Day by day, smartphones are becoming a versatile and inevitable tool in our life. And this is due to the utility apps that have taken smartphones to a new extent. Both Android and iOS smartphones fall under this category. But to be comparative, Android has the edge over iOS devices in providing utility apps.

You will get tons of utility apps on the Playstore that will make your everyday tasks much smoother and simpler. And these apps can do anything and everything. For example, you can use an Android app to translate an unknown language or even control your PC remotely. 

The main problem is to find the exact app that will be of your use. To be honest, it is hard to get a list of such applications as preferences and needs are subjective matters. Still, we have tried to find some free Android tools and utility apps that can help you out in different ways.

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List of Best Free Android Utility Apps in 2022

  • Speed Booster & Optimizer
  • Google Translate
  • CalcNote- Notepad Calculator
  • Cx-File Explorer
  • PC Remote
  • Smart Tools
  • Proton VPN

1. Speed Booster & Optimizer

Speed Booster & OptimizerEvery smartphone user has a common problem: their phone slowing down after a few years of usage. This occurs due to the residual files piling up in the phone’s internal storage. So to remove these junk files and boost your device’s performance, Speed Booster & Optimizer will help you out.

The fantastic app is available to download and use on Android Smartphones free of cost. Speed Booster & Optimizer has various features like battery Optimisation, game booster, App Cache Cleaner. You’ll also get malware protection functions to protect your phone from online threats.


2. Google Translate

Google TranslateOne of the most useful utility apps offered by Google is Google Translate. The app has completely changed the dimension of communication through its excellent translation tool. A person doesn’t have to rely on a physical translation to interpret the unknown language they come through.

You can use it to translate more than a hundred major languages from all over the world. In addition, Google Translate recently launched an interactive speech feature where you don’t have to type a sentence to translate it other than the Google Assistant will do your work.


3. CalcNote-Notepad Calculator

CalcNote-Notepad CalculatorThis app is a calculator cum notepad that helps you calculate and adds short notes with it. So, for example, you can record your daily income and expenditure on CalcNote- Notepad Calculator and make a total of it at the same time. The innovative idea has been launched recently and got popular.

In addition, unlike conventional calculators, you can type any mathematical expression to get the results instantly. You can also save and export your sheets from CalcNote-Notepad Calculator elsewhere. The app is free to use with ads. Users can also opt for subscriptions to remove ads.


4. CX File Explorer

Cx-File ExplorerIt is a third-party File Explorer for those who don’t want to use the stock file manager on their Android device. Cx-File Explorer comes with some unique features that help you conveniently manage and organize your files. Moreover, it has a clean and straightforward interface to cut down distractions.

Users can easily move, copy, compress, extract or remove their files using the app. Cx-File Explorer also allows you to access your files from remote and shared storage like FTP, FTPS,  SFTP, LAN, etc. You can also analyze your device’s storage with its visualized storage data. All over, it is a must-have Android utility app.


5. PC Remote

PC RemoteMany of you want to control your PC with a smartphone but don’t know how to do it. PC Remote is such a useful app that will help you operate your PC at the ease of your Android smartphone. All the functionalities cannot be accessed with your phone but are still there and many.

For example, you can use the app to convert your Android smartphone into a game controller and play games on a PC. In addition, you can also transfer the screen and camera from a PC to your phone. Finally, PC Remote uses Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your PC so an outdated Android smartphone will also do your work.


6. Smart Tools

Smart ToolsWhat if I told you that you could get the benefits of six utility apps just by installing a single one on your Android device? You may be thinking, is it even possible? Yes, it is, and Smart Tools, a versatile application, provide the services.

The app suite comprises 6 different tools: Smart Ruler Pro, Smart Measure Pro, Smart Compass Pro, Smart Light Pro, and a unit converter. You can guess by the names of the tools that will be useful in your daily life. Moreover, you don’t have to pay for using any said tools.



Any.doIt is a smart calendar and organizer to plan and organize your upcoming meetings and events. You can add lists, notes, checklists, grocery shopping, etc. in to get a reminder. In addition, the app supports cross-platform Sync of data.

The users can do several customizations like setting a custom reminder with voice notes or written notes. Moreover, you can also adjust the calendar view from the daily view to 3 days view and the monthly view. All over, the free utility app is a must-have option.


8. Proton VPN

Proton VPNOur next inclusion is an Android utility app that will be very useful to you. and the app is named Proton VPN. Proton VPN Is a truly unlimited VPN that can be used free of cost. Another USP of the app is its user interface.

The user interface of Proton VPN is clean and easy to use, making it a favorite for all kinds of users. Moreover, the app is high on security and offers a no-logging policy as well as encryption. You can also get a paid subscription for higher speed.



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