Don’t you think you need a call recording app that helps you in multiple ways? The best automatic call recording apps can help you while on essential calls that you want to record. Recording phone calls will help you deal with various situations as crime increases. Many crimes occur through a phone call only, so you have to be careful. So that’s why we made a list of best-recording apps for android users that are definitely going to help you in many ways.

Having an automatic call recorder app will ensure your safety as you have evidence of everything if you install these apps. The proof of record will help you to get out of dangerous situations. Call recording is considered the best proof to prove yourself innocent without any statements. Through recording, you can save anyone’s words, and later, he will not be able to deny that. So, let’s check out the recording apps.

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List of Best Call Recording Apps For Android in 2022

Just go through these automatic call recording apps that you can install on your android devices for safety purposes. Now that time, most smartphones come with an inbuilt call recorder, but if you are on android 9 or any other phone that is not supported recording by default, you can go for these.

1. Call Recorder – Automatic Call Recorder – callX

Call Recorder - Automatic Call Recorder - callX

This is a simple app to record phone calls. Along with phone recording, it provides many other features too. Along with phone recording, you will get various customizable options. Along with phone recording, you can customize the specific contact you want to record calls. The best feature is that you will get the google drive and dropbox option to save your recordings.

Download Automatic Call Recorder by SmsRobot

2. Automatic Call Recorder By Application

Automatic Call Recorder By Application

This can be considered in the best apps for call recording as it will record every phone call. So no matter whether you receive a phone call or make a phone call, it will record everything. In the premium version, you will get the option of cloud storage, which will help you to save all call records. You will also get the feature to ignore or customize any contact individually.

Download Automatic Call Recorder By Application

3. Auto Call Recorder

Auto Call Recorder

Auto Call Recorder app is the trending call recording app of 2020. It provides various features free of cost, which no apps will give you free. The best feature of this app is you can set a password on your recording, ensuring safety. In addition, you can place an automatic timer here, which will delete your previous record to manage storage.

Download Auto Call Recorder

4. AndroRec Free Call Recorder

AndroRec Free Call Recorder

AndroRec app provides a primary interface for its basic users whose main aim is just a call recording. It is specially designed for normal users who need a small app that takes less storage. Of course, you can’t do different things here, like saving to drive. But you can choose individual contact to record calls from that particular user.

Download AndroRec Free Call Recorder

5. Call Recorder by Lovekara

Call Recorder by Lovekara

Call Recorder by Lovekara is the best and most simple app for a sophisticated user who doesn’t know much about operating an app. The interface of this app is simple, and you will get every instruction to save call recording.

Each function in the app is thoroughly described, which you can use for multiple things. The best thing about this app is it contains a built-in troubleshooter who will troubleshoot your error.

Download Call Recorder By Lovekara

6. Galaxy Call Recorder

Galaxy Call Recorder

This app is specially designed for Samsung users facing call recording problems. However, anyone can use this app. It is a free app which many features that you will get in the premium version of other apps. The best thing is it automatically records every call. Immediately after the call, you will get the notification to ensure your call recording is saved.

Download Galaxy Call Recorder

7. Call Recorder by SmartApps Solutions

Call Recorder by SmartApps Solutions

This is one of the selected App for Call Recording on Android (2014-15) by the xda forums. This app is designed with a unique user interface. You can customize everything here. It provides various free features. You even can rename the recordings to identify the recording quickly. You can send any recording to social media, which is the best part of the app.

Download Call Recorder By Smart Apps

8. Another Call Recorder

Another Call Recorder

This is the simple and the best app with convenient features. As the interface is, the primary user can easily handle the app. It provides various features like filtering and sorting your recording through date and time. And the best thing is you are free to select the vital recording and save them independently. You can even enable and disable the notification of the app.

Download Another Call Recorder

9. Call Recorder By C Mobile

Call Recorder By C Mobile

As the name suggests, this app is owned by C Mobile, a famous company. This app offers valuable features like putting security on your recordings to ensure safety. Along with that, you can customize the notification that you want the app notification after a call or not.

Download Call Recorder By C Mobile

10. Super Call Recorder

Super Call Recorder

The app is so simple that anyone can use this app without facing any single problem. First, you have to open the app and have to enable it. Then, that’s it; you are good to go. The app even supports low-end specs mobile and takes very little storage because of a straightforward interface. You can also set the record volume in this app, which is the best part.

Download Super Call Recorder

11. Truecaller


Truecaller is actually a caller ID application, but it also offers call recordings with the recent update. So if you’re using Truecaller already, you don’t need to download a separate app for call recording? Instead, you can enable the call recording function in the app itself.

To use this feature, go to Settings -> Truecaller call recording -> to enable “Record calls.” All the call recordings are saved either in the phone memory or card memory, depending on your preference.

Download Truecaller

12. Cube Call Recorder ACR

Cube Call Recorder ACR

Cube Call Recorder is another application to help you record calls on your android device. The best part about this application is its usability. It can record phone calls, but it can also record WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, Facebook, etc.

It also offers in-app playback and an exclusion list of contacts. Cube Call Recorder also offers automatic call recording, enabling the settings option.

Download Cube Call Recorder ACR

13. RMC: Android Call Recorder

RMC: Android Call Recorder

With RMC, you have full call recording control on your fingers. You can either set it to a manual recording or auto recording. Android Call Recorder will function accordingly. Interestingly, it maintains two folders to save your call recordings, making it easier to search for any particular one.

It also lets you upload recordings directly to your Dropbox or Google Drive account. Additionally, you can even set a four-digit password to ensure the safety of your recordings.

Download RMC Android Call Recorder

14. Automatic Call Recorder by Recorder & Smart Apps

Automatic Call Recorder by Recorder & Smart Apps

This is another great application for automatically recording your phone calls. The app is straightforward and has a lot to offer. You can effortlessly record and manage your recordings as per your requirements.

It is even synced with the clouds as well. Apart from that, the Automatic Call Recorder allows you to save selected recordings in the whitelist. You can even select the recordings to be ignored, mark the important ones, and so on.

Download Automatic Call Recorder by recorder


These are some of the best call recording applications available in the play store. But, of course, most people also use the built-in call recording in most android phones.

Samsung, Realme, Xiaomi, and other phone manufacturers include an essential call recording function, which you can enable in the settings. So in case you don’t want to download a third-party application, you can use the built-in function instead.


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