantly changes the world and overall life in what we do every day. AI has been on the frontline in recent years for its astounding capabilities, whether you are creating content, producing videos, or even text-to-speech generators.

AI voice generators are technologies that help us convert written text into human-like speech, which is incredibly realistic and surpasses expectations. They have revolutionized the field with their remarkable capabilities. However, if you’re looking for the best AI voice generator, then this is the post you need.

Best AI Voice Generator

Since AI has taken flight across various platforms, numerous voice generators have already emerged, but how do you know what is the best for you? Thus, we’ve compiled the best free AI voice generator that you can use today.

1. Speechify


Let’s start with Speechify, a very popular and has been in the field for a while. It can help you to produce high-quality and human-like text to voice. Also, allow customizing the generated voice accordingly.

One of the standout features is its conversion time, as it takes less time in comparison to other tools. Moreover, you can use Speechify in a web browser or as a standalone app too. Also, it has a Chrome extension to use.

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By using, your text-to-voice converting process will be easier than before. The best thing is the tool has received prominent awards for what it does and makes things easy for us when we play with audio and podcasts.

Moreover, it offers various types of voice such as entertainment, banking, education, gaming, documentary, and news: you can select any regardless of your usage. Also, this AI tool can convert into 100+ languages.


3. Resemble.AI


Do you want to save time by generating your own voice through an AI tool? Resemble.AI is the tool you should consider. Moreover, it offers a wide range of built-in voices to choose from, useful to your specific needs and preferences.

Furthermore, the tool has no language barrier. Even if you want to add emotion and inflection, the tool has everything. Also, you can edit the voice to make it more relevant to you and your audience.

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4. Murf


Murf is one of the comprehensive AI tools that not only generates voice but also provides several options for types of voice. The way it produces voice, it would be impossible for someone to justify the voice has been generated through AI.

You can also use this tool as an AI voice-over, video voiceover, voice changer, and many more. Moreover, the tool allows us to personalize the audio by adding emotion and emphasis words.

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5. Clipchamp


With more than 170 unique voices, ClipChamp surely deserves a spot when it comes to generating voice from the text. Also, it has facilitated the platform with more than 70 languages across the globe.

The unique thing about the tool is that is a variety of options for voice such as feminine, masculine, and neutral. ClipChamp has also provided many useful features, including adjusting the result.

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Feature-wise, is another superb AI voice generator that you should go with. All in all, it has more than 570 AI voices in 80 different languages. All of its produced content comes with high quality and is pretty realistic to human voices.

To make your voice more clear and more human-like, you can customize punctuation and pronunciation. Also, allow us to use different tones. All in all, a handy AI voice generator with a seamless UI.


7. Synthesis


As good as other tools, Synthesis allows you to create professional voiceovers and AI videos with just a few clicks. In addition to text-to-speech capabilities, this tool can also generate text-to-video content. Whether it’s audio or video, every produced content sounds natural.

As per your requirement, you can generate unlimited voices. Moreover, you can use 35 male and 30 female professional tones. However, the tool is hugely in demand for creating high-quality voices from the text.

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8. Listnr


If you want to create realistic text-to-speech audio within a minute, then look no further than Listnr. Powered by AI, Listnr has immense potential; you can download generated audio files in mp3 and WAV formats.

Moreover, it has featured more than 700 voiceovers in 70 languages. You can edit audio with other elements. Along with creating content for an audio platform or use in a video, you can create marketing and sales audio for commercial use.

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Bottom Lines

Among all types of content, the audio and podcast industries have grown big in recent years. Keeping that in my, I have featured the best AI voice generators that help you produce audio content in a short span of time. However, if you have any doubts or questions, let us know in the comment section.


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