CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is software that helps you interconnect and maintain a healthy relationship with your targeted audience, customers, and potential customers. CRM is a tool that allows organizations and small to mid-sized businesses and all companies to stay intact with their customers, pull new audiences, and increase profitability.

It comes in handy for your business as it finds new customers, understands their preferences, and arranges the content they look for in a better order so the cold lead can’t resist but turn up into a hot lead. 

CRM starts by collecting the leads or customer’s websites ( if any), email addresses, phone numbers, social media data, and more. This helps you slide into the lead’s inbox easier and convey your words about your business and product better. This is a proven way of upscaling your business. 

As now you have an idea about what CRM is and how it works for your business, let us also end an ongoing search for finding the righteous CRM software to save your time.

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Best Open Source & Free CRM Software for SMBs

1. SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM - Editors ChoiceSuiteCRM has thousands of users worldwide. It is the most reliable, robust, and easy-to-use CRM software. People love it worldwide for the work it does. This software has many amazing advanced features that each user has found helpful. Following are some highlighted features it has.

  • Community Service: SuiteCRM has experts and developers of over 1 million to have your back regarding whatever might stop you in your way, making it the most active CRM of all time.
  • Centric Repository State Of Work: It allows you to put together all your customers in one place to settle them as your business requires.

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2. X2CRM

X2CRMNumber one on the list we have is X2CRM. It is a fantastic software for automation workflow. It is a system through which you can manage sales, marketing, and other customer services, making the whole process much easier and faster. It promises servers to be virtual, dedicated and on-premise. Given below are its other vital features.

  • Advanced Reporting: The dashboard of X2CRM displays reports information via graphs and has an appealing powerful look to it and can be customized.
  • Click-through Installation: software also includes inbuilt installers for self-hosting. You have to get the hardware requirements done and good to start.

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3. Vtiger

VtigerVtiger is a decent customer relationship management tool that does the job of project management, billing, sales marketing, services, and third-party integrations. You are likely to love this one as it has essential features. This software requires XAMPP for local installation because it’s written in PHP. More key points are listed below.

  • Meeting Scheduling: You can schedule a meeting with your client on Vtiger.
  • Products and Price book: You can store all the information about your products and prices inside this software. It also manages your email campaigns.

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4. Odoo CRM

Odoo CRMThe most advanced and great performing software Odoo helps you manage your leads and customers on a far better and advanced level. It has Open source and enterprise editions to choose from according to your interest or business.

It allows you to install the community edition from your estimated server, which is glitch-free. It has a fantastic team working to ensure the performance isn’t compromised. Core features are mentioned below.

  • Outstanding Statistics: You can keep an eye on the company’s data, analyze every moment and make the most out of the advanced features it has.
  • Available for all: Odoo is a multi-platform supporting software, available for installation like Windows, Debian, and Red hat. Enterprise editions have apps for iOS and Android.

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5. EspoCRM

EspoCRMCompanies love this software because it allows users to manage sales, projects, customers, and inventory, all in one place, making it easier for us to learn and use the platform.

  • Access To Multiple Languages: EspoCRM has 25 languages, including French, German, Russian, etc.
  • Uncomplicating Integration: You can easily self-host your EspoCRM to any outsource like MailChimp, Google Apps, etc. 

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6. Axelor CRM

Axelor CRMYou can consider Axelor the most attractive software with graphs with a minimal-looking interface that works like magic. It works amazingly on all devices and doesn’t glitch at all. Further features are,

  • Superb Graphics: It has a wide range of graphics and graphs, which makes the data pleasing and easy for us to understand. 
  • Mobile Apps:  iOS or Android, both the users can install the Axelor application and keep an eye on your analytics anytime.

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7. Fat Free CRM

Fat Free CRMInside CRM, you get access to managing campaigns and leads, data tracking, a contact list, and much more. It has an elegant display that works great and is minimal yet decent performing. Highlighted Features are,

  • Plugins: Fat Free CRM has so many plugins like Time Management, Email, Google Authentication, and more for the users.
  • Accessible for all platforms: You can easily install this software and deploy it on whatever device you want, like Mac OS, Linux, Heroku, and Windows.

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