As a student, have you ever wondered if you could make money online in a convenient way? Well, if you haven’t wondered about such, then there’s a lot you’re missing out on. There’s always an opportunity to make money as a student, one of the known ways is by selling notes.

Let’s say you’re a good note taker, most of your notes are up to date and you feel you could let them go for a couple of dollars. Many online websites pay people to sell lectures or study notes to them.

In today’s topic, we’ve curated the best note selling websites for students. On these websites, you can sell lecture notes and make a good profit. It is a side hustle you can take as a student, and it’s super safe and convenient.

Best Note Selling Websites for Students to Sell Notes

Below are some of the best websites you can visit to sell your notes online.

1. OneClass

While considering a good website to sell notes as a student, OneClass is quite the perfect place to get started. This website will pay you as a note seller who provides notes for specific classes.

best note selling websites

Making money with OneClass isn’t quite difficult, you’ll only need to apply as a note-taker. Once your application goes through, you will start providing notes for each ongoing lecture.

OneClas offers a way to make money online as a student, you could earn as low as $470 per class, it is an outstanding website.

2. Stuvia

Stuvia is a very popular website for selling notebooks, one of the reasons you should use Stuvia is that you can sell not just notes alone, but other forms of documents. You can sell different types of notes on Stuvia.

best note selling websites

The website has a very simple user interface, once you create your account, you can start selling notes. Earning on Stuvia is very simple, you could start off for as low as $8.

If you’re a student who wants to make money by writing notes or courses or documents, Stuvia is one of the best websites to visit.

3. Nexus Notes

One of the best note selling websites to sell notes as a student is Nexus Notes, to get started on Nexus Notes is very simple, you’ll need to create an account and you can start selling.

best note selling websites

You can upload notes or create them on the website, it has a text editor with customizable note templates. Aside from selling notes, you can collaborate with other students on Nexus Notes.

With Nexus Notes, you can earn while learning, it is an outstanding website to upload notes and sell them.

4. Docmerit

One of the reasons why you’ll love Docmerit is that it pays people very fast, if you make your first or second sale, your payments will be processed within 24hrs. Docmerit makes it all easy, you’ll start by uploading, setting your price then hold on for your profit.

best note selling websites

You could even earn higher and be one of the top sellers if you provide quality study notes. You could begin with Docmerit easily, the whole process is very easy. You’d be able to earn a fortune with Docmerit.

5. StudySoup

StudySoup offers one of the fastest and easier ways to sell notes online, creating an account is the first thing to do, then upload your notes, set your price, and wait for your first sale.


There’s a 48hrs payout option on StudySoup, you’ll get your money within a day or two. When it comes to how much you can earn on StudySoup, you could earn nothing as low as $400 and above depending on your sales.

6. Oxbridge Notes

Oxbridge Notes is also a good platform, but in terms of commission, you’ll get paid 50% of your earnings. This website is a bit strict with its policies, it’s not easy to start selling instantly because there’s a pre-approval process.

Oxbridge Notes

And for uploading notes, you have to upload well-typed documents, one thing you’ll love Oxford Notes for is that. They allow different varieties of notes, you can sell exam questions as well, it’s a good website to sell notes.

7. Studypool

With Studypool, you can nothing less than $5000 monthly by selling just study documents, even if a student views your document without buying, you’d get a $10 incentive.


Different types of subjects are allowed on Studypol, you can sell study documents for subjects like Algebra, Accounting, Computer Science, etc.

Aside from selling study documents, you can apply to be a tutor on Studypool. Studypool is one of the best note selling websites out there.

8. Notesale

Nothing beats getting rewards for one’s effort. Notesale makes students earn profits for selling their study materials. As a student, you only need to register and upload your notes.


Notesale boasts as one of the best places to sell study notes, the website has a simple interface. The website is also very easy to navigate around.

On Notesale, if you don’t want to sell notes, you can also find study notes to read. This website is outstanding at what it does.

9. GradeBuddy

GradeBuddy is another website to sell notes, most times courses are known to be more profitable on GradeBuddy. You can earn nothing less than $500 for a single course.


Becoming a note seller on GradeBuddy simply means you’re becoming an ambassador, you’ll have to produce the best notes for students that depend on them.

When signing up on GradeBuddy, you’ll start first by choosing your school, the registration procedures are pretty simple. GradeBuddy is a good place to sell notes.

10. NoteXchange

NoteXchange is a great website to consider if you want to sell notes as a student, it’s basically a place to buy and sell notes actually and it offers some add-ons.


Aside from selling notes, you can sell exam notes and study guides, or flashcards. You can also offer tutoring services.

You’ll get a 50% commission from any note sold on NoteXchange. It’s not a bad place to make money while selling study notes.


Overall, these are the best note selling websites to sell study notes, courses, etc. Each listed website offers different commissions. While some of the listed websites pay with hours, some are different, but regardless, they’re still the best place to sell study notes as a student.


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