While the PlayStation Portable might be old, some cool PSP action games are still worth playing. These are games that’ll keep you engaged with heart-pounding missions, immersive graphics and a lot more.

Since the official debut of the PSP gaming console, a lot of games have been known to be played on it. Despite going off the market, a lot of hardcore gamers still have a running PlayStation Portable device. If you’re one of those and you’d like to explore some action games on it.

Here’s an article where we’ve handpicked the best PSP action games to play. Even if you don’t have an actual PSP console, your Android device can come to the rescue. There are a lot of PlayStation Portable emulators out there that’ll let you play these games without hassles.

Best PSP Action Games to Play

From the list of games below, you’ll find the perfect one to play on your device. Also, you’ll find most of the handpicked titles to be compressed ppsspp games, which makes them easy to download.

1. God of War: Chains of Olympus

Undoubtedly one of the most-played PSP games of all time. God of War Chains of Olympus is an action game worth playing. While most people prefer to categorize it as hack-n-slash, it fits both.

If you enjoy cinematic storytelling, then you’ll find this game very amusing to play. Chains of Olympus has every element of a top-rated PSP game; you’ll even find it popular among ppsspp games.

Furthermore, the gameplay involves navigating through the depths of Greek mythology. While playing as Kratos, players must solve puzzles and battle foes. In terms of graphics, it offers a smooth gameplay experience.

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2. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

A couple of times, I’ve played Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on the popular PSP emulator. If you enjoy tactical shooting gameplay, here’s a game that’ll keep you pumped anytime you play it.

In Peace Walker, you’ll play the Big Boss, your role is to gather intel and take out threats during the Cold War era. One of the cool features of this game is the cooperative multiplayer missions.

Another cool aspect is how it allows players to play stealth gameplay. In addition, players can unlock different weapons, apply upgrades and engage in intense gunfights. Peace Walker offers real-time action gameplay on PSP.

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3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

One of the top-rated PlayStation Portable action games is GTA: Vice City Stores. It is an open-world game but it has all the features that make a perfect action game on the PSP console.

As the player, you’ll get to assume the role of Victor Vance. The open-world aspect ensures you can explore the whole city, undertake missions and cause different chaos. If you like car-jacking, driving bikes and trying out different weapons.

Familiarizing yourself with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stores won’t be a bad decision. In addition, the game offers audio music and radio station tuning while driving. The graphics aren’t all that bad and the controls are smooth.

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4. Manhunt 2

Manhunt 2 features horror and stealth-action gameplay, which gives players a different experience. If you’re not up for some scary scenes, you should skip through and try something else.

The ideal focus in Manhunt 2 is stealth kills, you’ll take the role of Daniel Lamb and take out patients silently. Also, the third-person perspective allows players to experience real-time scary moments.

While playing stealth missions, Manhunt 2 has 3 different levels of stealth kills. With the likes of Gruesome, Hasty and Violent, each of them lets you silence your victims differently.

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5. Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Another popular ppsspp action game that is worth playing is Tomb Raider: Anniversary. With a blend of modern graphics and different gameplay mechanics, it’s surely a title you won’t ignore.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary combines puzzle-solving, exploration, and action elements. Besides, the game offers smooth controls; there’s also an option to redefine graphics quality.

When considering a PSP action game, Tomb Raider: Anniversary does fit the top list. Even despite being regarded as an adventure, game, the gameplay elements make it go beyond that.

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6. Daxter

An unconventional journey into the Jak and Daxter universe isn’t worth missing out. The game explores Daxter’s solo escapades as he battles different enemies in a vibrant environment.

While the game graphics might not look mature or a bit realistic like other games on the list, it does present an engaging experience that’ll keep you glued to your screen.

As the player, you’ll need to guide Daxter through different challenges. With an intuitive gameplay, combat, and exploration. This is one of the most highly-rated PlayStation Portable action games out there.

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7. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

You’re looking at a game with a narrative-driven adventure but with real-time action experience. Crisis Core takes players into the Final Fantasy universe where one will take the role of Zack Fair.

One of the standout features is the real-time combat system, which blends action and RPG. Also, players can level up their characters, engage in battles, pick up spells and unleash devastating attacks.

Whether you’re playing Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on an actual PSP console or a mobile device, there’s no difference in the gaming experience you’ll get on both. In addition, Crisis Core also features side missions, which adds more playtime.

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8. Killzone: Liberation

Killzone: Liberation makes sense as an action game to play on PSP or any supported emulator. This is a game that adapts to a top-down tactical shooting experience on the PlayStation Portable.

While the gameplay is more about saving hostages from a war-torn environment, there’s still a touch of intense shooting experience against the enemy.

Furthermore, this game takes a strategic approach to combat, featuring cover-based shooting and stealth elements. You’ll also love it due to the dynamic environments, which add a unique touch to the game.

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9. The Warriors

A very popular beat-em-up game is The Warriors; it combines action, strategy and story-driven gameplay. As the player, you’ll control members of a Warrior gang as they take on New York City.

While there are no shooting or stealth dynamics in The Warriors, the game still makes a perfect action PSP game. The controls are optimized for each tap, making it easy to execute moves.

Besides, the gameplay narratives of The Warriors were derived from the actual movie. It is a cool PSP action game with a nice plot, an intense combat system and simple visuals.

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10. Iron Man 2

If you’re hoping to add a game based on sci-fi elements, then Iron Man 2 is worth the try. The game features playing as Tony Stark, it also follows the real events from the actual movie itself.

Iron Man 2 gameplay revolves around intense high-flying action, aerial combat, and blasting enemies. Besides, the graphics and controls are well-optimized for a smooth gaming experience.

When looking for a popular action ppsspp game to play, Iron Man 2 is worth the hype. Also, it comes as the 2nd installment in the Iron Man series.

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PlayStation Portable action games are quite fun to play only when you have the perfect one. Although there are more titles under the PSP action category; if the most popular ones are your thing. Taking your time to play the likes of God of War, Daxter or even Manhunt 2 will keep you thrilled.


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