Programming is the future of this world. Since everything today is getting digital, the need for programmers and developers is increasing rapidly. Therefore, free Computer Programming Courses are one of the most demanding courses in today’s generation. But again, it is also a tricky one based on multiple logics and observations. Hence, it requires proper guidance.

Also, as per their demand, the courses might cost you a fair sum of money, which is not affordable for all. So, in this article, we will look at some of the options that will provide you with a free learning platform.

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List of Best Sites For Free Online Computer Programming Courses

The following sites will provide you with quality content that will help in developing your skills for free. These are the best picked free online programming courses websites.

1. Dash By General Assembly

Dash by general assembly

Dash by General Assembly is a fun and free way of online learning. At the same time, general assembly holds a diverse platform for learning computer programming, data analytics, visual designing, etc.

Most of these courses are paid courses. However, Dash in itself is a course that is available for free. This course will be taught to code fantastic websites using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.

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2. JavaTPoint


JavaTPoint is another excellent platform that offers you countless courses to choose from—starting from testing, AutoCad, Kubernetes, SMM, Programming, AI, and so much more. So if you are looking for a free course on computer programming, you must find it here.

All the courses are very well-organized and are in the form of text and videos. It even helps you prepare from aptitude to interview and company. You will get complete guidance here.

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3. Coursera

Coursera is a trendy name when it comes to online learning. The best thing here is, it provides you with university-level courses that are very much informal and good for depth knowledge.

The courses will be presented in text and video formats combined. If you are looking for a certification, then you must pay a fee. Else the courses are free to enroll in and helps a lot in developing skills.

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4. Stanford University

Stanford University

Stanford is an online learning project from Stanford University. Since you will get in-depth knowledge from professors, the courses are, of course, not free. However, the Stanford Engineering Everywhere course is made available for free for everyone.

This course generally covers Java and Machine Learning, and the contents are available in the form of downloadable videos and transcripts.

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5. W3 Schools

W3 Schools

W3 Schools is considered the largest web-developer site in the world. Starting from HTMS, CSS to advanced programming languages, you will find everything here. Although the site supports ads, they aren’t enough distracting to be a matter of concern. The best thing about W3 Schools is that it follows baby steps, which can benefit beginners.

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6. edX

edX is a well-known, reputed online learning platform. The website is famous for providing university-level education, certificates, and even degrees. However, you need to pay for all these. But since you are looking for free courses, edX also has options for you too.

The courses are provided by professors and scholars from all over the world. Hence, edX lays the best learning environment and helps you develop skills for free.

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7. Kaggle


If you are more into Data Science, Kaggle could be the best learning platform for you. They cover everything related to Data Science, such as Python, SQL, Machine Learning, etc.

Since everything here is browser-based, you don’t have to download any software for learning. Instead, the Kaggle Notebook takes care of all your programming and testings. Above all, you get all these completely free of cost.

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8. Mozilla


You might have heard this name many times before. But a few are aware of Mozilla’s web developer guide. Mozilla has gathered all the valuable materials that will help you learn web-developing skills in detail. In addition, it features a very well-organized platform that teaches you how and why to learn things in the following pattern.

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From Editor’s Desk

If you are interested enough in computer programming, you must have searched for the best learning platforms. Well, the above list contains reputed websites where you can enroll for both free and paid courses. Since they cover a vast category, it is obvious to find your most preferred course here.


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