Did you also feel hesitant while sharing your phone with others? As you want some security? Anyone can get through any app like a gallery or WhatsApp because there is a curiosity to check others’ privacy. Hence you don’t like and want to maintain security from others like friends and family.

Even if you are right at your place, no one has the right to check your privacy. So, there is an option for the guest mode to save you from this kind of awkward situation. We are here with the seven best guest mode apps to help you.

1. SwitchMe Multiple Accounts

SwitchMe Multiple Accounts

This app is sturdy and useful as you can create various accounts here, like on a computer. Here you can create different accounts for relatives and friends. The best feature is that you can restrict the account for safety.

For example, you can restrict the opening of WhatsApp and gallery in the account name as a friend and with family. The app needs root access for the full operation with all features. You cannot install the app because your phone is not rooted. The app is free; however, some advanced feature needs to be purchased in-app purchases.

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2. Built-In Guest Mode

After Android version 5.0 (lollipop), every phone has a prebuild option of guest mode. This feature creates parallel users and allows them temporary storage. Since the guest mode is a parallel account, you can’t access anything here.

Even you can’t make phone calls in guest mode. All the temporary storage in guest mode is preserved, i.e., it will not save permanently. As it is built into the app, you don’t need to install it or pay anything to use it.

3. Double Screen

Double Screen

This app is similar to the above; it also creates multiple accounts. However, the best option here is that you can easily create and switch accounts frequently. Every account has its own blocked and allowed apps, which you will decide. When you switch to another account, the home screen will change, and all restricted apps will be disabled.

The home screen has a customized clock and widgets that don’t feel guest restricted. Along with it, you can create two accounts for yourself, too, for home and work. Switching accounts is very easy in this app. If you need the guest mode app and work parallel, this app is all in one. This app is free, with no ads.

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4. Kiosk Lockdown Limaxock

Kiosk Lockdown Limaxock

The app is specialized in making your phone Kiosk. A kiosk indicates a restricted machine used to fulfill a specific purpose. Its main aim is to limit all the apps and show only allowed apps without switching apps.

If you enable the app, it comes in guest mode with all restrictions you defined in the app. After opening, the app will replace the default launcher and provides an allowed app. The good thing about this app is that no root access is needed. The app is free, with no ads.

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5. Applock Pro

Applock Pro

Now, this is something different and unique. Along with multiple accounts, you will get a vault where you can hide your things. So, this app provides two options for you. First, make accounts and switch while giving to others and restrict the app according to you.

Second, hide all your essential apps so no one will see them and don’t feel restricted. The app is free, but some unique features need to purchase in-app.

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6. Kids Place

Kids Place

This app is best if you find a guest mode app for your kids. This app provides parental control in which you can put restrictions everywhere. As in all apps, you must create a guest user for kids. You can put data restrictions too, which will restrict your kids from using the internet enough.

The problem with the app is you can bypass it by restarting the phone. After installing the app, you must create a root user to manage all accounts for kids. If you forget the root user’s password, you can reset it through email, which regains your access. The app is free, with no ads.

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7. AUG Launcher

AUG Launcher

AUG Launcher is one of the best and most popular Android gesture launchers you can find for your device. It also supports two modes – Guest mode and owner mode. So in case you have to give your device to somebody, AUG Launcher will take care of that by shifting all sensitive information into the owner’s account.

It also supports hiding apps in the Guest mode; the hidden apps will not appear. Apart from that, AUG Launcher also provides a full-fledged app locker. So, AUG Launcher is another best Android guest mode apps you can use today.

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8. App Locker with Guest Mode

App Locker with Guest Mode

App Locker with Guest Mode is among the highest and top-rated Android Visitor mode apps available on Google Playstore. Using this app, you can cover all sensitive apps from another person by locking them down.

You can easily create two modes – Admin & Visitor mode. Adin mode will have full access to the devices, but Visitor mode doesn’t. What’s extra attention-grabbing is that the app permits customers to arrange other passwords for various modes.

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9. Kids Launcher – Parental Control and Kids Mode

Kids Launcher - Parental Control and Kids Mode

Kids Launcher – Parental Control and Kids Mode is designed for people who often need to give kids a smartphone to play games. However, kids can sometimes mess up with your device and steal or modify sensitive files, data, photos, etc.

Kids launcher can create a separate space for your kids to specify which apps will run and which don’t. It’s a great app for parents out there.

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10. iWawa


iWawa is another parental control app that features multiple accounts. You can also control which kind of content kids watch on their devices. iWawa is a great way of making an Android device safe for children. Children can access educational and entertaining apps and websites without encountering anything inappropriate.

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11. Kids Zone

Kids Zone

As a responsible parent, you might never want your kids to mess up with the data on your phone. With the Kids Zone app, you can now maintain a separate user account for your kids. You can enable suitable apps for your child and put more attractive wallpapers to draw their attention.

The best thing is Kids Zone allows you to set a screen-time limit that will automatically log out from the account once the time is over. Moreover, it comes with further necessary features, making it one of the effective ways to guide your children’s activity.

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12. Multi-Accounts Pro

Multi-Accounts Pro

Multi-Accounts Pro is not a guest mode application. It is a clone app that lets you carry 2 accounts of the same app on a single device. You can open all your private accounts inside this app while protecting them with a strong password.

So, when a guest has your phone’s access, he can only see the apps in the main interface and not present inside the Multi Accounts app.

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