If you’re considering any Bitly alternatives to make your links shorter. Here’s an article where you’ll discover links shortening services that work better and sometimes let you earn more than Bitly.

Bitly is an outstanding link-shortening tool that’ll let you make your links spam-free. So when you share them to different social media platforms or even to anyone, they’ll be able to click without any hassles. While Bitly does make sense, it can be challenging for users who are new to it.

Well, the good thing is there are other services like Bitly that are worth trying. They work for marketers, social media enthusiasts, or someone who loves to share content. In this guide. we’ve handpicked the best Bitly alternatives for shortening links seamlessly.

Best Bitly Alternatives For Shortening Links

Moreover, some of the link-shortening services like Bitly, which will be mentioned below, are perfect for making money. Once your links get shared and there are plenty of clicks on it, you’ll get paid.

1. Linkvertise


One of the few URL shortening services to begin with is Linkvertise and it’s quite popular on the internet. There’s a reason why most websites use this tool, that’s because of its high conversion rate.

Also, Linkvertise adds a unique twist to link shortening by introducing monetization measures. This allows users to earn money for each visitor who clicks on their shortened links, and it does pay well.

When comparing Linkvertise with Bitly, they’re both excellent tools for making links shorter. But you’d want to use this one especially if you’re on a low budget and want to share more links as a free user.

2. Adshrink.it


Adshrink.it joins the Bitly alternatives lineup with a focus on simplicity and functionality. Most times I see different websites using this link shortener to monetize. Also, I like it because it doesn’t produce annoying redirections.

When looking for a link-shortening tool that offers efficiency and analytic tracking features, there’s no doubt this is one of the best you can use, it does have a straightforward interface as well.

Furthermore, Adshrink.it doesn’t overwhelm users with complicated features. If you’re looking for basic features that you’ll need to make your links shorter, the tool offers them. Lastly, all shortened links from Adshrink.it are acceptable on any website or social media platform.

3. TinyURL


Undoubtedly one of the best URL shorteners on the internet. TinyURL is a tool you’ll want to use if you prefer something different from Bitly. Besides, this link shortener takes pride in its simplicity.

There are only a few URL shortener tools that offer a straightforward solution for shortening lengthy links. TinyURL is one of them, you don’t even need to sign up before getting your links shortened.

Also, TinyURL is a go-to choice for those who prefer a quick and hassle-free link-shortening experience. While it looks simple, you’re likely to be limited to certain features compared to Bitly and so on.

4. T2M


Next on the list is T2M and it is a professional link shortening tool for experts. While it doesn’t come free, you’ll be able to purchase different plans that’ll cater for your link-shortening needs.

T2M is perfect for different types of users, from individuals looking for quick link shortening to businesses seeking advanced features. While using this service, you can create custom short links and also track them.

Aside from creating your custom links, T2M also offers advanced link customization and a QR code generator. Whether you need basic link shortening to advanced analytics for business, it’s your go-to option.

5. Rebrandly


Another alternative to Bitly that makes perfect sense is Rebrandly. From the name, you’ll surely know what kind of services you’d expect from it. Well, here’s a quick overview of Rebrandly.

This link shorter is known to allow users to create branded links, it’s unlike other tools out there. If you’re hoping to maintain your brand identity through shared links, Rebrandly should be on your top list.

Some of its features include custom link creation, brand name and keyword incorporation to URL. Also, users can access link tracking and analytic features to monitor the performance of their links.



As a business owner who wants a tool to manage their links, BL.INK is an excellent choice. While using this one, you’ll get more than just a link-shortening service at your disposal. With integrated analytics and data tracking features, BL.INK is perfect.

One of the cool reasons why businesses enjoy using BL.INK is how it allows them to dive deeper into real-time data. Aside from tracking links or creating custom links, you can get detailed analytics.

In addition, BL.INK allows users to gain insights into CTR, geographic data, and a lot more. This isn’t just a random link-shortening service for anyone, it is designed for businesses and marketers.

7. Short.io


Almost everyone wants a hassle-free URL shortening experience and Short.io is here to provide that. With this tool, you’ll be able to make URLs shorter so they don’t look spammy when you share them.

Similar to the likes of Rebrandly, you can use your custom-branded domains while shortening your links. This adds a professional touch to shared links, it also makes your URL look more attractive.

The services of Short.io span across both free and paid services. If you’re hoping to get things done without spending much, then it’s okay to use the free plan. Short.io is straightforward and gives room for maintaining brand consistency.

8. Is.gd


Is.gd might not be as popular as Bitly or other URL shorteners, but it is perfect for a hassle-free experience. It’s designed for users who value a quick and straightforward solution for shortening links.

If you want to make your links shorter without the need for any extensive features. you should consider using Is.gd because it simplifies the link-shortening process with a minimalist approach.

Using this Bitly alternative comes with no stress, you don’t even need to register before shortening links with it. It’ll let you shorten links and share them on any platform without restrictions.


Bitly is no doubt an outstanding link shortener for businesses and individuals. But if you’d consider trying something different, then the above-mentioned alternatives are perfect. Whether your goal is to make money from shortening links or you want to maintain brand identity. From the list of URL shorteners like Bitly curated in this guide, you’ll find the right one to use.


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