Coding and computer programming have great scope, as most apps and devices we use nowadays work on codes and programs. Since they have excellent career scope and a promising future, it’s better to get your kids started with coding. The sooner you get them on board with great coding apps, the better they will learn. 

Lucky for you, some great coding apps are available on the market. Kids can use these apps to learn coding from scratch, and they will gain a good knowledge of coding languages, algorithms, and development environments. 

If you are a parent or a kid who wants to start an exciting coding journey, then we have you covered. In this guide, you will find the best coding apps for kids and beginners. So start your coding journey right away with these apps. 

Best Coding Apps for Kids 

1. codeSpark Academy: Kids Coding 

codeSpark Academy is easily one of the best coding apps available. This is the perfect app to start your coding journey if you are a kid. The app has a fun game-like interface which makes the learning process fun. 

codeSpark Academy: Kids Coding There are some fun characters called The Foos, and they are fun. An exciting feature of the app is that it has a word-free design, so even the pre-readers can start interacting with it easily. 

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2. Code Land- Coding for Kids

The next app on the list is Code Land, an excellent app for kids ages 4-10 to learn the basics of coding. It allows kids to learn everything from scratch at their own pace and preferences. 

Code Land- Coding for KidsWith this app, your kids can learn all the fundamentals of coding, such as pattern recognition, problem-solving, sequencing, logical thinking, loops, functions, conditionals, events, etc. The app works on the gamification concept, so it is always intuitive to kids. Make sure that you check this one out. 

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3. Daisy the Dinosaur 

With a cute name, Daisy the Dinosaur is a fun and cute app for learning to code. This app is available for iPad, and the best part is that it is free. So, you can get your kids started on this app to learn the basics of coding. 

Daisy the Dinosaur The app has a fun interface and makes it easy for kids of all ages to learn to code easily. As you might have guessed, Daisy the Dinosaur teaches coding concepts to kids. So you should check it out. 

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4. Hopscotch: Coding for kids 

Next up on the list is Hopscotch, an excellent app for kids to learn how to code. The app has a fun design aimed at kids 7-13, but people from all age groups can use it to learn coding basics. 

Hopscotch: Coding for kids The app allows you to make little games, apps, and animations, all based on the concepts you learn on the app. It utilizes popular games like Pokemon Go, Geometry Dash, drawing apps, etc., to make learning more intuitive and exciting for kids. 

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5. ScratchJr

As the name suggests, ScratchJr is a fun coding app that allows kids to learn how to code from scratch. Kids ages 5-7 can start learning coding with this app quickly. The app allows kids to program their own interactive stories and games.

ScratchJrThe goal is to make them express their skills to solve problems, design projects, and express their creativity on the computer. Kids have to join programming blocks, and the characters do all kinds of jumping and dancing animations. So kids get a good learning environment. 

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6. Kodable

If you are someone who wants their kids to learn some complex coding processes, then Kodable is the perfect app. The lessons on this app are focused on student outcomes. This perfect app allows kids to learn coding languages like Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, Java, etc. 

KodableThe best thing is that you do not need prior coding knowledge to start with the app. There are over 70 lessons that have on-screen and off-screen components. So this is an excellent app for kids who want to learn advanced coding. 

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7. Tynker: Coding Games for Kids 

There is nothing better to make kids learn something than games. They tend to be more interested in the learning process when it is intuitive. That is why Tynker is one of the best coding apps out there. 

Tynker: Coding Games for Kids Over 2000 activities on the app help your kids learn coding languages like Javascript and Python. The app teaches coding concepts by utilizing story-based challenges, so the entire process is easy to follow, and learning is more efficient. 

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8. Bee-Bot

This app comes from the famous Bee-Bot floor robot. With this app, kids can use the app version of the robot and learn a lot of new coding concepts. The app offers different levels of difficulty and puzzles, and it is excellent for young kids. 

Bee-BotThis app will be perfect for kids to improve their directional language skills. So you should check it out for sure.

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