It’s been almost a century since Nancy Drew was featured in The Secret of the Old Clock. After that, the fictional character has been featured in several mystery book series, movies, video games, and a TV. Since then, the character has appeared in 175 novels, but Nancy Drew is still an eternal icon.

No wonder the video game surrounding her character is top-rated worldwide, but all games are not as interactive and exciting as it sounds. Therefore, we’ve rounded up the best Nancy Drew Games you should play today.

Although Nancy Drew’s books are more popular than video games, some games can leave you utterly bewildered with their complex plot twists and challenging puzzles.

Best Nancy Drew Games

Nancy Drew has been featured in many video games, but still, we managed to find the best games that you save time on research and start enjoying your favorite Nancy Drew game.

1. Secret Of The Scarlet Hand

Secret Of The Scarlet Hand

Let’s kickstart the list with Secret of The Scarlet Hand, packed with various puzzles to solve now and then. The exciting gameplay starts in a museum, where Nancy and others will do an unpaid internship.

Then you will witness some furious adventures in the game, from solving puzzles to fixing robberies. Moreover, all steps in the game are very hectic and challenging. Besides, it has gorgeous graphics to enjoy the game with great views.

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2. Secret of Shadow Ranch

Secret of Shadow Ranch

If you want to experience a different type of game, then Secret of Shadow Ranch could be the one for you. On visiting a Shadow Ranch, Nancy Drew has to find out the missing owner of the Ranch. Besides that, many challenging tasks are also involved in the game to explore.

However, the game is full of fun, mystery puzzle solving, exploring the surrounding atmosphere with horses, and many more. Moreover, its significant graphics are even more charming than the game itself.

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3. Shadow of the Water’s Edge

Shadow of the Water's Edge

If you are looking for the scariest Nancy Drew game, Shadow of the Water’s Edge comes forward before any other Nancy series games. Nancy and her friends, George and Bess, visit Japan.

In Japan’s adventure, they find a woman who dies mysteriously, and all visitors leave behind except Nancy. Thus, Nancy has to solve the issue with her detective skill. However, the game involved so many scary things and fun.

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4. Sea of Darkness

Sea of Darkness

Sea of Darkness is about exploring the mystery of the disappearance of the boat captain Magnus. But, first, Nancy Drew and her companion must solve whether the caption is looking for hidden treasure or something weird happened to him.

Even though the game will be played on the sea, some mysterious puzzles are needed to solve. The character of the game makes it more enjoyable. As long as you progress in the game, the more immersive character you will meet.

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5. Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

If you’re after a classic mystery game of the sea, Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon shouldn’t be missed out, which is another sublime Nancy Drew. In the game, a lot of drama and mysterious characters are featured.

Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys have to find out the owner of the train, which was found in the Blue Moon Canyon. However, in steps, Nancy will face several challenges. Solving all challenges and finding out the owner is the game’s main objective.

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6. Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

It’s a fantasy-driven Nancy Drew game that has nail-biting gameplay and plot. In the game, Nancy visits her father’s friend’s house in Moon Lake, where she discovers the ghost dogs.

You will face creepy dogs at night as you explore the house more. Thus, it’s up to you what’s happening and how to escape all these scary things. The best thing about it is its unique storyline and gameplay setup.

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7. Midnight in Salem

Midnight in Salem

Midnight in Salem is one of the latest Nancy Drew games you should play at least once. Nancy Drew will find herself in Salem to stand against all bad evils and other supernatural elements.

The game is fantastic from beginning to end. The author superbly designs all the characters and stories. If you talk about sound and graphics, it has fantastic graphics and superb sound quality.

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Final Words

Nancy Drew games have always been popular choices among detective-type game lovers. If you are one of them, no matter what, these best Nancy Drew games surely deserve your attention. However, if you have any questions, let us know in the comment section.


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