With daily life getting increasingly busier, it is impossible to think of attending any event or occasion without our cars by our side. We expect the best car maintenance services to be available online when everything is digital. Having an app to remember our routine checkups and repairs of your car would be a lifesaver.

Car maintenance apps offer features like daily reminders, membership discounts, authentic reviews, digitized form submissions, etc. You can also book a professional appointment with one single click. Let’s look at the best car maintenance apps for Android and iOS devices. 

Top Best Car Maintenance Apps for Android and iOS

As a car owner, taking care of your car is important. But what’s to worry about when you can get car maintenance apps to help you? Below are some of the best car maintenance apps for Android and iPhone.

1. GoMechanic

This app is backed by the largest network of digital car service centers in big cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, etc. This app lists more than 1000 car service centers that users can choose from. Regarding the greatest variety in the budget, servicing policies, and membership, Gomechanic is the King of this industry.

With this app, you can book services like car repair, dent removal, painting, car AC service, tire service, battery replacement, car windshield replacement, light replacement, clutch, bumpers, and more. GoMechanic ensures best accessories are offered with good customer support. 

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2. Fuel ABC

Consider this app your car’s best friend when it is busy running on the road. This app is more than just car maintenance and repair services; you can view real-time fuel prices, cost per kilometer of your car, fuel usage, etc.

Fuel ABC can set up reminders for car repair and maintenance and fuel refills and checkups. You can use the cost calculator built into this act to estimate vacation costs. 

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3. Carlcare

This app has revolutionized thousands of users’ lives by emphasizing self-services like no car maintenance app ever has. This app lets you do maintenance checks, emergency repairs, car updates, etc. You can go for online self-service or manual service for your car through this app. 

Not just that, you can directly contact a technician and clear your doubts then and there. Carlcare includes the latest updates on spare parts prices, current repair costs, the car insurance market, etc.

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4. Spritmonitor

While focusing mainly on fuel consumption and efficiency, this app can also provide a comparative view of your vehicles’ health, performance, and shortcomings. This is one of the best-reminded trackers for maintenance, repair, inspection, and pickup.

The app allows you to add and edit fuel-ups and create and manage vehicles. You can also compare the fuel efficiency of your car with other drivers. The best part is that data presentation is graphical, and you can access crucial information offline.

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5. Simply Auto

If you want a car maintenance app, you can go for Simply Auto. With this app, you can know when your vehicle starts underperforming and even schedule maintenance reminders and repair dates for yourself.

You can view the average mpg of the vehicle, tire rotation speed, last date and time of fuel fill up, etc., from the app. The mileage tracker on this app uses GPS to track mileage and trip logs. You can also separate business and personal trips from this app. 

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6. Fuel Manager

This app helps you keep track of your fuel consumption and shows nearby fill-ups. The app can calculate fuel consumption for one and even two tanks. You can get the reports as statistics and graphs. 

The fuel Manager can forecast the remaining fuel. The data on this app gets synced with the cloud; also, you can sync the data between devices. 

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7. InCarDoc

This is a highly efficient check-up app that can detect and diagnose your car for you. The app can read vehicle OBD2 parameters and real-time engine through the car’s sensor. 

A comprehensive logbook on this app keeps track of all previous issues so you can easily decide on the next step. There’s a trip computer mode to check the car’s fuel consumption. 

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8. Drivvo

This is one of the best car maintenance apps many car owners prefer. Drivvo has a tailored mechanism to provide highly accurate and precise information about multiple vehicles simultaneously. Drivvo mostly does fuel calculations and car maintenance reminders. 

The app can be used to keep track of refuelings, incomes, routes, expenses, etc., done to your car. You can also get the pro features, which will offer additional features like an ad-free experience, data backup, cross-device syncing, unlimited income registration, and more. 

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9. GasBuddy

This app is specially designed to reduce your fuel expenditure. This is one of the most popular apps for fuel-tracking in the USA, Canada, and Australia. This app locates cheap gas stations nearby so users can purchase cheap gas and save money. You can sort the gas stations listed by distance and price. 

The app comes with a free Gasbuddy card that one can use to make fuel payments. You can earn points and rewards from this app and save money on fuel expenses when paying for fuel. GasBuddy also lets you report fuel prices on the app so that others can find cheap fuel. 

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10. Total Car Check

As the name itself reviews, this app can completely check any vehicle. You can check the car’s history, MOT status, make, model, fuel type, engine size, registration date, vehicle age, CO2 output, and more.

This app is a lifesaver for buying a new or used vehicle. The paid subscription can get more details about the car, such as whether the car is imported, exported, written off, stolen, scrapped, unscrapped, or more. 

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Good car maintenance can help you care for your car and keep it fit and fine. But the question remains: which car maintenance app is best for you? If searching for the best car maintenance apps for Android and iPhone, you can go for the apps listed in the article above. 


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