Most of us are fed up with using mainstream applications on our Android devices. It is mainly due to increasing ads and complex user interfaces in traditional apps. So, people are now moving towards a better alternative. Here comes the open-source app segment with minimal complexity and zero ads.

Open Source means the code behind software development is copyright-free and can be edited or used to create new software. Most people use open-source apps as they are free of cost, ad-free, and secure to the most extent. 

You can download any popular apps as per your requirement from Playstore, but if you are looking for an ad-free app with its complete code revealed in Github, it may be challenging to choose from millions of options available. So, here are few apps that you may find helpful in your day-to-day usage.

List of Best Open Source Apps For Android You Should Use

Check out the compilation of the best open source android apps you can use to replace other traditional apps. Go through the list and choose which app is suitable for your android device.

1. VLC

VLC is one of the most popular open-source media players. The app is famous for supporting a wide range of audio and video codecs. It is useful in playing locally saved audio and video files and can be used to stream media over LAN and internet directories.

Some other features include- clean UI, accessibility to playback speed, jumping to a specific line, timer, etc. The developers behind the app are much active, so you will get to see regular updates for enhancement and fixing.

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2. Firefox Browser

Firefox or Mozilla Firefox can be called the best open-source web browser ever. The android version of Firefox was released in March 2011, and since then, it has continued its legacy. The app requires minimal or zero user data for running as well as it doesn’t even ask for an email address for download.

Some of its key features include 3rd party cookies blocking and social tracker blocking. Firefox is mainly preferred for its speed and privacy policy, so it must be a hot choice on the list.

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3. A2DP Volume

Android Bluetooth volume manager or A2DP Volume is a unique app that makes user’s life easy. It is a volume manager app whose primary function is to store your volume preferences for each of the Bluetooth devices you use with your smartphone.

So, gone are those days when you have to adjust your wireless audio device’s Volume manually. Apart from this, it has two other features like -Notification controller and Bluetooth GPS locator.

The notification controller helps you to track incoming notifications and accordingly be used to read or delay them. Bluetooth GPS locator will be helpful if you have a Bluetooth stereo system in your car, as the app can locate any devices that are being disconnected from your smartphone.

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4. Lawnchair 2

If you are fascinated with the minimal design of Google Pixel phones and want that same UI in your device, Lawnchair 2 is all you need. Lawnchair 2 is a 3rd party launcher that provides all the features similar to Pixel, including Adaptive icons, Drawer categories, Automatic dark mode, and lots more. Despite all the fantastic features, the app’s biggest drawback is that it is not supported in Android version 10 and above.

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5. Fair Email

Our following inclusion is a privacy-friendly email app that will provide you with features that no other email apps offer. Fair Email is an application that works virtually with every email provider, including Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo! Its main features include two-way synchronization, battery and storage-friendly interface, and many more.

The app’s primary focus is to maintain users’ privacy and keep the UI simple and clean. So, if you need an easy-to-use and minimal-designed email app, Fair Email will be a choice.

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6. Sound Spice

If you are looking for an offline music player app, we prefer Sound Spice. The app is both lightweight and possesses a clean UI that users will like.

Sound Spice has features like Dark mode, lyric look-up, and other general features available with all other standard music players. It is compatible with almost all android versions. 

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QKSMS is a beautiful messaging app with lots of advanced features. The app supports millions of personified themes to choose from. So, if you are a theme loving person and want to give your inbox a unique look, QKSMS messaging application will help you out.

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8. New Pipe

This is an open-source alternative for YouTube. New Pipe was created to give the original YouTube experience without getting disturbed by unwanted ads and permissions requests. Some of the key features of the app are popup and background play.

The popup option allows you to carry on with your video while using other applications. The background play feature enables you to listen to a music video with the screen turned off. 

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9. Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker is an app that can be said to have the best user interface among open-source apps.  The app is an organizer app that can prove helpful to make your daily routine unique and enjoyable. Habit can be used to track trends, set reminders, and lots more. It also provides a home screen widget for easy access to the options. 

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Among millions of open-source apps available on the Internet, the main challenge is to find the most fitting one as per your requirement. We have tried to list down the most helpful and popular among them. We hope you will find your choice from the list and get delighted with a flawless user experience. 


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