Linux might not be as popular as Windows, but still, it is a great operating system with many features. So much so that people who migrate to Linux hardly ever come back to Windows again. 

However, one of the challenges people face during this migration phase is finding the proper software. No doubt, replacing MS Office is challenging as it is one of the best word processors and tools for editing documents. 

Although people use MS Office 365 on Linux using a web browser, it is still not that seamless of an experience. So that is why users need some great open-source word processors for Linux. 

In this guide, you will find the list of the best open-source word processors for Linux that you can use to create and edit your documents seamlessly. The focus is on word processors, so some software might not include spreadsheets and presentation editing tools.

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Best Open Source Word Processors for Linux

1. LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice is easily one of the most popular word processors for Linux. It is the default choice for many Linux distributions and there are some excellent reasons for it. First of all, this word processor’s UI is great and feels almost like you are using MS Word, which makes it a perfect option. Secondly, it is a proper office suite like MS Office so you won’t have to download other software. 

Furthermore, the import-export options are just too many, so you will not face any compatibility issues or any issues in general with this software. This is one of the most easy-to-use word processors on the list and the closest to MS Office to fulfill all the requirements. So make sure to try it out. 

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2. AbiWord

Next on the list is AbiWord and the reason why this word processor is great is because it is exclusively made for Linux. That is why it has many features that are made especially for Linux. First of all, the UI of this software is as clean as they come. 

You will easily find all the stuff you need from a word processor without poking around. One of the best features of this tool is AbiCollab which allows multiple users to work on the same document in real-time. This is a feature that you will not find easily with other software. 

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3. Calligra Word

If you are looking for a unique word processor, your quest might end with Calligra Word. Calligra Gemini is an excellent open-source office suite that takes a new and different approach for its word processor, Calligra Word. Now, if you are migrating from MS Word or some conventional word processor, then it might take you a little time to get used to this word processor. 

However, the features of this one are so great that you have to try it. First of all, it has a powerful spell checker and on top of that, the import-export options are pretty good. So make sure to try it to see something different. 

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4. OpenOffice Writer

OpenOffice, also known as Apache OpenOffice, is one of the most popular open-source word processors for Linux. It is pretty similar to LibreOffice because the latter came out of OpenOffice. 

It might not be as complete as LibreOffice, but OpenOffice still has a functional and powerful word processor that can seamlessly handle your daily workflow. Also, it supports a wide range of formats which makes it quite versatile. 

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5. OnlyOffice

For many users, it is all about finding the software that closely resembles MS Word, and in that case, OnlyOffice is going to be a great option. First of all, it looks very much similar to MS Office, and then it is also highly compatible with MS Word. 

Not only that, but the spell checker on this one is also quite competent. This tool also comes with a cloud version for users who want collaboration options.

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6. CryptPad

If you want a privacy-centered word processor, then CryptPad will be an excellent choice. It is a simple web-based application that requires no phone number or email to work. The great thing is that it is encrypted, which makes it safe. So definitely, it is a platform that you can try. 

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7. Word Grinder

If Calligra looks weird to you, then this one might take it up a notch. Think of Word Grinder as a typewriter on a screen. So for all the users who like the minimalistic approach, this is the word processor that they should be using. For people who write, this tool is great. 

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8. EtherPad

EtherPad is also an excellent choice for open-source word processors for Linux as it has an excellent user interface and the word processing features are great. The only catch is that it is not very significant when cross-compatibility with other word processors.

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