As you all know, Snapchat is one of the most usable social media applications worldwide because of its attractive features. You can see amazing stories, photos, and videos of anyone from different countries.

Moreover, you can make friends with them and can share anything. Snapchat is viral among youngsters because it gives you unique filters to use while clicking pictures and shooting videos. It also allows you to see the locations of your friends & Family.

Because Snapchat is a more secure and private application, it’s impossible to take screenshots and download content in a chat anonymously. However, sometimes there can be videos, photos, or memories that we want to save or take screenshots of without letting the other person know, which is impossible in the Snapchat app.

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List of Best Snapchat Saver Apps for Android & iOS

Hence, we have come across a few third-party apps that you can use to get those photos and videos without any proof left. Below we have a complete list of snap saver apps that you can use on your Android and ios Phones.

These apps packs with attractive and convenient features that give you smooth functionalities to record videos, images, live streaming, and much more.

1. Save Story

Save StorySave story is the most famous android application. It is easy to use screenshots and have them in your phone’s gallery without anyone finding out. It also has an exciting feature of screen recording videos with audio.

Furthermore, you can cut or trim your video with its audio. You can download this app from the play store, and the best part of this app is that you do not need to log in or register; you can start using this app directly without any signup or login.

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2. Snapsaver

SnapsaverThe other best app is a snap saver. It is simple, easy, and fast to use. Similarly, it also has the feature of taking screenshots and screen recording quietly. The exciting part of this app is its framework, which can easily attract you to use it.

When you download the app, you will see the icons instead of written options; you will see the camera, recorder, gallery, and scan, making this app look easier and more enjoyable to use. It also has the feature of autosave.

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3. Snapcrack

SnapcrackIf you like stickers, then Snapcrack is for you because it gives you the option to add different and funny stickers, and you can add them in your snaps, which makes this app looks attractive and interesting to use. Then, you can use those stickers, save them in your phone’s gallery, and watch it anytime you want.

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4. Private Screenshots

Private ScreenshotsPrivacy is one of the major concerns these days. We want everything private in our life.
Like its name private, you can privately save any picture without knowing the other person.

One of the best features of this app is that it will never ask your permission to access your images or screenshots, just like the other apps, and Only you will have access to see your media, which is why it is named private screenshot. So this app makes our life easier and more private.

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5. SnapGrab

SnapGrabSnapgrab app is also the same functionality kind of app, just like other saver apps with all the features of saving pictures and videos privately, and you can view it in your gallery. The other person will never be able to recognize that you have taken a screenshot of their pictures or record their videos.

While chatting, you do not need to save everything individually, just like we do in Snapchat, which is sometimes very frustrating and time-consuming. It comes with this excellent autosave feature that makes this app easy to use. It is free of cost.

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6. Du Recorder

Du RecorderDu recorder is one of the most downloaded applications; it has some amazing features that will make you download this app; it has different features such as editing video, merging video and images, video compression, video to GIF, edit the image, and many others more.

This application has Live streaming’s functionalities, making it super cool; you can live streaming on social profiles with personalized settings. It’s never been easy to do live streaming with third-party applications with so many advanced features. Moreover, this app gains popularity in other genres because of the HD recording and face cam reaction features.

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7. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Screen RecorderThis application is fully packed with simple and advanced features, making your life easy. For example, it gives you one-click recording without limits; the overlay icon will let you record anytime, anywhere, which is very useful for those who don’t want to go to the application again and again to access its features.

It is bundled with powerful features like a screencast, which allows you to mirror your phone screen to Pc and enjoy a bigger screen; Video Management allows you to manage all your recordings and videos clearly and conveniently. You can also share your screen to start and stop recording, making this app fun to use.

Download for Android

8. Snapkeep

SnapkeepThe Snap keep app is another popular and most usable app these days. You can download this app from Playstore. It is similar to the other ap, ps, but what makes this app different is that it is ad-free, which is very reliable and makes us use it because we can easily do our work and enjoy the app without interferences.

Also, there is no limit to saving photos or videos in this app. I like this app because there is no risk of account ban or locks, making this app worthy of use.

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9. SnapBox

SnapBoxHere is another fantastic app that you can use. Again, it is the most comfortable and simplest app to use with different features. The most important part of this app is that instead of opening Snapchat and then opening a Snapbox to save the images or videos, you can directly open the Snapbox app. As a result, you will be able to save all the snaps directly into your gallery, which saves your time.

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