Finding the perfect sites like FzTvSeries can be daunting at times. That’s because there are many fake websites out there, and you’ll never get the exact TV series of your choice. To make things easy, we’ve compiled active websites like FzTvSeries for you.

FzTvSeries is one of the best sites to download free TV series without any hassles. Over the years, it has served many people, and it still does. If you’re hoping to explore more alternatives, then there are other options to consider.

In this guide, we’ve handpicked free TV series download platforms like FzTvSeries. Whether you’re looking for the latest tiles to binge-watch, these websites have you covered. Also, they offer options to either stream or download any of your favorite series.

Best Sites Like FzTvSeries for Free Series

Some of the websites listed below offer TV series at a compressed rate but usually maintain quality. This makes it easy to watch any title on mobile devices and PCs. With that said, let’s explore FzTvSeries alternatives below.

1. TodayTvSeries


TodayTvSeries is a website I’ll always recommend for getting quality TV series. It is my favourite platform, and it could be yours as well. There are plenty of reasons why it makes sense.

One of them is the friendly interface, which will let you navigate smoothly when exploring the platform. Furthermore, TodayTvSeries covers series that started as early as 2009 and continue until the present year.

Another reason to bookmark this website is that you’ll always get the latest series. Also, the quality ranges from 480p to 720p, which allows you to watch in clear HD.



Next on the list is TFPDL and it serves as an alternative to FzTvSeries in different ways. TFPDL is more than a movie download website; you can get PC games and software applications on it.

TFPDL covers all categories of TV series, which makes it an excellent choice. In terms of user experience, it is a bit better than FzTvSeries. You can download series in 480p, 720p, 1080p and higher quality.

Whether you’re looking for old or new releases, TFPDL should be one of your go-to platforms. Lastly, the website offers different download options, and most file links are hosted on file-sharing platforms.



If you’re looking for a website where you can download and watch series for free, consider adding TV SHOWS to your list of available sites. It’s a clean alternative to FzTvSeries.

One of the reasons why this website makes sense is how it allows you to explore series alphabetically. Moreover, there’s a certainly that TV show you’re looking for is available to download.

TV SHOWS is completely free; most series are always in HD quality regardless of how you choose to access them. There’s just one downside, the downloads might be too slow due to bandwidth restrictions.

4. O2TvSeries


Before most TV show websites became popular, O2TvSeries made things easy for many users. It became a fan favorite because it takes less than 70MB to download an episode.

Known for providing TV series for mobile devices like Blackberry, Symbian Phones and even old Java mobiles. If you’re still using such devices, O2TvSeries might just be what you need to binge-watch any series.

O2TvSeries also covers the latest TV series and it features all genres. Whether you love horror series, action, comedy or sci-fi, you’ll find them available on this website.

5. YouTube

YouTube TV

YouTube is a very popular video hosting platform, which makes it one of the top sites like FzTvSeries. While it doesn’t serve as a series download website, you’ll still have access to some popular titles.

Furthermore, YouTube features plenty of channels where you can access TV series. Some are usually in short videos, and most times, you’d get full episodes and complete seasons.

Using YouTube as your preferred FzTvSeries alternative isn’t all that bad. Moreover, there are different streaming quality available and you can also download series to watch offline.

6. TvShows4Mobile


Another popular website like FzTvSeries is TvShows4Mobile. It is one of the best in terms of getting TV shows for low-end smartphones. You’ll discover it has a similar interface to O2TvSeries.

On TvShows4Mobile, you’ll have access to a large database of popular TV series. It makes sense because you can access them alphabetically and there’s an enhanced search bar for quick finding of any series.

If you’re targeting TV shows in 3GP, MP4, and MP4 HD quality, TVShows4Mobile is a good website to bookmark. There are few pop-ads on the website, but getting around isn’t always tedious.

7. Goojara


You’re looking at another popular platform for watching and downloading TV series. Goojara is one of the top alternatives to FzTvSeries and most websites. On this site, you can either download or stream.

When it comes to accessing it, Goojara has a friendly interface with no pop-ads. However, you’re likely to come across pop-ads when you try to stream any movie or series on the platform.

Goojara offers high-quality TV shows at a compressed rate. In addition, the downloaded files can work on any video player on smartphones and PCs.

8. GoMovies


For those who enjoy streaming TV series rather than downloading them. GoMovies is a recommended website for you. There are plenty of differences between this site and FzTvSeries.

On GoMovies, you can stream your favorite titles without any limit. The website offers the latest episodes and full seasons. The streaming quality is optimized for all screens, which makes it perfect.

GoMovies also offers an app that works on AndroidTV and normal Android phones. Having it around ensures you’ll never get to miss out on any of your favorite series.

9. Vumoo

Vumoo Alternatives

Similar to GoMovies, Vumoo is a popular platform like FzTvSeries, where you can watch TV shows for free. It is also a good place to watch movies from the 1990s to the 20s.

Vumoo is quite better than most websites but it does have its flaws. While the website isn’t loaded with ads, the media player contains too many pop ads. Aside from that, there’s nothing to worry about.

In addition, Vumoo covers popular TV series from different categories and languages. The website offers shows in English, Korean, Hindi, and Chinese.

10. KatMovieHD


KatMovieHD has a reputation as e remarkable website for getting dubbed movies and TV series. While it has had several domain extensions for years, the name stays the same.

I like this website because it presents you with different download options. It’s just on TFPDL where there are download quality ranging from 1080p to 480p.

The user experience on KatMovieHD isn’t all that bad. You’ll surely come across pop ads, but they’re minimal. Whether you’re looking for dubbed series or just normal ones, KatMovieHD has you covered.


In conclusion, these are the best sites like FzTvSeries to download the latest TV shows online. Depending on the type of quality you want, each website does have a few differences. But for an overall experience, the likes of TodatTvSeries, TFPDL and Goojara are mostly recommended.


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