I love snake games and almost everyone loves them too – from the old-age Nokia keypad snake game to modern days Google Snake game. It is always been an excellent way to spend leisure time alone. Thanks to its trademark design and intuitive interface, to the redemption of the old snake game vibe. Otherwise, the snake was declined a long ago.

The mods are the most attractive elements of the Google Snake Game. It makes the game more enjoyable to play. Thus, if you don’t know all modes, you should know the best Google Snake Game mods today. It will enhance the gaming experience.

What is Google Snake Game Mod?

Mod is the short form modification. Which is used to modify a video game to make the game more appealing and vivid. Regardless of the available feature, you can add more gaming components, such as the size of the snake, the invisible snake, the speed of running, and so on and so forth.

However, the Mod of Google Snake is available on GitHub. And the mod is packed with 12 gaming content. Using the mode, you can change the snake’s skin and the background music.

How to Use Google Snake Mods?

Google snake game runs on the browser. But it is not as simple as it looks. It has some hidden features inside its mods. It’s always better to know how to use Google Snake Mod to get all secret modes.

  1. First, download the Google snake game from GitHub.
  2. Now open the bookmark manager on Google chrome.
  3. Click on the import bookmark.
  4. Now select “MoreMenu.html” from the file you have downloaded from GitHub.
  5. You can use Google Snake mods.

Best Google Snake Game Mods

Even if you have been playing the game for a long time – there is something new that you would love to have on your game.

Therefore, we listed all interesting and fascinating Google Snake Game mods that you can apply. So, without further ado, let’s jump on the list.

1. Dark Mode Mod

Dark mode on any independent app or system is widely popular now. It feels soothing to our eyes. You can add the dark mode theme in the Google Snake Game. Using the mode, you can add many color schemes to the game. All you have to do is put the JavaScript in the chrome bookmark manager.

2. Custom Color

Animated colors always represent the visual texture and movement. If you want to add the animated color in place of the static background, then put the code into the browser. It will bring a cool surface to the gameplay.

3. Menu Mod

custom menu

This is one of the best things you can add to your Google Snake game. The menu mode helps to add more characters and content. This will also help you to change the background and the edge of the wall. You can customize using this mod in the game.

4. Mouse Mode

Mouse Mode

If you feel bored using the navigation key on the keyboard to control the game, you can check out the mouse mode. More free moving and eating the fruit is surely waving at you using the mouse mode. It will help to collect more points.

5. Change Board Size

As its name suggests, the Change Board Size mod is a useful feature you can include on the Google Snake game. With the help of a mod, you can stretch the size of the playing board accordingly. Which helps to move forward to eating fruit in a direction.

6. Snake Wall

No matter what you include and whatnot, modern snake games need more customization and control ability to make them more enjoyable. Using this mod, you can perfectly omit the snake wall.

No wall – now you have more freedom to go around the dashboard. Chances of the ending of the game decrease drastically. If you want more playing time, then you can use it.

7. Time Keeper

Time Keeper

Timekeeper is an interesting mod you can get on the Google Snake game. Sadly, you can’t save your record in front of you for many days.

If you want to keep your highest score and personal under a table, you can consider the Timekeeper mod in your Google Snake Game to keep your highest score and personal record under the spotlight.


In the last, we have this awkward name mode, the AIYIWOWTGWL. The awkward name feature will help you to be invisible to the snake from the game. Oh my god – yes, you heard it right. Becoming the ghost of the court always feels good, but you have to move correctly to win the game at the end.

Final Words

Google Snake game is really enjoyable and interesting for kill leisure time. But the best Google Snake Game Mods make the game more interesting. Now, your turn to have any of these mods on the gameplay and share experiences with us.


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