The pre-internet world surely had its pros – humans had more private lives, couldn’t be tracked while shopping or watching entertainment shows, and could contact people without revealing their identity. If you want similar perks in today’s time, using a burner phone number is the best way to do that.

Burner phone numbers are virtual numbers you can access online or through an app. They cannot be traced back to you, your mobile, or your IP address. Many paid and free online services offer virtual phone numbers to users irrespective of their countries of origin.

The concept of Burner Phone Number comes from Burner phones, which are cheap prepaid phones that one can buy and throw/destroy when no longer required. However, Burner Phone Number apps eliminate the hassle of spending on Burner Phone. All you have to do is install Burner Phone Number apps, and you are good to go.

Best Burner Phone Number Apps for Android and iOS

There are a lot of apps that can give you a burner phone number. Many similar apps you will find online will either have expensive subscriptions or most free ones will be useless.

Among all these, which one is the best app to go for? Here is a list of the best Burner Phone Apps that are genuine and work properly-

1. Google Voice

This app is one of the well-known apps that can provide users with a virtual phone number. You can sync the Google Voice app with other software to automate everyday tasks. Along with the virtual phone number, it is also an all-in-one call and text manager.

The app has a built-in voicemail facility for when you don’t want to take calls immediately. Google Voice transcribes voicemails automatically with amazing accuracy. The calls, messages, and voicemails are backed up almost daily on this app. 

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2. Numero eSIM

Make your everyday business fun with the Numero eSIM app. You can get free USA numbers by using the app and collecting coins. Numero eSIM offers numbers for over 80 countries and provides free roaming worldwide.

This app does charge for local calling rates. It is a great app that does not stop working while traveling. It offers security features against tracking and scams during online shopping.

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3. Burner

This is the number one app for users to procure a second phone number that cannot be traced back to them. Burner is great for professionals needing separate numbers for their corporate, entrepreneurial, and personal lives. 

Each number comes with unlimited texts, calls, and media transfer features at no additional cost. This app is best if you want to get an anonymous number to protect your privacy.

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4. Grasshopper

A delightful interface and good day-to-day performance have made the Grasshopper app even more popular than most burner phone number apps. Grasshopper is used by businesses to get a second number.

Grasshopper makes use of the existing phone service on your iPhone. You can use features like calling and texting, push notifications for missed calls and messages, call forwarding, and more. 

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5. MightyCall

This app has marketed itself as a virtual phone system. MightyCall has been specially designed keeping in mind the small business owner and offers some of the best services at an affordable price range.

Users can sync the same app with multiple devices. The service provides many toll-free numbers and can set up a multilingual IVR system for 24/7 customer support. It can automatically detect phone calls and transcribe voicemails. You can also block calls and save private contacts.

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6. 2ndLine

Obtaining International phone numbers has never been this easy. The virtual phone numbers offered on 2ndLine can be used for registering on social media apps and other sites. Unlimited calls and SMS can be carried out without any extra charge from the service provider.

On the 2nd Line, you can share photos, documents, and other media. Users have praised it for its sustained performance over long calls and a full day of texting. If you are tired of popup ads and subscriptions on other burner phone number apps, 2ndLine will be your ultimate savior.

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7. CoverMe

If security is your biggest concern, you can go for CoverMe. This is a lightweight app with built-in texting and calling features. Anonymous calls are encrypted so nobody else can know your calling or texting history.

You can get local or International phone numbers from any location and call anyone with this app. However, you must get the subscription to get the most out of the app. 

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8. SideLine

Apart from providing a second phone number, private texting is also one of the biggest features offered by SideLine. You can set up auto replies to missed calls and texts.

You can also set up texting and calling reminders within the app. Even though the app has a subscription, it is one of the more affordable options for iPhone users. 

This is a full-fledged burner phone number app that includes spam block, cellular calling, and voicemails. You can access features like caller identifier, taking notes after calls, autoreply, custom voicemails, etc. 

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9. Phone

If you want a second number but don’t want to get a new SIM card, then you can use the Phone app. It has a credit system that is divided into call minutes and texts. You can purchase a regular or premium number as per your needs.

Phoner also prepares a graph showing your past usage over the last week. You can save contacts separately on this app, which will not appear on your regular contact list. This app can get you international phone numbers from more than 20 countries. 

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10. Line2

The app is catered towards business and offers features like messages, VoIP calls, and call recording. Features like spam blocks, VOIP calling, MMS texting, and affordable subscriptions make this app worth it.

Line2 allows you to make unlimited calls and send unlimited text messages from the second number. You can also get caller ID to know who is calling you, and call screening automatically detects whether the call is spam or not. 

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A burner Phone Number (or a secondary number) is useful when you want to hide your identity by not registering on online sites with your primary number. These numbers work just like a regular phone number; you can even give it to people you don’t want to share your number. We have listed some of the best burner phone number apps to get a secondary number without hassle.