We all do lots of things to protect our phones from damage, but what if your phone gets lost or is stolen by someone? In that case, the Find My Phone app will help you to find your Android phone. If you want the best Android Find My Phone apps for your smartphone, then read this article completely.

Losing your phone not only harms your finances, but you can also lose your personal data, contact information, personal pictures, and many more things you know are important.

If you have a good Android smartphone with a good protective case, it is also essential to install a good Find My Phone app. Below we have listed the best Find My Phone apps for Android that you must try once.

List of Best Find My Phone Apps For Android

After trying out multiple Android Find My Phone Apps, we have prepared a list of the best apps for you. Read the information about each app and choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. Google Find My Device

Google Find My Device

This app is provided by Google, which you can use whenever you lost your phone. In addition, you can lock your device, erase all your data and play sound on the phone by logging in with your account on the Find My Device website.

You can also show a display message on your lost phone, be it your address or phone number so that the person who found your phone can contact you.

If you lose your phone at home, you can find it by ringing it. The only thing not good in this app is that if someone switches off your phone, you will not be able to do anything.

2. Life360: Live Location Sharing


As the name itself indicates its specialty. Life360 is one of the best location-tracking apps for Android. With this app’s location-sharing feature, you can connect with your friends and family and track them all. You can also create a group on this app and add your family and friends.

With the group’s help, all the group members can easily track each other’s location. You can also see the location history of group members.

The best feature of this app is emergency calling; if somehow you meet with an accident and if it detects it, it will automatically call an ambulance and send a message to your emergency contact numbers.

3. Phone Tracker By Number

Phone Tracker By Number

This app allows you to find your phone using a mobile number. The app is basically designed for parents to locate their children’s exact location using their mobile number, but you can also use it to find the accurate location of your friends or family members.

All you have to do is install this app on your phone and the smartphones of those you want to locate and sign up with your mobile number. After this, you can easily locate the location of the smartphones you want to track.

4. Cerberus


You will not find this app on Google Play Store, you will have to go to their website to download it. Speaking of its features, it has so many that you will definitely like to use it.

If your smartphone is stolen, you can lock it and reset it with the help of the Cerberus website. You can also access the phone’s front camera and take a picture of the thief.

5. Family locator

Family locator

Family Locator is another best app to find the location of your loved ones. You can easily use this app to trace their exact location. If you or your loved ones sense danger somewhere, you can send an alert message with a single click.

To use the app, simply sign up with your mobile number and invite your loved ones to a group by sharing a secret code. Then, everyone can track each other’s location anytime and anywhere.

6. Familo


Familo has been downloaded over 5 million times with a rating of 4.3 on the Google Play Store which makes this app more trustworthy and helpful. This app will help you to locate your smartphone if you lost your phone.

You and your family members can use the panic button to share your location with each other in case you or your family members are caught in a dangerous situation. You can also chat with your group members on this app.

7. GeoZilla


This is another family location tracker app where you can share your live location with your family. In this app, you can create a circle around your location and send them to your family member so that they can find you easily.

You can even mark specific locations, such as your home or your child’s school, so you know when they come to or leave that location. It can also send you emergency alerts when your loved ones are in danger.

8. iSharing

iSharing: GPS Location Tracker

With the help of this iSharing app, you can easily track your phone if it is stolen. In addition, there are a lot of features in this app like you can create a group where you can see the location of friends and family members on a private map.

You can chat with your group member and monitor their real-time location every second. If you have created specific areas on the map, it will inform you which member enters and leaves that area.

9. Wunderfind


This app is for those who always put their headphones or smartwatches anywhere. With this app, you can easily find your devices within a second. You can also find your smartphone very quickly.

All you need to do is set up this app on your smartphone and connect all the devices you want to use. After that, whenever you lose any of your devices, just go to this app, which will guide you to reach it.

10. Eyezy


Like other apps, it also provides features like real-time location tracking, panic mode, live location sharing, and much more.

You can track your child’s location, phone contacts, installed apps, and location history. You can also find your phone if it is lost or stolen.


I hope you have found the best app for the phone according to your choice. These are among the best Find My Phone Apps list For Android users. You can use any of these apps; all are best in their own right.

If you have any other app suggestions for us, please let us know in the comment section, and we will add that app to our list.


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