Ever wonder if you could earn money by selling someone else’s product? It sounds silly and interesting at the same time, but we must inform you that this is possible in the age of digital marketing. Though there are many aspects of digital marketing, we are focusing on affiliate marketing programs today.

Affiliate marketing is a strategy where the seller pays a commission to the affiliate marketers for promoting and selling their goods and services. So, if you are a bookworm or have a blogging channel where you review books, then today’s list will be of great help.

We have listed some famous book retailer affiliate programs where you can join to refer and earn a commission. The job only needs you to join the program and use their links to invite others to the platform. Your account gets credited whenever one of your invitees buys something from the site.

Best Book Affiliate Programs

  • Amazon Associates
  • Blinkist Partner Program
  • Indigo Books Affiliate Program
  • Textbook Solutions
  • Audiobooks.com
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Bigger Books
  • AbeBooks Affiliate Program

1. Amazon Associates

The best place to buy books is Amazon, and if you can be its affiliate partner, it will be amazing. Amazon Associates is a facility that allows you to earn money through an affiliate program. The task is simple you will have to include an affiliate link with your works, like book reviews.

Amazon AssociatesViewers will get a commission when they use that link to buy a book from Amazon. The best part is you can be an Amazon Associate in 3 easy steps by creating an account. You can generate up to 10% commission on each product sold.

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2. Blinkist Partner Program

It is a book review site where readers read reviews before purchasing a book. You can use the platform by writing reviews about books and embedding a link to buy them. In addition to books, you can also review podcasts.

Blinkist Partner ProgramAnother way to earn commission is through the Blinkist personal blog channel. The site pays you to increase its audience, so you will earn cash each time a user is redirected to Blinkist from your blog.

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3. Indigo Books Affiliate Program

This is one of the oldest sites for buying books. Previously, Indigo Books only sold hard copies of books. However, they have digitalized their business by offering digital copies of books and podcasts.

Indigo Books Affiliate ProgramIndigo Books Affiliate Program offers a commission of 2% on referred sales. The site has a wide range of books, from kid’s books to novels and biographies. That means you will get enough items to refer to your friend’s families or audiences.

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4. Textbook Solutions

Textbook Solutions is a unique site that rents academic books to students. One might find school books and University research papers on the site. If you want to earn money through it, refer the site to your friends and known ones.

Textbook SolutionsIn addition, you can earn money when each of your friends buys a book you refer to. The platform has made it convenient for students to get affordable academic books and earn money simultaneously.

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5. Audiobooks.com

If you want to earn money by promoting audiobooks, Audiobooks.com is the best place to do so. Here, you can earn commissions by promoting a free trial to users. The trial lets them access 350,000 audiobooks on Audiobooks.com.

Audiobooks.comThe company has made it simple for affiliate marketers to promote their products. As soon as you sign up for Audiobooks.com, you will get access to promotional images, banners, links, etc., which will help you attract users quickly.

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6. Barnes & Noble

This is another offline book-selling giant that pays people to promote its platform. Barnes & Noble has a wide range of products listed on its site. From audiobooks to physical copies, users will get everything under one roof.

Barnes & NobleBesides story books, Barnes & Noble also sells textbooks for students. For this huge stock of products, they pay affiliate marketers heavy commissions. If you want to earn, join their affiliate program.

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7. Bigger Books

It is a site for used and new college textbooks. Apart from selling books, Bigger Books also give their items for rent. You can earn from the site while promoting it to your friends and family. In addition, if you were a social influencer or content creator, you can include their site link with your creations.

Bigger BooksYou will get paid each time a person uses your personalized links to buy or rent from Bigger Books. The commission rate varies from 5.5 to 9.98 dollars, which is one of the best in this segment.

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8. AbeBooks Affiliate Program

Our subsequent inclusion is an award-winning global book retailer selling new and old books on its site. The founder of the AbeBooks Affiliate Program has pledged to spread literacy worldwide, so with every book sold they donate a portion of revenue to charity.

AbeBooks Affiliate ProgramHowever, because of low profit margins, they can only conventionally advertise a little. So, they have launched an affiliate program to reach the maximum number of book readers. You, too, can join their holistic program to earn some commission and contribute to a greater cause.

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