In today’s world, we all use Android devices in our daily life to perform different tasks. As some time it gets overheated due to multitasking activities, which can cause damage to your processor permanently. It can be due to many reasons. So, it’s better to get informed about the different reasons behind this issue.

I’m going to talk about the Fixing of Overheating Issues of Android Devices. It occurs due to many reasons such as – No proper charging of device, Outdated Version of the software, Junk Files, etc. And here are some solutions that can help us in fixing up these issues of overheating.

Fix Overheating Problem On AndroidBest Ways to Fix Overheating Issues of Android Devices:

Here are the ten best Solutions that can fix up the issue of overheating in Android Devices. In my opinion, the device can easily get overheated due to excessive usage.  Try to avoid them, And knowledge of them helps you in getting better with your Smartphone. Let’s have a look.

1.) Avoid Using Cases for the Android Devices

As we all use different types of cases and covers to protect our phones/tablets. But somehow they are causing the problem to our devices. So, try to make use of cases less as the device needs to be adequately ventilated. And, especially in summers, we should avoid using cases for our Android Devices.

2.) Scan for Android Viruses

The issue of Overheating can be solved by scanning the viruses of Android. As the developers of malware do not want your device to run correctly, they want data. Keep the regular check on your device and scan it once. Maybe try to use some Anti-malware app for Android.

3.) Proper Charging Up your Device

We should neither overcharge our device nor use it in a low battery as this can overheat our device and stops functioning. We have to charge up to 80% during the daytime and fully charged during a night. It reduces many problems that we face in our devices. We have to use Original chargers for our smartphones.

4.) Keep Updating the Latest Versions of Software

The outdated version of software somehow affects our device’s performance. The updated versions help our Android to work faster and smoother, which can control the temperature of our device.

5.) Give Rest to Your Device Once

As the Human Bodies need rest once in a whole day. Similarly, the device also needs rest once in a day. So we have to restart or shut down our device once to give it rest for a while. It will help in the proper functioning of the device.

6.) Avoid Performing Multi Tasks

Our Android Devices are made to do multitask works. But, we have to use it properly then only it will work properly. We have to avoid performing multitasks and using different apps at the same time.

7.) Try to Play Less Heavy Games

Most of the people use to play games which have higher graphics. These massive games can cause the issue of overheating in your device as the processor. And, the RAM is working continuously. It will heat up at some level. And, it may stop working for a while also. So try to play light games on your device to get away from the issues.

8.) Cleanup of Junk Files

We have to keep on cleaning the Junk Files, Caches, etc. It will reduce the issue of overheating as it may cause problems to your device CPU and RAM. Regularly removing junk from your system makes it work much faster and efficient.

9.) Stop the Unnecessary Running Apps

In our Android Devices, some of the apps are running in the background, and we don’t even know. The apps running in the background are heating our device and using its battery also. We have to keep checking the Active application option in our Android to stop unnecessary apps.

10.) Avoid Watching High-Quality Videos

Nowadays, all the people are used to watch videos online, and they try to watch in a higher quality, which uses up the data and heats our device. By watching videos at little low quality helps to reduce such problems.

From Editor’s Desk

Android Devices have become an essential part of our life in the 21st Century. The wise use of these Gadgets would prove more fruitful. That’s all for now. I hope you’ll like my article. If you are in doubt or want to suggest anything new, make it better.

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