Styling hair has many benefits. It makes you look good, enhances your personality, and gives you more confidence.  It’s an important part of your appearance and sets the tone for your entire look. A bad hair day is just a bad day. If you’re dressed to impress, but your hair doesn’t match your clothes, it can ruin your entire look and make you look like a homeless person.

If you get new hairstyles, you will feel smarter and more capable. According to a study, people with a good hairstyle feel smarter and more capable of performing tasks than those with bad hair.

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List of Best Hairstyle Apps For Android And iOS

Now how will you get an idea of a hairstyle without getting a haircut? The answer is simple, by using hairstyling apps. You can see which hairstyle looks good on you; you can give other people a haircut and do their complete makeover.

1. Fabby Look

Fabby LookIt’s a real-time hair color changer app, and If you are a girl who likes to experiment with her hair a lot, this is the best app for you. All you have to do is take a selfie or select a picture from your gallery in which your hair is visible enough for clear detection. You can change many hair colors at one time.

Through this app, you can make decisions like if you want to dye your hair or not. Its lens is super accurate and doesn’t smudge a whole lot around your head. The app also has a ton of colors to choose from & provides you a pretty good picture of the colors that will suit your skin tone, face, and personality.

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2. Cute Girl Hairstyles

Cute Girl HairstylesAs the name suggests, this app gives you many cute girl hairstyles that you can try while going to an event, party, or function. Any woman or girl can try these hairstyles with any hair.

One drawback it has is that it doesn’t give you instructions like other apps. You have to watch the picture and try those hairstyles according to your understanding. But overall, it’s a great application for hairstyling.

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3. Hair Salon

Hair SalonThis app is best for your 5-year old granddaughter, little sister, or daughter who likes to play and use her creativity. It’s basically a game for small kids to try on new hairstyles and do hair spa.

Because of the simplicity, kids really enjoy this application & enhance their entertainment. This app is fun and engaging, and anyone can use it with their imagination and creativity because of the easy & understanding layout.

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4. Hairstyles step by step

Hairstyles step by stepIf you want a hairstyle app with a step-by-step tutorial, then this one is for you. You can use in school, function, marriages, and many more occasions because of the wide variety of content. It has multiple hairstyles, and the explanations on how to do them are straightforward; it can be quite hard if you do them on yourself at first, but it gets easier.

You can try its DIY tutorials in both offline and online modes. These hairstyles include hairstyles for long and short hair and many hairstyles like braids, fringe, bun, bangs, etc.

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5. Smarty: Man Editor App & Background Changer

SmartySmarty is an app specially designed for men who like to edit their pictures a lot. It’s an all-rounder application with marvelous features. It lets you try on different mustaches, beards, eyeballs, eye lens, six-packs, 8 packs, and hairstyles & provides you an excellent feature to hide your pimples and blemishes. If you want to try a complete makeover without trying it real, then you should definitely use this app.

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6. Barber Shop – Celebrity Fashion Beard Salon

Barber Shop - Celebrity Fashion Beard SalonAlways wanted to shave your favorite celebrity’s beard or mustache? Now you can do it with this app. Through this app gives you can choose from over 5 celebrities and trim their beards. Five celebrities you can choose are Justin Timberlake, Zac Efron, Will Smith, Daniel Radcliffe, and Sheldon.

The cartoon character of these celebrities are pretty nice, and you can recognize them at a glance. It shows how to do hair and really fun to play with. It gives you a real-time experience of how to be a hairstylist. If you love celebrity haircuts and you have plenty of free time, then you can use this app.

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7. Hair Color Booth

Hair Color BoothDo you also love to do color experiments with your hairs, then this app will definitely help you decide if you want to dye your hair, do streaks, or choose which color you should choose. If you pay attention clearly and follow the instructions, then you will definitely get the desired results. This is a high-quality game. If you always wanted to see yourself in different hair colors, then try this app for sure.

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8. Style My Hair

Style My HairThis app is 3 in 1 color consultation tool, and professionals mostly use it. If you own a salon, then you can inspire your clients with personalized mood boards, make them try on live colors in 3D. Find the perfect shade for their hair and showcase your expertise.

Define their shortlist and choose the right color brand. Do all these things with just one app. Because of its advanced features, you can enhance your creativity level of hairstyling with few clicks.

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9. Celebrity Hairstylist

Celebrity HairstylistMakeup and hair salon both in one app. Basically, it’s a game with advanced functionalities that can be used to scale your creativity level in hairstyling. Get an idea of how a day in the life of a stylist is.

Style celebrities, do their facial, make-up, hairstyles and choose stylish clothes for them. Just tap to choose colors, cosmetics, and highlights. Swipe to add more sparkles and colors.

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