Everyone wants to spend their leisure time playing simulation games or resource management games. With the likes of Oxyen Not Included, you’ll have the best simulation gameplay experience.

Oxygen Not Included is a colony simulation game with a unique gameplay setting. Players must survive by conducting scientific research and exploring deep space. While Oxygen Not Included might be popular on the internet, there are other alternative games like it.

Perhaps you might have had plenty of playtime on Oxygen Not Included and you need a new experience. In this article, we’ve curated the best games like Oxygen Not Included, for you to explore. Each game on the list also features a space colony gameplay but with something different.

Best Games Like Oxygen Not Included

If you want to spend hours entertaining yourself playing games like Oxygen Not Included, check out the list of alternatives below.

1. Nova Lands: Emilia’s Mission

Nova Lands: Emilia’s Mission is a game that features complete simulation. Well, offers a similar gameplay experience to Oxygen Not Included. If you’re up for a new adventure on a new planet, you’ve found the right game that’ll keep you busy.

One of Nova Lands’ cool features is its advanced resource management mechanics. Furthermore, the game blends exploration with easy, difficult levels that won’t bore you.

In Nova Lands: Emilia’s Mission, players must manage resources, expand their settlement, and deal with environmental challenges. In addition, the game also features exploration mode, story mode and challenge mode.

2. Timberborn 


In a post-apocalyptic world, Timberborn offers challenges that will see players build a beaver society against the odds. The game’s challenging gameplay makes it a top choice for anyone looking for a resource management game.

The gameplay in Timberborn will see players utilize timber as a primary resource, manage water supplies, and evolve their beaver civilization. Besides, the game also features multiple beaver factions with unique traits.

Timberborn has game modes like sandbox, story, and challenge. Lastly, It has smooth graphics, an engaging story, and a twist to the default gameplay mode.

3. EarthX


Another game on the list is EarthX, it is the perfect choice for anyone who fancies a space colony. With similar experiences like Oxygen Not Included, players can easily get the gameplay in EarthX.

The gameplay in EarthX is more like owning a space agency like Blue Origin or SpaceX on Earth. EarthX allows players to manage a space organization, launching rockets and satellites into orbit.

One of the unique features is the detailed rocket-building mechanics. It’ll just be like you’re building a rocket in the real world, the resources needed must be gathered as well. Additionally, EarthX comes with real-time strategy dynamics.

4. Captain Of Industry

Definitely one of the best games like Oxygen Not Included for real-time simulation and resource management gameplay. Captain of Industry is set in a world undergoing an industrial revolution. Further, players are tasked with construction and innovation.

The goal is to survive, you and your crew members will need to gather resources, build factories and dominate the island. While playing Captain of Industry, you must extract resources, set up factories and build a trade empire.

Captain of Industry takes resource management to a different level. The game is still in early access, but some exciting features are coming ahead. This is one of the best Oxygen Not Included alternatives to play.

5. Reshaping Mars

Reshaping Mars

Are you up for a space colony terraforming? Then I guess Reshaping Mars might be the perfect title you’re looking for. Along with your building skills, you’ll need to take the role of a base commander. The task ahead is to make Mars habitable for human civilization to thrive in.

One of the standout features of Reshaping Mars is the realistic planetary transformation techniques. The game also features the discovery of alien artifacts, which makes exploration more adventurous.

Furthermore, building the ecological cycle is important once that has been done. The whole process of terraforming Mars into an Earth-like planet will become very easy. So if you’re ready to mine resources, build structures and transform Mars, this game is yours to play.

6. Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program

With almost the same similarities as Oxygen Not Included, the Dysin Sphare Program is a strategy simulation game. In this game, players will be taken deep into the universe and build the most efficient intergalactic factory in the Dyson Sphere Program.

Dyson Sphere Program features unique energy production techniques, advanced tech tree and automation mechanics. Whatever game mode you want to play, the Dyson Sphere Program has over three.

In addition to the game modes, players can dive into the story mode, where the real engagement lies. Further, the create mode also allows players to test their building skills, while the challenge mode adds more intensity.

7. The Planet Crafter

The Planet Crafter

The Planet Crafter is another popular game like Oxygen Not Included. If you’re up for some real challenge, The Planet Crafter might just be the perfect game you need to play. It is an open-world game where players are set on a barren planet.

As the player, the fate of civilization lies on your shoulders because your task is to make the barren planet habitable.

You’ll need to put your building skills into play, the task might look simple but it is quite challenging. The vast open-world exploration makes the Planet Crafter fun to play, it also features a dynamic weather cycle.

8. RimWorld

In addition to the list of games like Oxygen Not Included, RimWorld is another top game you should play. RimWorld presents a unique tale where players manage colonists stranded on a distant, uncivilized planet.

Furthermore, players must contrast shelter management resources with external threats like pirates and alien creatures. Playing RimWord goes beyond build and resource management; it focuses on survival as well.

Lastly, RimWorld features diverse biomes and different challenges that make the game even more engaging.


In conclusion, these are the best games like Oxygen Not Included. Whether you want to build the best space colony or even terraform the most hostile planets in the universe, each game has different plots. So if you’ve always wanted to explore simulation games different from Oxygen Not Included, try the above-mentioned games.