Microsoft Excel is one of the most commonly used spreadsheet applications by an average computer user. A survey shows that 2 out of 3 users prefer it for personal or professional use. However, this Microsoft application may not be a favorite to a Mac user for various reasons.

One of the main reasons is the difficulty getting it on their device. Moreover, recently some security and privacy issues have also erupted in MS Office software. So a suitable alternative is the moment’s need for all the Mac users.

Today’s list will help those who want a reliable spreadsheet alternative to replacing MS Excel in their Macbook. The best thing about the software discussed below is that most are free to use. So you don’t have to worry about paying for any expensive subscriptions.

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List of Best Excel Alternatives For Mac 

  • Google Sheets
  • Numbers
  • Sheetster
  • Calligra Sheets
  • Zoho Sheets
  • LibreOffice Calc
  • Quip
  • Spread32 2.0

1. Google Sheets

Google SheetsThe most popular alternative to Excel that you can get for your Mac is Google Sheets. This spreadsheet application provides all the features in MS Excel but with some additional functionality. For instance, Google Sheets is a cloud-based application with free storage space.

Moreover, it is portable software which means you can access it through your browser. The controls and formats of Google Sheets are similar to Excel, so you don’t have to worry about getting used to it. It is also regularly updated to fix bugs and add new features.

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2. Numbers

NumbersIt is a dedicated spreadsheet application for Mac users and is available on the Mac App Store. Its developer’s design numbers are in collaboration with Apple. As a result, you will get Apple’s designed templates for making spreadsheets for budgeting, listing, invoice making etc.

Those who were using MS Excel all the time may find the application a bit difficult. However, there are sufficient suggestions for all the 250 functions in Numbers. Some popular features like XLOOKUP and RegEx are also present. 

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3. Sheetster

SheetsterIf you’re looking for an open-source MS Excel alternative, then Sheetster will be a good choice. Not only for Mac, but the software is also one of the favourite for Windows users. Its popularity, free access, and similar user interface to Excel are the main reasons.

A unique aspect of Sheetster is that multiple users can access and edit a spreadsheet. In addition, it supports split pane and conditional formatting. There is also an inbuilt document converter that will convert your XLSX and XLS Documents into PDF format.

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4. Calligra Sheets

Calligra SheetsThis is a unique spreadsheet application that serves a purpose of an excellent spreadsheet and calculation tool. Professionals prefer Calligra Sheets to make financial plans, invoices, and budgets. All because of the advanced calculation functions available in it.

Several templates in Calligra Sheets will help you in your work as you don’t have to create a format before entering data. If you are unfamiliar with the calculation formulas, refer to the software’s comprehensive formula book. All over, it will be a good choice for Mac users.

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5. Zoho Sheets

Zoho SheetsAnother fantastic spreadsheet application that can replace Excel is Zoho Sheets. Zoho Sheets has almost the same working pattern as MS Excel but has some extra convenience features. Like multiple users can view or edit the sheets at the same time. In addition, all the edit history is recorded and can be accessed in a log format.

Another valuable aspect of Zoho Sheets is that it is a cloud-based application, so you can back up and access all your sheets from anywhere. All essential features like conditional formatting, pivot tables, data validation, etc. are available. Moreover, it is free to use.

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6. LibreOffice Calc

LibreOffice CalcMany of you may have heard of LibreOffice, the multipurpose software suite that rose to popularity for offering top-notch products and services. LibreOffice is ideal for those who used to work on projects in a group on a real-time basis. LibreOffice also has its spreadsheet application named LibreOffice Calc, which is used by several users in place of MS Excel.

Moreover, the browser-based software isn’t required to be downloaded, saving much of your system storage. Users also get extra features like project management, data security and file sharing with this application. Last but not least, it is free to use.

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7. Quip

QuipQuip is a modern spreadsheet application featuring some unique functions. Among its best functions are monitoring specific users, leaving comments on specific cells, and accessing edit history. In addition, you will also give several customization options in it.

Salesforce teams widely use the application to make account plans, qualification notes, and other such things to increase the productivity of their business. You will get all the templates for your work that will make your life easy. If you are into Salesforce, you can try this out.

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8. Spread32 2.0

Spread32 2.0It is an easy-to-use spreadsheet application that will take care of your small lists. Spread32 2.0 is well known for its straightforward interface and easy controls. Users can quickly get into using it for this reason.

But its simple design doesn’t make it less effective as you will get various useful features. For example, multiple users can access the sheets, and different document formats can be obtained. Recently they have also introduced dark mode in Spread32 2.0.

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