Making a habit of writing will help you in learning a particular language as well as consistency. But what if we can write anything anywhere? It will be more impressive. Hence, we searched for the Best Writing Apps, which will help you write anywhere through your device.

Most probably, everybody does the writing work but for other purposes like note writing, content writing. Writing is not just a passion but a pure human art. It improves the language and your personality as writing requires feeling which comes from a sincere heart.

To make your writing more productive and advanced, we listed the top best writing apps for Android and iOS. Along with writing, these apps will help you to find out your mistakes and correct them. Writing sometimes make you feel better from stress condition as well as increase your ability.

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Best Writing Apps For Android And iOS

It increases the thinking ability as well as brain functionality, dedication, and continuous language improvement. So let’s lookout at these apps and start the writing process anywhere, anytime. 

List of Best Writing Apps For Android and iOS to Use in 2022

1. Day One Journal

This app is selected as the Best App for writing because of its cool features, which will surely impress you.

The app contains an inbuilt calendar where you can schedule your writing dates and times. You will get the remainder not to forget the particular writing task on the scheduled dates or time.

It also contains security features such as fingerprint lock and passcode, which will protect your writings.

Download Day One Journal (For iOS And Mac Users) 

2. iA Writer

If you are looking for a decent app for your writing task, then it will be best. The app provides a clean and straightforward interface to their user to let them focus. 

This app’s best features are it contains two modes- night mode and day mode, which you can use for your suitability. These modes are eye-friendly; hence, users can carry out their work for a long time.

Download iA Writer (For All Users)

3. Scrivener

Scrivener provides the modern interface with maximum features to integrates more writers. It is designed for users who need a useful app for their extended writing, such as novel writing and story writing.

You can also track your writing through its writing statics feature, which will show you a graph of your writing history. After your work is done, you can directly print your file.

Download Scrivener (For Windows, Mac, And iOS Users) 

4. Iwriter Pro

It is a powerful text writing app for advanced users who are professional writers and need professional software for their work. It provides a clean environment as well as handy features to its users.

The app will allow you to highlight the particular text or insert the link. You can store your files directly on iCloud.

Download Iwriter Pro (For iOS And Mac Users)

5. Jotterpad

It provides all the essential features needed by the writers to carry out their work. The extra feature which will amaze you is night vision, which will allow you to do the tasks at night without harming your eyes.

It also contains a built-in dictionary, which will correct your wrong spelling automatically. Along with it, you can use all the shortcuts, such as ctrl + c, for a copy.

Download Jotterpad (For Android Users)

6. Evernote

If you want to enhance your writing and writing ability, this app will surely help you out. You can create a large text file, memos, and notes here.

The app will allow you to add tags on files, which will be easy to find the future’s purpose. You can also click the pictures of text and make the notebook in various formats such as pdf. 

Download Evernote (Online Software For All Users) 

7. Microsoft Word

Many of you are already know about it as well as using it. It is the most popular app used by writers and also by official workers. You can carry out every writing task such as note making, novel writing, letter writing here with its excellent features.

Hence we can say it all in one app, which is the solution to every writing problem. You will get every element such as font size, color, and style here, enhancing your work and making it look good.

Download Microsoft Word For Android and iOS

8. Monospace Writer

The app is developed for a simple user who needs a simple app for their task. It provides a fast and straightforward interface where you can perform the standard functions. The main aim of this app is to provide more flexible editing and formatting of the file.

This app’s best feature is a hashtag, which will help you find the specific file from various folders. 

Download Monospace Writer For Android

9. Hanx Writer

Hanx will let you feel like typing on a typewriter because its excellent interface looks like a typewriter.

The app also contains the same typewriter voice which you get after clicking on any word on your keyboard. This feel will force you to write more and more, which will improve your performance.  

Download Hanx Writer (For iOS Users)

10. Ulysses

Ulysses provides an intuitive workplace for the users to consecrate on their specific tasks. It contains various templates that will take your writing to the next level.

Along with it, the app also has multiple themes and modes for the suitability of the user. You can also create your theme with the color palettes here. 

Download Ulysses (For Mac Users)

11. Quip

This is an amazing platform for those who often keep writing on their smartphones. You can either use it to make some quick notes, or else you can even write detailed stories as well. Quip offers a much-refined environment for the writers.

Some of its most highlighted features include spreadsheets, a real-time chatting facility, and much more. It even offers some expensive features for free such as the plagiarism checker, etc.

Download Quip (For All Users)

12. Final Draft

A final Draft is a screenwriting software of the industry standard level. It is used by a huge number of professionals for its creative writing tools. The app features a sharing platform where you can work with your teammates and help each other out.

It also supports multi-language with over 95 different languages. Final Draft offers some cool features like smart type, professional TV templates, and stage play templates.

Download Final Draft (For Mac And iOS)


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