There are so many games available, like Puzzle games, action games, Strategy games, and more. In Puzzle games also, there are sub-categories like Escape Puzzle games. You need to solve the puzzle and escape from the room in such a game.

While playing these games, you can relate to real life, have a thrilling experience, and get entertained. So, if you are thinking of playing escape games, we have provided a list of Escape Games apps for both Android and iOS users.

Best Escape Games Apps for Android & iOS

The games listed below might offer various features, but they all provide the same gameplay. Most of these games can be played at no cost with in-app purchases. You need to find ways to get out. You may want to sharpen your thinking skills or require a challenge to play idle time; these are the top games to test.

1. Escape Through History

Escape through history

As the name suggests, History means you will be taken back to a different era. It has an adventurous atmosphere where you can explore historical events and solve puzzles. The main aim is to solve puzzles and survive to come back to the present time.

This game is regularly updated, and it has a lot of content. However, the Escape Through History game is free to download and use, but it has advertisements.

Price: Free but has ads.

Download Link for Android/ iOS

2. Escape Titanic

Escape the Titanic

Well, the Escape Titanic game is inspired by the Titanic incident. In this game, you are a passenger on the Titanic trying to survive. So, to come out from the ship, you must look for clues and solve the riddles. By solving the puzzles and finding the objects, you can unlock rooms and escape from the ship.

Price: Free, has ads and in-app purchases.

Download Link for Android/ iOS

3. The Lost City

The Lost City

Do you want to see what Atlantis looks like? You can see similar sights in this game, The Lost City. The player is in the lost city, which is erased from history. You have to escape from the myth by looking for all the secrets.

There are a lot of puzzles and hidden items which you need to collect. Though there is a lot of fun, you need to pay some amount to play this game.

Price: Pay $2, no in-app game purchases

Download Link for Android/ iOS

4. The Escapists 2

Escapists 2

Escapists 2 is a multiplayer game where you must come out of the biggest and toughest prisons. It is one of the most played games and the best room escape game. However, you need to be very careful whenever you try to escape from prison. It is better to make strategies and try to escape to win the game.

Price: Pay $6.99

Download Link for Android/ iOS

5. Rime – Room Escape Game

Rime - Room Escape Game

In this game, you must have good observation skills as you will be within a book and escape the building. Even though there is only one level, the puzzles are difficult. However, you will get hints by watching an ad and getting tips.

You need to find out why you are inside the book and need to escape from there. It has auto-saving features and multiple endings, depending on your choice.

Price: Free, with in-app purchases

Download Link for Android/ iOS

6. Escape The Ghost Town

Escape the Ghost

As we can see in the name Ghost, it is for sure the rooms are full of ghosts from which you need to escape. The game has a scary atmosphere, sounds, and visuals, making it fully horror. Here, you need to be very careful and think about how to escape from here.

There are 15 different locations with unique features. To make it more interesting, all the objects are hidden and distributed to all the locations.

Price: Free, Contains Ads, Offers in-app purchases

Download Link for Android/ iOS

7. 50 Rooms 3

50 rooms 3

It is another popular game, the third installment of the 50 room franchise. Here you will play in 50 different rooms and find all the clues to escape from there. And if you get stuck, you will get some hints from the game. You download the game free, but it has in-app purchases and ads.

Price: Free, has ads and in-app purchases.

Download Link for Android

8. 100 Doors: Escape from School

Escape from School

The game is very entertaining; you have to escape from school here. Please do not get confused by looking at the art of the looks and do not think it’s for Kids. You must think carefully to solve the puzzles, as each door has a puzzle. Starting the game is very easy, but as you go further, it gets more complicated.

Price: Free, has ads and in-app purchases.

Download Link for Android/ iOS

9. The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old SinsThe Room The Room: Old Sins is an extremely high-quality and widely acclaimed escape room experience that has an engaging story to boot. This isn’t your usual Escape room experience.

The game must find a lost artifact that can help you solve the mystery surrounding a missing engineer and his wife of high status. There are various items within the room when taking part in the challenge. There are various The Room games with new problems if you wish to try these games.

Price: Free, has ads and in-app purchases.

Download Link for AndroidiOS

10. The Room

The RoomThe Room is a puzzle game brought to you through Fireproof Games. It is a puzzle game that combines eerie puzzles and realistic graphics to give you a fantastic escape room experience you’ve never played. Be prepared to be transported to a unique area and sharpen your abilities to solve the puzzle.

In addition to attractive images, The Room has a beautiful layout that makes it simple to start. Additionally, it provides simple controls using a single finger, allowing complete control of the game with just a single finger. It’s no surprise that this top escape room game has more than 1 million installations on the Google Play Store alone.

With this game, you’ll be able to discover the layers of mystery to increase your ability to think. When you click the start button, it’s challenging to stop. The numerous and challenging questions will entice you to find a solution.

Price: Free, has ads and in-app purchases.

Download Link for AndroidiOS


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