Board games are amazing, simple games that you can easily play with friends and family. These games can be classic or completely new creations developed especially for your mobile. Board games are known to develop problem-solving skills, futuristic skills, analytical reasoning, etc., while improving the player’s mood.

In this article, we are looking at the top best board game apps for Android and iPhone. The list includes almost every niche of board games, including those which combine the board game genre with RPG, action-adventure, etc. Most of these games are beginner friendly and if you don’t know what to look for yet, it is our recommendation to try each of these one by one.

Best Board Game Apps for Android and iPhone 

Let’s take a look at some of the best board game apps for Android and iPhone- 

1. Ludo King

There is scarcely anyone who hasn’t played Ludo growing up. This game can be played by four players, each designated by one color – blue, red, green and yellow. This is a lightweight game in which you can invite any old friend or unknown online stranger to team up with you – or play against you!

Ludo is a game of luck, and you can play it by trusting the numbers generated on your dice. The first member who can make all four soldiers cross the entire board and enter the finish line wins.

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2. Scrabble GO

This is another classic board game that needs not only analytical and logical skills but also a strong foundation of vocabulary. In this game, two or more players are presented with seven drawn letter tiles using which they have to connect the boxes on the board. The rule is to make sure all of them form meaningful words. 

Each word on the board patches a point, and the more common letters are used the more connected the board becomes. Certain colored areas of the board fetch higher points.

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3. Card Thief

If you like games with a little more thrill, you should choose Card Thief. This is a solitaire-style card game played across a board and the player has to compete against the analytic genius of the system itself. Unfortunately, a multiplayer mode is not available in this game.

Card Thief leads to a phenomenal experience because of how captivating the user interface is. The game comes with unique daily challenges that make playing it even more fun.

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4. Boggle With Friends: Word Game

Boggle With Friends: Word GameThis is one of the best board games for children. Boggle With Friends makes learning fun by introducing a friendly competitiveness to the classic word board game Boggle. It produces a rank-based result at the end of each game to convince players to do better!

This game introduces daily live tournaments that are enjoyed not only by children but also by adult players. When playing alone, the member can compete against the system itself without the use of the internet.

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5. Domino! Multiplayer Dominoes

DominoThe fun Domino game involves several tiles, with one having two numbers diced on them, one on each half. The player has to match the Dominoes with similar numbers together so that they disappear from the board. The great thing about this game is that instead of depending on luck, this game relies only on pattern recognition talents.

You can invite friends, family, and strangers to play with you. This game also allows users to connect with other enthusiastic players from all around the world. 

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6. Catan Universe

If you are bored of popular, classic board games and want to try something new, check out Catan Universe. This is a vintage game that involves trading, building, and settling in a mythical storyline while the player battles different scenarios and gains something from each. 

Many of these challenges have to be played by teaming up with your friends and rivals inside this magical world. Some popular events include the Rise of the Incas, dragon hunting, treasure hunting, and shipbuilding.

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7. Terra Mystica

Terra Mystica is the online version of another historical but majorly underrated board game of the same name. It is based in this mythical land where 14 different kinds of people exist in 7 different landscapes. None of these species can live in the environment belonging to another, which means they need to capture it and ‘terraform’ it to make it habitable.

Terra Mystica is not a luck-based board game and success depends on each step taken by the player. For those who want to combine strategic planning games with board game settings, this one’s for you!

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RISK: Global Domination is an app similar to Terra Mystica but with a much more versatile conquest board. The app takes users through different countries and involves historical leaders in the process! They battle using their powerful dice and the one who has more power also has dice of a higher number.

RISK has been adapted from a real board game. Users can choose to play different modes dedicated to different parts of the world. On winning wars, they receive cards that they can trade with the system or friends.

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9. Monopoly GO!

MONOPOLY GOA money-making board game that an endless number of members can play, Monopoly is the king of board games. Monopoly GO! is the modern online version of this classic game which is kid friendly and attractive for repeated play. 

Players in Monopoly GO! compete against each other to become the richest member and battle their luck by making smart choices. The same game can be played by beginners, intermediate, and experts to generate different experiences.

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An ancient game invented in India, Chess has been played by scholars, military generals, and even kings for centuries now. Playing chess can develop leadership skills, quick problem-solving, and, most importantly a sharp, wide-ranging mindset. 

What most people don’t know, however, is that many unique tricks can make your performance in chess better! offers real-time suggestions, performance analysis, and a creative gaming interface.

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Board Games are fun to play and you can play them with friends or with strangers online. They are the best way to spend time when you are with your friends and family members at your home and you have nothing to do. The above article lists some of the best board games for Android and iPhone.