If you have been looking for the best virtual world games similar to Second Life, this guide mentions about eight such games. First, let us throw some light on what the Second Life game is all about. It is a free popular modern-day game with around 1.3 million monthly users enjoying playing it.

The events of Second Life take place in a 3D virtual world. You can create and customize avatars to interact and socialize with others online. This includes exploring the game by chatting with others and building relationships.

Understanding More About Second Life

Second Life has been developed by Linden Lab. According to them, it is like an “open-ended experience”.

You can create virtual goods and monetize them by selling them within the game. To buy virtual goods and services in the game, you have to use the in-game currency called Linden Dollars (L$).

Best Virtual World Games Like Second Life

Here are the various games that offer a similar user experience to the game Second Life.

1. Instant Messaging Virtual Universe 

Often abbreviated as IMVU, this game is designed by Daren Tsui. Similar to Second Life it is marketed as a social experience in the virtual world. Use your Facebook or Apple ID to kickstart experiencing the virtual realm of IMVU.


All the major platforms like Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, support this game. In the virtual world, you can meet others and talk to them. You can create objects and sell them to make money.

2. Twinity

If you are looking for a Windows-specific social experience, then try out Twinity. It is a game from 2008 and was developed/published by ExitReality. Participants of the game go by the term Twinizens. Within the game, you will see virtual versions of real-life cities and places.


The virtual world of Twinity is called Mirror World and Metaverse. Like other social experiences, in Twinity, you get the currency Globals that you can use to buy various stuff. First, you have to buy Globals using actual money or completing certain tasks.

To help the user adapt to a fluid role-playing gaming experience, Twinity allows a plethora of customization to the user’s avatar.

3. Entropia Universe

Meant only for Windows users, Entropia Universe was published way back in 2003 by MindArk. It has a Sci-Fi theme to it and it is free to play. Following the micropayment model, players can use the in-game currency project Entropia Dollar to buy ammo, tools, fuel, etc.

entropia universe

The currency that you earn virtually, you can trade it in real life. In the game, you explore planets, combat enemies, increase your in-game skills, collect rewards, and much more.

4. Sansar

If you are seeking new-age games that have the same ambiance as Second Life, try out Sansar. Interestingly, the publisher for Sansar is the same company that is responsible for publishing Second Life. Wookey Project is the developer of Sansar.

This game is based on the social virtual reality experience. Talking about how it is different from Second Life, Sansar has more of a sci-fi backdrop. Second life is pretty much about real life.

sansar game

The virtual currency goes by the name the “Sansar dollar”.You can use it to make money from the stuff you create within the game. The in-game activities include indulging in in-game concerts, sports, casual conversations with other players, etc.

5. Roblox

A free-to-play game, Roblox was launched back in 2008. You can invite others to play with the virtual things you create in it. Along with games of different forms, there are many virtual events you can become part of. These include concerts, sports, and conventions.


You can utilize the Roblox studio to create and manage virtual elements. Needless to say, you can monetize your virtual things on Roblox and make money off that by selling them.

6. Garry’s Mod

Usually, Garry’s Mode is marketed as a virtual tool or sandbox game. It uses Valve’s Source engine which is the same one you will find in the Half-Life series game. When you join the virtual experience, you can create your own game.

garrys mod

Along with that, you may participate in games created by other users. In the virtual world, you can even create and set your laws and carry out a load of customizations. You get to spawn characters, non-playing elements, weapons, etc.

7. Avakin Life

It is a role-playing simulation game. You have to carry out social interactions in the virtual world. Customize your avatar and the other elements that you create in modern, classic, or Hollywood style.

avakin life

You can make online friends on this virtual experience and form relationships with numerous other people playing this game. This game is available on iOS, Android, and Chrome OS. Completing tasks will earn you the native currency of the platform.

8. The SIMs 4

Talking of social simulation and not mentioning the strategic virtual social experiment SIMs 4 would make this guide incomplete. You have to create a simulation character using the character creation menu.

The SIMs 4

You can add the personality through various levels of customization. SIMs 4 has seven stages. In the game, you can create your family, get a job, earn or spend money, get groceries, have a partner, and make friends.

Wrapping Up

Let us wrap up the list of the Best 8 Virtual World Games Like Second Life. I hope you can choose from the sufficient options of social virtual experiences shared in this guide. Try these games out and let us know your experience.