Android users often struggle with the notion of privacy against the many unregulated apps and websites allowed by this OS. How can we make sure that our personal information stays secure while we make the most of the features and apps available on Android?

Well, there are various privacy apps that you can use to ensure your information stays secure. Each privacy app has there own functionality and features; some apps are designed to make messaging safer, while others protect the privacy of emails. 

But what are some of the most popular privacy apps every Android user should have on their device? If you have been grappling with similar questions, this article will help you. Here are some of the best privacy apps for Android devices that you could go for. 

Best Privacy Apps for Android Devices

Searching for privacy apps for your Android phone and tablet? Below is a list of top privacy apps you can consider installing on your Android device.

1. GlassWire Data Usage Monitor

If you want to track your data usage and also use a firewall, you should try GlassWire Data Usage Monitor. This app keeps track of Wi-Fi data usage as well as mobile data usage. The usage is shown in the form of a graph, which in detail shows how much data is being used by a particular app. 

You can set up an alert to know when you are about to reach the data limit and turn off mobile data beforehand. The app also notifies you when an app starts using the internet. This app comes with Firewall, which you can turn on to browse the internet safely.

2. Google Find My Device

We want our data to be safe when our devices get lost. Find My Device secures your phone and allows you to track the device that has been lost; all it needs is access to the Google account that was signed in on the phone that is lost. 

The app shows the location of your device (only if the location is enabled on the device). If you are nearby your device, you can Play sound to know where your phone is. You also have the option to erase your device’s data, but you won’t be able to track it after that. 

3. NordVPN

VPN has become a need nowadays, especially when you have to access geo-restricted content or browser safely without being tracked. NordVPN is a popular VPN that encrypts your internet connection and ensures your ISP doesn’t track you.  

Nord VPN allows users to make searches 100% anonymously and lets them change their location to a different location. The best part is that this VPN comes with more than 5000 servers, so you can be assured of fast speed (which you won’t see in most VPNs). It also has a kill switch, ensuring your identity is hidden even if you face connection loss. 

4. Firefox Focus

When it comes to using browsers on Android devices, we compromise on privacy due to a lack of choices. Worry no more; you can use Firefox Focus which blocks all web trackers and unwanted ads and keep your privacy intact.  

Firefox Focus ensures you can search for whatever you want without worrying about information leaks. Moreover, it also improves your internet speed by reducing the amount of cache stored on your device. You can delete the browser history with just one tap and leave no trace. 

5. AppLock

If you have apps, you want no other person using your phone to get hold of. Then you should use this app. AppLock lets you hide your apps behind the pattern, PIN, or fingerprint lock. 

You can also set up a crash screen, which will show a crash message when anyone tries to open the app, thus making them believe that the app is crashed and not locked behind AppLock. Moreover, the app also captures the photo of the person trying to access the app without your permission.  

6. DuckDuckGo

If you are very strict about keeping your search preferences and shopping habits safe from third-party trackers, you must use DuckDuckGo. This browser comes with its search engine, which unlike other search engines, helps keep your searches private and secure. This is done by blocking trackers from using the cookies on your browser to track you.

DuckDuckGo deploys similar algorithm rules to identify good content on the internet, just like Google and Bing do. This makes sure that the content you receive is accurate and latest. 

7. Private Zone

This app creates a secret vault with a strong password to store photos, videos, documents, etc. This keeps all these media safe from other users using your phone. You can set up passwords, PINs, patterns, and fingerprint locks to keep your files safe within the vault. 

The app also offers a browser to securely browse the internet without trackers tracking you. Private Zone also captures the images of the people if they try to access the hidden vault without your permission. 

8. Privacy Dashboard

You will find this app helpful if you want to keep track of the app’s permissions. This app is only available for Android 12 and lets you track the permission used by all the apps installed on your phone. 

It adds a permission icon or a green light on the top right corner of the screen whenever any application uses the microphone or the camera. This application is simple and easy to use when managing app permissions. 

9. Bouncer

What about the many mobile applications that you download regularly? When applications ask for suspicious permissions, you can save yourself a lot of trouble using the Bouncer app. Bouncer gives temporary permission to the apps, so you don’t have to worry about the app using a camera or your mic in the background when you are not using it. 

The Bouncer will automatically remove the app’s permissions as soon as you close the app. The best thing about using this app is that Bouncer doesn’t ask you for permission to function properly.

10. 2ndLine

Having a second phone number is always a lifesaver if you don’t want to share your personal number online on the sites, but it comes with the cost of the extra phone bill. Instead, you can install 2ndLine on your phone and get a second number for free. 

You can then use the second number you have for online verification purposes. You can add the numbers to sites and get OTPs; this will keep you from spam that you might get as SMS. 


Privacy apps are designed to keep users protected from threats online. Different apps have different features, i.e., some are designed to keep your browsing secure, some to hide your apps, and some to manage the app permissions. We have listed some of the best privacy apps for Android that are worth considering. 


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