In this modern era, you can enhance your productivity by using smart auto applications, which can ease your work & will make your life smooth. Everyone needs some application to reply automatically when they are busy and not available. Below are the details of the applications that will be useful for you to make your life easier.

Many apps can be used to reply to text messages automatically or shoot a quick note to the people who can call you when you are unable to pick up the phone. All these applications are worthy tools for enhancing your automation & increasing your engagement with your loved ones & your prospects.

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List of Best Auto Reply Text Apps for Android

As you know, automation is becoming a basic need for all of us. By using these autoresponders, you can automate your work & increase your productivity level to the moon. These applications have millions of users who are happily using these tools for their personal & professional use.

1. DriveMode

DriveModeNo matter how skilled a driver you are, Safety is something that drivers should keep in mind at all times. If you are looking for the safest way to Text and Drive, then Drivemode is the perfect app for you to manage calls and messages while driving.

It is straightforward to use, and it is free. Drivemode helps you to stay connected to directions, music, calls, and messages by sending an auto-reply to the sender, so they get to know you are driving.

Download Drivemode

2. Messenger

MessengerIn this fast-growing world, if you want to stay connected with anyone or anywhere in the world, then Messenger is the best app for that. This app is free to use with lots of fantastic features. Messenger provides an auto-respond option to make your life easier; you can select time slots and schedule your messages accordingly.

It automatically delivers the messages to the sender. If you are not available or spending some time with yourself & family and do not want any disturbance, this is the app you should go with.

Download Messenger

3. Autoresponder for WA

Autoresponder for WAEver wonder while using WhatsApp if you can auto-respond to the messages when you are not available? Then here we are with this kind of functionalities. Autoresponder is the perfect app for you to create custom messages according to your needs and situations.

It is a useful tool for small businesses because It gives you the option to customize the messages for each contact of yours & send them appropriately.

Download AutoResponder for WA

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4. Auto Message

Auto MessageIf you are worried about your midnight texts to auto send in the morning, this app gives you the option to not just auto-respond to your calls and messages, but you can also auto send emails to multiple receivers.

Everyone wants to achieve their targets on stipulated time so that you can set group alarms through this app. This app works even when wifi or data is off. The interface of the app is friendly and easily understandable.

Download Auto Message

5. SMS auto-reply text messages

SMS auto-reply text messagesIn this era of technology, we have many options to connect with people but less time to spend time with ourselves with zero disturbance. Auto-reply option is the best tool to make our life’s easier. While you are on vacation, driving, sleeping, or in a critical situation, you can use this app for sending short or long messages to the senders.

It provides you multiple options to send respond to texts automatically. It also gives you the option to respond to your social apps like LinkedIn, Telegram, Instagram, Skype, etc.

Download SMS autoresponder

6. WhatsAuto

WhatsAutoThe best way to send auto-responses is Whatauto. With its one-touch functionality, you can easily automate your work. Filled with different groups, you can choose the groups and can send auto-replies to that particular group.

You can even create your chatbot and can make an impression amongst your friends, family & prospects. With its fabulous features, you can automate your outreach with your loved ones.

Download Whatsauto

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7. Do it Later- Schedule SMS, Auto Reply Text, Whats

Do it LaterLooking for a multi-functional app that can automate your text & remind you about your important tasks, then here we are with this awesome application. If you are a night owl, but your contacts aren’t, and you need an app that delays your message until they’ll be awake, then this is the app for you.

Choose the timeframe whenever you want to auto sends the message, plus you can even send a particular message to different recipients. The best part is if you get stuck in any difficult situation from where you want to leave immediately, you can even simulate a fake call. It even helps you to remember your upcoming or pending tasks.

Download Do it Later.

8. IM Auto Reply

IM Auto ReplyAnother app for clear and fast communication. It comes with features to specify the apps and persons to whom you want to reply. You can do it by using different ways, like a single time or every time. Set auto-replies for all your contacts, and you can even specify the contacts you send the auto-replies.

The best functionality of IM auto-reply is you can customize your messages to any supported chat application like Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., because the integration of this app with others is very smooth.

Download IM Auto Reply

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9. Text Drive- Autoresponder/ No texting app

Text DrivePeople use TextDrive for various purposes, which makes it a widely used application. By using voice commands & Bluetooth connectivity features, you can easily enhance your productivity level.

You can use TextDrive as an autoresponder for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Gmail with multiple app integrations. With a one-touch option, activate & deactivate your auto-responding.

Download Text Drive Autoresponder


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