Blinkist provides you with a platform to read and explore new books. They have a library of more than 3000 best-selling books. However, this might not be enough for some people. Most people love reading books and Blinkist is an excellent platform for such people. So they search for other good Blinkist alternatives.

Today in this blog post, we discuss some of the best Blinkist alternatives where you can search for your favorite books. Because of the language barrier and premium cost, many people search for more platforms with services like Blinkist. Today this search will be over as we have some great platform recommendations which work just as well as Blinkist.

Best Blinkist Alternatives

Best Blinkist Alternatives for Reading Books in 2023

Although Blinkist is a great reading platform for book lovers who love to read nonfiction books, their expensive monthly plans and lack of regional support make it harder for common people to access. So we have curated a list of great Blinkist alternatives you will surely like.

1. StoryShots


StoryShots have some of the most significant book collections we have ever seen. They have many books ranging from management, history, science, communication skills, economics, etc.

It’s not only for nonfiction or fiction lovers since they have books on majorly all topics and genres. Also, StoryShots keeps updating its library with new books and titles. So you never miss out on great content.


  • An extensive collection of books
  • Books are available in several categories
  • Impressive looking UI

Visit: Website 

2. getAbstract


If you’re more interested in personalized reading and learning, getAbstract is an excellent option. getAbstract provides key insights from well-known over 20,000 books. So if your e in a hurry and only want to go for a book summary, this platform is best for you.

Since they have a summary for every book, you can read or listen to them in 10 minutes. getAbstract is a great option for people who want to read more but don’t have ample time.


  • More personalized reading
  • It comes with a 3-day trial
  • Summaries aren’t time-consuming

Visit: Website 

3. InstaRead


InstaRead is an instant book-reading service where you can read books instantly! It seems quirky, but it’s true. It is a book summary app where you will find a well-understood book summary for more than 800 titles.

The app also offers originals on essential topics and well-known personalities. So if you’re looking for unique content, head to Instaread.


  • Over 800 titles
  • Provides The New York Times Magazine articles
  • It comes with a free trial

Visit: Website

4. Booknotes


BookNotes is a fantastic service that provides personalized bots for all the books you read. It’s a great alternative to Blinkist and comes with an easy-to-use interface. In addition, all the best-selling books come in an easy-to-read format, which you can quickly go through.

The app comes with offline support to save up your favorite titles to read later. The offline feature is great if you’re a frequent flight traveler or don’t want to use the internet for a while.


  • Summary for more than 700 titles
  • Offline support

Visit: Appstore

5. Snapreads


Snapreads is another good platform for reading and discovering new titles. It comes with a beautiful user interface. Snapreads have many books for all genres, including sci-fiction, nonfiction, stories, economics, space, motivational, self-improvement, etc.

The app also offers short summaries that won’t take more than 15 minutes to read. However, the app is quite expensive and will cost you $14.99 monthly.


  • A large collection of books
  • Short, bite-sized summary

Visit: Website 

6. ReadingIQ


If you’re looking for some great books to read for your Kids or children, then Reding IQ has some of the best among them. Reading IQ has a massive collection of award-winning books for kids.

And along with that, it also comes with 700 voice titles so that you can listen to them without any effort. Most books also offer quizzes and puzzles to keep the kids interested.


  • Over 700 voiced titles
  • Lots of quizzes and puzzles are available

Visit: Website 

7. BookRags

BookRags is an impressive Blinkist alternative that is useful for students and teachers. It has a great collection of educational stuff like study guides, lesson plans, essays, samples, etc.

You will find a diverse collection of study materials well-written and easily understandable. Moreover, it has written summaries on trendy books that give perfect insights. However the interface might seem a little old-fashioned, but it contains some excellent educational resources.


  • A diverse collection of study material books

Visit Site

8. Mentorist

Mentorist doesn’t give you ideas about how to get things done. Perhaps it focuses more on developing and turning good habits into daily practice. As we all know, our normal lifestyle won’t take us anywhere near the life we dream of. It takes a lot to achieve greatness.

You can consult with experts who will help you develop certain life-changing habits. Additionally, you can find many books related to self-improvement that will gradually help you achieve your goals.


  • A lot of motivational titles to read
  • Improvement inhabits

Visit Now

9. Athena

Athena is a guided learning experience for busy professionals who want to improve their professional and personal life as efficiently as possible.

AthenaBy curating lists of the best books on specific topics and summarising each book to make it concise and easy to understand, Athena saves time researching what you should read on a topic and helps you quickly get to the heart of the matter.

The app offers text and audio versions of every book and tracks your progress, making it easy to dip in and out and not lose track of where you are. Currently available for iOS, with an Android version coming early next year, the app has a 7-day free trial of only $4.99 monthly.

  • Expertly curated lists of the best books on topics
  • A clean, well-designed interface
  • Books available as text and audio

Visit Now

These were the best Blinkist alternative for you to try. In the comment section below, let us know which one you like the most.


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