Whether slowing down enemies or giving ultimate damage to opponents, Jhin is a hugely popular character among League of Legends players. Unfortunately, he is known as a serial killer and believes murder is nothing more than an art.

All of us already know his unique playing style in the bot lane. But he needs support to excel in his play with more aggressiveness and destructiveness. Thus, we have rounded up all the best supports for Jhin in LOL.

However, we will cover everything about the weakness and strengths of Jhin support in every possible way so that you can make the most use of it. So without hesitation, let’s start.

Lol: Best Supports for Jhin in 2023

Since introducing Jhin in the game, he has become one of his favorite marksmen. However, for his uniqueness, he needs various supports differently. This’s why we have compiled a list of the best supports for Jhin in League of Legends.

1. Leona


No surprise if we called Leona one of the best-fitted Jihn support. In attack and defense, Leona has everything to tie up with Jhin. Moreover, she can utilize crowd control to keep Jhin safe before being caught.

With her combo with Jhin, she can quickly fix any target she wants to lock down enemies. When you have to control the battlefield, Leona always comes as reliable. Overall, she is known for her durability and strengths.

2. Zyra


Zyra is a mage champion, regarded as having the ability to give damage from a distance. Although, many players can’t make proper use of her with Jhin. Still, she can be a good support for Jhin.

Crowd control set up the critical element of Zyra. Also, she helps in many situations with her plant-based abilities. If someone can use Zyra and Jhin in a proper, nothing can be more aggressive than this pair.

3. Nami

When slowing down enemies, Nami came above anyone else. Her ability to heal is appreciated which can be good for allies. Also she has crowd control as well.

She becomes unstoppable when things need to speed up. Another thing Nami makes a list, of is her equal defending and attacking skills. Above all, Nami is a strong and versatile support champion.

4. Brand

brandDid you know what is familiar about Brand and Jhin? Well, it’s the ability to give massive damage. So if you combine these two, it will be the most dangerous pair for giving maximum damage. Moreover, he can also set up and poke enemies.

He is excellent at bouncing between multiple targets. When he sets up and pokes enemies, Jhin gets enough time to easily secure the kill. So if you like attacking style and giving maximum damage, you can pair with Brand.

5. Morgana


Morgana is undoubtedly known for her healing ability and spell shield. Her black shield is good for curing all marksmen, including Jhin. Moreover, W setup becomes easy for Jhin with Morgana.

She is also capable enough to provide poke damage. However, if you can utilize her black shield and bind, Jhin can make a significant impact against enemies. Above all, Morgana is a powerful champion who has the ability to tie with champion Jhin.

6. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank is one of the best champions who can be an excellent choice to play alongside Jhin. During the landing phase, Blitzcrank’s skill of grabbing opponents with his powerful capability is very effective in supporting Jhin.

The overdrive ability of Blitzcrank is also very useful to speed up everything. The rocket grab excites me the most and is dangerous as well. However, he can be the ideal choice when all things need to do in an aggressive way.

7. Lux

LuxLux is a fast and high-damage output champion that can be utilized with Jhin. Light binding is her key ability. I am always thrilled with her long-range abilities, and even the burst damage.

Moreover, crowd control is just a matter of a moment for Lux. Her shield of light is also effective to protect Jhin. Since she is particularly played in the mid-lane and support role, you make her on the list of Jhin support.

8. Senna

Yet another champion of League of Legends. Senna is popular for her healing abilities. Moreover, she is also offering shielding abilities.

One of the most interesting things about Seena is that she provides a high-damage output. Jhin can make use of piercing dark abilities to poke down the enemy. Even it heals at the same time.

9. Lulu

LuluLulu is an exceptional choice to support Jhin in the game. She not only deals with damage but also has incredible abilities to slow down enemies. Most importantly, Jhin’s shield becomes more effective when he uses her pix ability.

What’s more? Well, the wild growth ult can protect Jhin. However, Lulu is really fantastic in poke damage. So you can make this duo to protect Jhin and attack enemies more efficiently.

10. Zilean

ZileanZilean is one of the considerable Jhin support. The combo executes superb damage using bombs. Even if Jhin needs extra movement speed, Zilean always is a neat choice.

To make Jhin a perfect kiting matching, his E is enough. Moreover, he also can be useful to revive Jhin. Best of all, Zilean always remained stronger, as the game progressed, he will stronger.

Final Words

There you go! this is everything you need to know about the best supports for Jhin. All of them are highly skilled support champions in League of Legends. But which one, are picking up to pair with Jhin? Let us know in the comment section.


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