Your traveling expenses take a big chunk of your earnings. Especially if you are a rideshare, a truck driver, or use your own vehicle. You cannot know how much you pay for gas every month without proper tracking. So you need some effective mileage tracker apps

With a mileage tracker app, you can keep a clean travel record. With accurate and consistent data, it becomes easier to manage expenses. Then these apps also provide you with IRS-ready data so you can use them to do your taxes. 

This guide will find the list of the best mileage tracker apps available. These apps have advanced features like automatic tracking, expanse tracking, etc. 

Best Free Milage Tracker Apps

1. TripLog

TripLogIf you frequently travel for work-related stuff and wish to reduce any administrative work of keeping separate tabs, TripLog is the perfect app for you. This app can track miles, streamline timesheets, and record business expenses.

Now, this app comes with automatic tracking and runs smoothly in the background. But that’s not all; you can even track the mileage manually. 

As mentioned earlier, this app allows you to classify your personal and professional trips separately if you travel for work-related purposes. The data the app provides is tax-compliant, so you can use it to do your taxes. 

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2. Everlance


Everlance is one of the best mileage tracker apps available in the market, and the sole reason is its versatility. Besides effective mileage tracking, there are a lot of other things that this app can do easily. This app comes with an auto-recording feature, so when you drive the car, the app starts to record automatically.

It also allows you to separate your personal and work-related trips, which can greatly help your expense tracking. Apart from this, the app also comes with many business tracking features. If you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur, this is a must-have app. 

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3. Stride – Mileage & Tax Tracker

Stride - Mileage & Tax TrackerNext up on the list, we have Strdie and this is a great mileage tracking app as it can work quietly in the background. A remarkable feature of the app is its ability to generate an IRS-ready report that you can use while doing your taxes. 

The app has automatic tracking, so you do not have to enter your data every now and then. Features like automatic tracking, expense tracking, and data reports. Overall, the app is powerful and easy to use. 

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4. MileIQ


MileIQ is an effective mileage tracker app and it is used by a lot of people worldwide. It can record your drives automatically when you move your vehicle. Then the app also provides you with a detailed log of your mileage.

This app has a feature to keep your personal and business trips separate with a simple swipe making everything seamless. You can even set work hours, so all the drives in those hours go to your business trips. 

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5. Mileage Expense Log (MEL)

Mileage Expense Log (MEL)With this app, all you need is your car’s GPS enabled and the app can work automatically and seamlessly. So the app can quickly and effectively analyze your mileage with good accuracy. 

You can sort your trips into a bunch of categories and add the date and purpose of the trip. To export the data, you get the option to get it in an HTML or CVS document. However, the app only works with Apple devices. 

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6. Hurdlr

Hurdlr is another powerful mileage-tracking app with a lot of useful features. First, it automatically tracks, so you don’t have to worry about entering the data. A unique feature of the app is that it can identify deductions for your tax returns.Hurdlr

Again, this app allows you to classify your personal and business trips. A tax estimator is also built into the app to easily predict your tax obligation. So you can try using this app.  

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7. Simply Auto

Simply AutoAs the name gives away, Simply Auto is a simple yet powerful app for vehicle management, as it comes with all the tools and features you need. You can think of it as an effective car logbook on your smartphone. With this app, you can easily track the mileage of your car.

The best thing about the app is that it allows you to keep your personal and professional miles separate. The app also uses Bluetooth and GPS to give you precise information about your trips. Then you can further record information like fines, insurance, MOT, parking, and servicing fees.

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8. MyCarTracks 

MyCarTracks is a powerful app designed for both individuals and corporations. You can use this app to track live location and mileage. One of the best features of the app is the Auto Recording feature. As soon as your car hits over 6mph, it starts logging trips.MyCarTracks 

The app is more than capable of showing you all the essential information, such as a trip map, mileage, average speed, maximum speed, etc. Moreover, you can also use the app to turn your phone to a vehicle’s heads-up display. Overall, it is one of the best mileage tracker apps. 

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