If we talk about the most popular gaming consoles, Nintendo Switch ranks right with Xbox and PlayStation. Despite it being a small and compact hand-held gaming console, people love it. However, Nintendo is not an easy gaming console to get your hands on. 

First of all, Nintendo does not sell the Switch in many regions. So if you want one, you will have to get it shipped from somewhere else. Shipping and import duty combined can make it heavy on your purse. So what if you wanted to get that Nintendo Switch experience for yourself? In that case, you will need to try some Nintendo Switch emulators for your PC or Android device. 

So if you have a PC or an Android smartphone, you can try out some Nintendo Switch emulators and use the mouse and keyboard to get a better gaming experience. This guide will find the list of the best Nintendo Switch emulators for PC and Android. So let’s get started.

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Best Nintendo Switch Emulators for Android and PC

1. Yuzu Emulator 

Yuzu Emulator

Yuzu Emulator is easily one of the most popular Nintendo Switch emulators on the list. It started its journey by selling homebrew games, but it has expanded and sold Nintendo Switch games.

Users will get the best performance with this emulator. It is free and open-source, making it a popular 3DS emulator. The great thing about this emulator is that it is based on C++ so it can emulate some of the essential hardware components of the Nintendo Switch. Because it is based on C++, it becomes highly portable as well. 

It might get tricky for new users to set it up, but once you do it, there is a wide range of games waiting for you. The software also gets regular updates making it very stable. So make sure that you check it out for sure. 

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2. Cemu Emulator

Egg NS EmulatorNext on the list, we have the Cemu emulator, and the thing with this emulator is that it is not the pretty exact Nintendo Switch emulator you would want it to be. However, that shouldn’t be a problem as this emulator can easily run some of the most popular Nintendo Switch games. 

Users can easily play Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and GameCube games with this emulator. The performance and ability to run Nintendo Switch games on this emulator are quite good. That is because this emulator gets frequent updates from its developers. 

One of the best features of this emulator is that you can modify the games that you want to play right from the launch settings themselves. Then you also get the option to add graphic packs, mods, enhance rendering quality, etc.

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3. Ryujinkx Emulator

Ryujinkx Emulator

Ryujinkx is another quite popular Nintendo Switch emulator and if you have a Mac device, this is probably the only good choice you have. The emulator is known for its ease of use and it is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

This emulator is just as good as the Yuzu emulator in terms of performance most of the time. The best thing is that this emulator can also run games at 60 FPS, just like Yuzu, but you will need good supporting hardware. 

Ryujinkx emulator is also great for beginners who are just installing an emulator for the first time. It is easy to set up and the user interface is quite nice overall. In terms of games, it has over 1000 titles that you can enjoy.  

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4. Skyline Emulator

Skyline EmulatorIf you are looking for something different after trying out all of the other emulators from the list, give the Skyline emulator a chance. Just to be clear, the Skyline emulator is a fairly new entry to the whole Nintendo Switch emulators segment and that is why we can call it a work in progress.

However, this open-source emulator is great for Android users as it is one of the only emulators on the list built from scratch and specially optimized for Android smartphones. There is not a lot available for this emulator, but you can download it from GitHub. 

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5. Egg NS Emulator

Egg NS EmulatorThe egg is also known as Egg NS and Android Nintendo Switch Emulator. The platform has some shady origins, and the reason for that is that it violates MIT’s open-software license and uses code straight from the Yuzu emulator. 

Now the emulator can run some popular Nintendo Switch games like Pokémon Sword/Shield, Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and Pokémon Let’s Go. The platform supports about 81 games, but users have reported that 73 games from this list crash when playing and some crash even in the in-game menu. 

Overall, it is not one of the best experiences to run on your smartphone. So if you are okay with the crashes, security concerns, and everything, you can try this. You will need Snapdragon 855/855+/865/865+ flagship SoCs. 

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