In today’s world, there is almost nothing that cannot be achieved through our phones. We don’t need a scale or a measuring scale to measure the length of an object when we have our smartphones with us.  

There are many such apps available that make our smartphone a portable measuring tool. Whether it is measuring your height or the height of a large or small object, you can use height meter apps for such measurements. 

These height meter apps provide reliable results and are also super simple to use. Let’s go through some of the best height meter apps for Android and iOS. 

Best Height Meter Apps for Android and iOS

With height meter apps, measuring the length of small and big objects becomes easy. You can also use these apps for measuring height, area, perimeter, and other measurements. Below is the list of the best height meter apps for Android and iOS that you can use to measure height and length.

1. Measure By Google

This app is one of the most trusted apps for its accurate measurement. This app uses the AR technology of your phone to scan for objects and give you their dimensions. However, to use this app, you need a phone supporting ARCore. 

You will have to point your camera toward the surface, and it will give you the measurements. Also, this app lets you get the objects’ height from the surface to the top. You can also get the measurements in feet and inches or in meters and centimeters.

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2. Measure By Apple

MeasureThis is the official measurement app by Apple for iPhones and iPads. With this app, you can get the measurement of the object or even the height of the person. You can draw lines in horizontal and vertical dimensions and get the measurement. 

Moreover, if you try to measure rectangular objects, this will give you the dimensions in no time. You can save your measurements and share them across devices or with friends through Mail, Messages, and other apps. 

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3. Smart Measure

Smart Measure

This is a very simple-to-use app and is perfect for measuring the height of objects from the ground. It also measures the distance of objects. It has features like meter-to-feet conversion (or vice versa), virtual horizon, screen capture, etc. 

However, this app has plenty of ads and requires you to switch to the pro version to eliminate the ads. It also cannot measure height and distance above the ground level. 

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4. GHeight

GHeightFor people who need to measure their heights at home by themselves, this app will come to their rescue. To measure your height, you will have to keep your phone on your head, which will measure the height. This app is simple to use and gives accurate results. 

The app also allows one to check not only their Height but also allows you to compare their height with celebrities. It also allows you to save all your data for future reference, and you can share your measurements with your friends. 

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5. GPS Fields Area Measure

GPS Fields Area MeasureThis app allows one to measure the perimeter, Area, and distance. It also has a ‘map view,’ which allows one to mark places on maps as per choice. You will have to mark the start and end points on the map to measure the distance. 

If you want to measure the area, then draw the perimeter for the area on the map. This app also allows one to save all their map points for future use. You can also group your measurements. 

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6. ImageMeter

This app allows you to make measurements by clicking the photos. You can click the photo of a place and measure the length, angle, and area. You can use Bluetooth to connect the app to the laser distance meter and take measurements. 

Also, you can add text notes to the measurements you make. Not only this, but you can draw on the measurements and also add shapes to it.  

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7. Moasure PRO

Moasure PROIt is one of the most trusted measurement apps. It detects any room’s dimensions and calculates the space between objects up to 300 meters. You can use this app to measure height and large and complex areas.

With this app, you can measure multiple shapes. This app has a very user-friendly interface. The app also stores your data and sends it to your email so you don’t lose any of it. 

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8. Ruler

RulerThis app is considered one of the best height meter apps for measuring the height and length of objects. You get a classic ruler, tape measure, and camera ruler for the measurement.

If you want to measure the height, all you have to do is point the camera toward the person or the object, and you will be able to measure the height. It is an amazing app for calculating and measuring the length of very small objects in front of you. The app also helps in unit conversions. 

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9. Roomscan Pro

RoomScan Pro LiDAR floor plansIt is a professional app that scans the floors and helps formulate floor plans. It uses the phone’s camera to detect and identify the floor and the walls to formulate a detailed floor plan. 

This app is used mostly by professionals for its advanced features and accurate measurements. You can export your file in PNG, PDF, FML, and other formats. Not only this, but if you are using the app on iPad, then you can use the Apple Pencil to edit your plans. 

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10. Angle Meter

Angle MeterYou can use this app to measure the angle, length, or height of small objects. Its measurement tools include a ruler, protractor, compass, and laser level. You can make save your records for future reference on this app. 

The app comes in handy for most of your measurements, be it measuring the angle, length, or level. However, this app is available for Android only. 

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11. AR Ruler: Camera Tape Measure

AR MeasureThis is also a great app for measuring height and length. You can measure height, volume, area, perimeter, angle, path, distance, etc, using this app. This app uses AR technology for measurement. 

You can also use it to generate the plan and export it in PDF. This app comes with an on-screen ruler to measure small objects. These features make it one of the best height meter apps for Android and iOS. 

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Plnar SnapAnother great app for the measurement of rooms is PLNAR. This app uses the AR technology of your iOS device to measure walls, doors, and all the other surfaces of your room. You can measure a single room or combine multiple rooms in one project. 

The plan generated using this app can be saved in a 3D CAD file. You can also export the project plan to the cloud to access it anywhere. This app is used by professionals working on renovation or house decor.

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With your smartphone in your hand, you need not carry most of your measurement tools for measuring length and area. Now you can measure height and length with the height meter apps you can get on your phone. You can refer to the list above if you are searching for the best height meter apps for Android or iOS.