Every operating system has its predetermined functions and capabilities to do the task. They are different from each other and support different system software and application software to do the task. Let’s see the best editor apps for your Mac computer, which will help you in many ways like remind something, coding, programming highlighting. Editors play a vital role, as it is beneficial for some users and, on the other hand, less for others.

With the editor’s help, we can perform many tasks that will help in our day-to-day life. For HTML coding, we can use these editors for better results. We picked up the top best editors for the mac among various editors. Every operating system may have its inbuilt editor, like notepad in windows, but can’t perform several functions. However, with the help of these editors, you can perform all those functions you want and can’t do with the inbuilt editor.

List of Top Best Text Editor Apps For Mac in 2022

1. Textmate


Well, this can be the best editor for your mac with all your dream features and functions. This editor contains all primary languages, so you don’t have to put the whole line. You can select from suggestions. Along with this, you can easily find any files prepared through this editor. The editor also can detect the errors in your coding and automatically correct them.

Download Textmate

2. Sublime Text

Sublime Text

The interface of this software is unique as well as user-friendly. This editor is specially designed to ease your work in HTML coding.  The best part of this software is you can easily customize it according to your needs through its API. The software is useful in managing to store through managing its file size.

Download Sublime Text

3. BBEdit


The software has an intelligent interface and provides easy access to all its features. The software concentrates on helping the users in HTML coding. You can get the complete guide here for your HTML coding. The best feature of this software is finding anything in your file using one word.

Download BBEdit

4. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

This can be considered a perfect editor for your mac because of its outstanding features, which work very well. You will get the graphical interface here for smooth interaction with the user. You can do various programming languages coding here with this software’s guidance.

Download Visual Studio Code

5. Brackets


If you are looking for open-source software to make changes, this software is for you. Adobe owns the software, so you can also imagine the functions it will provide. The software will allow you to copy and paste the text part, which many editors restrict.

Download Brackets

6. UltraEdit


UltraEdit contains various themes for its users, which you can use according to your suitability. The best feature is the multi-select, i.e. You can select multiple lines for the text. You can compile your HTML coding in the software’s inbuilt FTP browser.

Download UltraEdit

7. Atom


The software is all in one and mac; it also supports Linux and windows. So every operating system user can use this software. You don’t need to create a package in this as this software has inbuilt packages. You can also open multiple files here for comparison or correction.

Download Atom

8. Code Runner 2

Code Runner 2

The app is built for professional coders who need an editor for the programming. Hence, it’s not for the average user who needs a simple text editor. The app is paid; however, it’s worth it because of its amazing features.  It helps you write code faster and autocomplete minor and essential codes.

Download Code Runner 2

9. MacVim


This software is beneficial and quite surprising for average users who need simple editors. The interface of this app is simple for better user interactions. You can search any word in the file and can edit and correct it at the same time.

Download MacVim

10. TextWrangler


It is quite similar to MacVim as it probably provides the same features. The user needs a simple text editor, which takes less storage and works well with their system. You can highlight the text with the help of this software.

Download TextWrangler

11. Net Beans

Net Beans

NetBeans is a free, open-source editor that supports all major programming languages like Java, C, C++, PHP, etc. This code editing tool is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. It offers a fast, efficient, and smart editing platform. You can further upgrade your apps to make use of Java8 constructs. Alongside, it comes with a rapid and effective UI that helps you in bug-free coding.

Download NetBeans

12. Emacs


The Unix-based code editor tool is widely used by students, programmers, and even engineers. It comes with complete Unicode support for various human scripts. Emacs lets you add, delete, modify text data along with advanced customizable options. It is a simple yet extremely powerful code editor for all developers.

Download Emacs


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