Since most of our regular life things are getting digital, it is hard to maintain our anonymity. In addition, being monitored on every activity can sometimes affect our privacy. Thus, you might not always want to get your activities tracked by others regarding file-sharing. So, if you are conscious enough about your security over the internet, you may have looked for alternate ways to share your files anonymously.

Well, there are a dozen of websites that let you share files while maintaining your anonymity. These sites hide your identity and encrypt your files from reaching unauthorized third-party. These anonymous file upload sites can be helpful to you if you wish to share files on the web. These sites will protect your identity, and some of them also have a self-delete button for your file safety.

List of Top Best Anonymous File Sharing Site in 2022

Here are the top best anonymous file sharing sites for you that will hide your identity while doing the job for you

1. Firefox Send

Firefox Send

Firefox Send is basically a simple web experiment that enables us to share files anonymously. Firstly, you must encrypt the file you want to share and then upload it on Firefox Send.

Once you upload the file, it will automatically generate a download link. Now you can copy that download link and share it with others. The download link will be active for 24 hours and you can upload files maximum of 1 GB.

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2. File Dropper

File Dropper

File Dropper is a simple and fast file hosting website. You can share files of up to 5GB with your friends. As soon as you upload the file, it will generate a download link to share with your people.

The best thing about File Dropper is your uploaded files can stay active on the server regardless of any time limit. However, it also allows you to set your own deadlines for further security issues.

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3. Zippy Share

Zippy Share

Zippy Share is a free file hosting platform that requires no registration. It offers unlimited disk storage; however, you can upload files of a maximum of 500MB. The files stay on the server for 30-days and get auto-delete after that period. Although, the best part is ZippyShare does not create any cookies, so its security is highly restricted.

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Just like all the others, is also an anonymous file-sharing website. The only amazing thing is that it allows uploading files up to 5GB. Thus, you can upload 100 files every day, which is more than enough. Furthermore, further takes care of your anonymity as it holds no backups or logs on its server.

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5. is another file-sharing site strictly preferable for developers. Unlike other file-sharing sites, you would have to write a few command lines to upload your files. It uses the shell’s cURL to transfer files from your local server. You can upload files of up to 10GB which remain on the server for a period of 14 days.

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6. is the next website on our list offering anonymous file sharing between people. This site looks quite simple with the drag and drops file option. It allows you to upload files with a max size of 250MB along with and provides 2GB of free disk storage.

The files get auto-deleted after a period of 30 days. Additionally, it also provides real-time updates regarding your file uploads and downloads.

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From Editor’s Desk

Privacy and anonymity are the two most important things in our life. You cannot just let others monitor every single thing. So, if you want to share some personal files, photos, or videos, you can use these sites. Also, let us know which one you felt handier and some other alternatives.


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