Now lets first discuss what is QuickPic, so QuickPic is the photo gallery app for the user. It provides various features and options to the gallery. However, suddenly, the app is removed from the play store because of some fraud in which it was included. The app is a favorite of most of the users as it makes your gallery more attractive.

Cheetah mobile owns the QuickPic and created for its user to put the adds in between service. Now, as it is removed, we researched and found the alternatives of the QuickPic app to help all of you. So here we listed useful gallery app similar to QuickPic.

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List of Best Alternatives of QuickPic for Android:-

1) LeafPic


It is similar to QuickPic as it provides the same user interface but with fewer features. It is for those users whose requirement is less. The best feature is you can protect any folder by putting the pin/password as per your security. It also has an inbuilt video player and supports every type of image. You can easily edit and save the pictures here.

Download LeafPic

2) QuickPic Revived

QuickPic Revived
QuickPic Revived

If you are a die-hard fan of QuickPic, then this app is only for you. It is a clone, or we can say a copy of the app. It supports the maximum features of QuickPic but lacks behind in some features too.

You can’t create a backup on the cloud here along with this you can also face lag sometimes. However, the main functions like a slide show, manage offline data, image conversion works pretty well here.

Download QuickPic Revived

3) Camera Roll

The app is handy as it provides many features that will be helpful for the user. The best feature of this app is inbuild video players and support every type of image. You can convert any image format to any other like jpg to png. It helps and displays any images present in external devices.

4) Memoria


The attractive thing in this app is its impressive user interface which attracts its most users.  It is similar to google photos and even provides the same features too. The apps are creating updates day by day to ensure maximum functions to its users. The best feature is you will get the recycle bin here which will store your deleted pics too.

Download Memoria

5) Simple Gallery Pro

Simple Gallery Pro
Simple Gallery Pro

The app is in trending nowadays because of its useful functions, which are attracting users speedily. The best features are a slideshow, and everything is categorized and is in a well-designed manner. You can protect your album too by putting the password to it.

The app contains an inbuild editor through which you can easily edit your images and save it. The option of the recycle bin is also here to restore the pictures deleted mistakenly.

Download Simple Gallery Pro

6) Piktures


Nowadays, everyone facing the problem of storage. Everyone wants more storage to store their photos and videos. This app solved this problem as it provides cloud service. In this, you can easily store your data online without getting your storage fill.

The user interface of this app is straightforward and fast, with various gestures for better interaction of the user. Along with this, you can link your google drive and dropbox to avail of extra space for storage.

Download Piktures

7) F-Stop Gallery

F-Stop Gallery
F-Stop Gallery

This app provides the same features as QuickPic. The interface of this app is far better than QuickPic with more features available. The app is created for the power user to get every feature which they need them here.

It consists of all functions like cloud service, Slideshow, Inbuild editor, google drive, and Dropbox integration. Along with this, the app provides a menu option on the right-left corner to access everything quickly and smoothly.

Download F-Stop Gallery

8) Google Photos

Google Photos
Google Photos

Mostly users will be familiar with this app as, and it automatically comes in google phones. The features of this app are, and it is beneficial for the average user. It automatically created an album based on location, place, and many other categories. You can even change the dimension and quality of the image, which is the best part of this app.

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Download Google Photos

9)  Simple Gallery

Simple Gallery
Simple Gallery

As the name suggests simple, The app is straightforward and sorted to use. It is not for the power user; you can manage your images easily here. The best thing is you can sort your albums by many categories, i.e. name, time, location. The app is small, that’s why don’t need much storage of your phone.

Download  Simple Gallery

10)  A+ Gallery

A+ Gallery
A+ Gallery

There are two options in this app whether you can see your images individually or the album. The best thing you can add various collections in your favorite one which will easily find. The best feature is that the app provides multiple themes to use.

The app also contains a hidden feature where you can protect your album without letting anyone know. You will get a recycle bin and many professional themes in the premium version.

Download A+ Gallery

11) Gallery – Picture Gallery

Gallery – Picture Gallery

It is a simple to use gallery app suitable for Samsung devices. If you own a Samsung smartphone and ae not happy with the current gallery experience then this app is a must install for you.

Download Gallery- Picture Gallery

12) Best Gallery

Best Gallery

If you need a complete Quckpic alternative that works just as similar, then this gallery app is a must install. It is a simple gallery app wit not multiple bloatware installed.

You get to use and scroll between multiple images. You can also hide pictures with the build-in photo vault.

Download Best Gallery


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