Dreamweaver is a significant web development tool by tech giant Adobe. Considering any website, single page, multiple pages, agency, portfolio website, or many others, you can easily create with Dreamweaver. As it supports popular web languages HTML5 and CSS3.

Any web developer can create a Dreamweaver template using HTML and PHP according to their preference. Who will create a theme from scratch while Dreamweaver has plenty of free templates?

Thus, we have shortlisted the best free Dreamweaver templates you can use on your website. It showcases your brand presence with a super beautiful and responsive theme.

Best Free Dreamweaver Templates

On this platform, you will find a huge number of templates available. You can take one of the free themes to give your website a beautiful appearance. Determining your type of website, you can select any. But we have shared the best free Dreamweaver templates that may leave you in shock.

1. Linear


At first, Linear is a fully responsive and well-arranged template for personal brand and commercial use. The larger background image on the home makes it more appealing. It has sidebars, categories, menus, and essential pages.

2. Horizons


Give credit to the template’s creator and start using Horizons on your website. You can use this responsive template for personal and commercial. Hence, you can create classified categories on top and side bars available to add additional information. Moreover, you will get a big sign-up button in the middle.

3. Ex Machina

Ex Machina is a superb and well-organized Dreamweaver template. You can use this template to create a multipurpose website with multiple pages. Let’s try out this significant template to increase your brand’s appearance in the online world.

4. Spatial


One of the minimalist design templates you can adopt to create a portfolio website. Even you can use it for other purposes as well. Its clear interface makes the template different from others. All customization feature is also available.

5. Transit

Right after Spatial, Transit is another beautifully crafted minimalist template. At the top, you have a customizable menu bar. A large image in the middle of the website. You can change it. After that, you can add your essential page and posts. Overall, a nice template that you use for various types of websites.

6. Widerange

If you are running a real estate business, then look no other than the Widerange. The neat and clean interface will be enough well to show your offers. Moreover, it is fully customizable.

7. Firstbase


Firstbase also comes under minimalist design. It has many customization tools. The developer beautifully arranges all of its menus and layouts. From top to bottom, the design is really impressive to view.

8. Fantasy


Fantasy is one of the best templates that you use freely. You can use this template for any purpose. The template is made with HTML5, and layouts are built with a bootstrap frame. Moreover, this Dreamweaver template is mobile-friendly.

9. Concept


Next on the list, Concept is quite simple to look at from the front, but it has many powerful features to customize your website adequately. At the top, you have a menu bar. After that, you can see a few image tabs, which you can adjust accordingly. You can create an image website with this.

10. Sonic


Sonic is one of the complete templates by Dreamweaver, which you can use freely. At first, it has a menu bar on the top. You can see the sliding home middle. You can find three images with titles, adequate information, and a clickable link.

You can create blogs, portfolios, news, and image websites using this template. As it has many inbuilt themes, you can choose them accordingly.

11. Urbanic


You can discover tons of templates to use for multipurpose websites. But this Dreamweaver template has some special features. Its professional and elegant layout surely sparks anyone. Moreover, it is super flexible with all types of devices. You can try this template for a blog website.

12. Nature


Are you finding for a nature-influenced template? Then no one comes close to Nature templates. The simple and silky template is made by templato. This CSS-built website is fully customizable. You can add all of your collection to look different with it.

13. Smoothly


If you want to create a course website or agency website, then Smoothly is the template you should select. You can give a stellar look with its inbuilt elements. It is also compatible with all devices, and you can change the template accordingly.

14. Breadth


Breadth is another template that you can consider for business purposes. The template is very clean and crispy simultaneously. It offers the kind of impression you would love to see. Moreover, you can make custom changes.

15. Interphase


Want to create a travel blog? Being a travel blogger, you must share your experiences with millions of people. Therefore, Interphase is a free template that you need to start an awe-inspiring travel blog.

16. Ion

ionIon is another free Dreamweaver template. The minimalist design template is a perfect solution for blogs and magazines. This inspiring and classy look template is fully customizable as well. All in all, Ion is an impressive template for simple blogs.

Final Words

So these are the best free Dreamweaver responsive website templates you can choose as per your need and not have to pay for anything. Which one is selecting for you? Let me know in the comment section.


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