Surfing on the internet means coming across endless media and information that gets lost once we have gone through it. When it comes to web pages, research papers, blogs, news, etc., it is good to save the information for future use.

A bookmark app or bookmark manager app is a simple tool for saving and categorizing web URLs, YouTube videos, and the sources of academic articles and papers you would like to save. Having one place where you can find all past content can keep you organized, especially when content gets buried this fast in today’s digital age. 

We have brought you our ultimate list of the best bookmark managers for Android and iOS. You can download these to save bookmarks and organize them for future use. 

Best Bookmark Managers for Android and iOS

Below is the list of best bookmark managers you should download on Android and iOS devices. 

1. Google Chrome

This browser app by Google is one of the most used search methods in the world. You can save bookmarks of the pages you are browsing and access them anytime. Google Chrome syncs all searches and bookmarks together and manages one single bookmark location for each Gmail account.

Google Chrome is similar in its use across platforms, making the search method surprisingly simple. The best thing is all your bookmarks will be synced across your Google account, and you can access them on any device with Google Chrome linked to your account. 

Download for Android and iOS 

2. Bookmark Folder

This customizable app – Bookmark Folder – is a first choice for users who want advanced features on a lightweight and simple Bookmark Manager app. You can customize the look by customizing this app’s font size and background. You can sort folders according to the last use date, saving date, alphabetical order, etc. 

Bookmark Folder lets users create secret folders to save personal information. It ranks the most visited web pages on a separate tab. The app maintains user history and connects directly to the Internet. It also automatically backs up bookmarks.

Download for Android and iOS

3. Pocket

The app enables you to keep information from around the world in one place. With Pocket, you can listen to any article or blog. It displays estimated reading time and lets users save the articles they want to read. 

Pocket has a very clean and simple layout. Data gets synced with your account and can be accessed on any device. Not only this, but you can also save the content on Pocket offline. Pocket only works with textual data, unfortunately.

Download for Android and iOS 

4. VisiMarks

This app is one of the most creative and attractive bookmark managers. VisiMarks create attractive thumbnails for every blog or article you save on the app. Visual thumbnails make finding the bookmarks much easier. 

The app shows all bookmarks at one location, and you can categorize the bookmarks. You can directly create bookmark backups on your SD card or Google Drive. Bookmarks can be restored from the backup if you reinstall the app or the bookmarks get deleted.

Download for Android and iOS 

5. Dropmark

This app has established its name as a bookmark manager that values privacy and speed. It allows you to keep all your bookmarks, links, photos, videos, documents, audio, and notes in one place and arrange the collections by different categories/folders. 

The collections are also shareable. You can invite other people through shareable links or make them public. 

Download for iOS

6. Keeplink

Keeplink is a powerful, well-endowed application that can collect, maintain, and retrieve links to favorite websites and media files. Its appealing, aesthetic interface makes it fun to use. This app lets users create multiple lists within each folder for better management. 

Users can edit their bookmarks by adding titles, tags, and notes. You can add icons to the bookmarks to easily find them.

Download for Android

7. Instapaper

This app allows you to save bookmarks from web browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Instapaper lets you download everything offline to access them anytime and anywhere. You can use the app both in dark mode and in light mode. 

Instapaper lists the bookmarks and categorizes them by popularity, article length, date, or name. You can also keep the links in folders for better organization. 

Download for Android and iOS


The aesthetic and versatile is one of the most widely used bookmark managers for advanced users. This tool has endless features in one place and different themes to make working all the more fun. You can bookmark anything you like and filter it according to customized requirements. 

The app will keep track of all your unread bookmark articles so that you can monitor your reading habits. All the unsorted bookmarks are also listed under one tab, so you can return them whenever you have time. 

Download for Android and iOS 

9. Evernote

Most readers need a comprehensive note-taking app. You can take notes and create bookmarks in the same place using Evernote. Evernote offers web clipper tools that capture bookmarks, HTML addresses, and even PDFs of online articles so that you can highlight, edit and add notes to them later.

Evernote has a big advantage over other bookmark apps because of its highly organized structure. It allows you to arrange your notes, to-do lists, schedules, and bookmarks all in one place. You can add documents, photos, videos, web clippings, and everything else to your notes in Evernote. 

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10. Pearltrees

Using Pearltrees, users can bookmark articles, blogs, and links from social media posts and videos. This app is an extensive digital library in which you can create different categories called ‘pearls.’ You can also collaborate directly with other team members on this platform and browse sources curated by each.

The best thing about this app is that it connects different categories to create a hierarchical tree. All information on the app is visually represented, and you can add illustrations to any item. 

Download for Android and iOS


Bookmarks are a great way to save articles, blogs, documents, videos, photos, and other things for future reference and can be accessed anytime. Best Bookmark Managers saves bookmarks in one place and arranges them so you can access them all in one place. Above is a list of some of the best bookmark managers for Android and iOS.