Whatsapp has become one of the essential apps for almost every smartphone user. It is a social messaging app used for chatting, video chat, send and receive images, videos and documents, etc. Whatsapp has almost 2 billion active users around the globe and still rising. Every second user installs WhatsApp after buying a new smartphone.

As you know, WhatsApp comes with a lot of features and capabilities. On the other hand, several bugs also irritate users while using WhatsApp. We receive many complaints that many people face WhatsApp Camera Not Working issue. So to fix this, we came up with some of the best troubleshoots you can use.

You don’t need to worry about it, and It is a basic problem with WhatsApp that sometimes the camera is not working. There may be a reason for cache, camera permission, or any other smartphone issue and need it to restart. We describe each fix in detail. Let’s check it out.

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List of Best Fixes for WhatsApp Camera Not Working

1. Restart Your Smartphone

power off reboot androidBefore jumping into other methods, let’s try it with basic one is to restart your smartphone. Sometimes it can solve most of the tiny problems of your phone. It can reload all the apps and refresh your RAM when restart and allocate fresh memory. It resulted in the proper app functioning properly. Hence you can get rid of WhatsApp Camera Not Working issue.

2. Check Smartphone’s Camera

Maybe there is no problem with your WhatsApp. It is a problem with your smartphone’s camera. So to check it, you can use your normal camera app and try to capture a few images and record video for the camera test. If it is working fine and there is an error with your WhatsApp camera feature, you can go through our methods below.

If there is a hardware problem, we recommend you contact your brand’s service center and fix it.

3. Reset WhatsApp / Clear WhatsApp Cache

A cache is a feature introduced to save storage space and boost the app’s performance. It can store a copy of the data you can use frequently and when you try to access it again, it reflects your action in seconds. But most of the time, old cache files get corrupted and cause problems with android apps.

So in this, we can clear the WhatsApp cache or say rest WhatsApp messenger, creating a new cache and getting your camera problem fixed. So let’s follow the below steps.

  1. Locate WhatsApp Messenger and Tap and Hold the app icon until you see an option.
  2. Click on App Info. On the next screen, click on Storage & Cache option.whatsapp app infowhatsapp storage and cache
  3. Now you can see two options named Clear Storage and Clear Cache. Just Tap on Clear Cache.clear whatsapp cache
  4. Now you successfully cleared your WhatsApp cache.

4. Reinstall WhatsApp

If the above troubleshooting does not help you solve your WhatsApp camera issue, try reinstalling Whatsapp. It can install new WhatsApp files into your android. Sometimes, WhatsApp’s old files are corrupted and not repaired, so after reinstalling the latest WhatsApp, you can install new core files to your phone.

You can get the latest WhatsApp app from the google play store. Here below, you can see all the steps for reinstalling WhatsApp.

  1. Locate Whatsapp and Tap and Hold the app icon until you see the option.
  2. Now click on Uninstall option.whatsapp uninstall
  3. Now go to Play Store, Search for Whatsapp, click on Install, and wait for a minute to get installed.


This is all you need to fix WhatsApp Camera Not Opening on Android smartphones. You can try the various methods mentioned above will solve your problem. If you have any other method or face any issue while performing steps, comment below.


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