May website owners need to track user activity to deliver better readability content. This is where Hotjar comes in. Hotjar is a great web analytics software that tells how a user interacts with a website. However, there are other great Hotjar alternatives out here that come with more accurate tracking results.

Hotjar was founded in 2014, and because of its unmatched features, it quickly became famous among web admins and blog writers. With this tool, you can track user activity on your website. There are other alternatives to Hotjar analytics where you can track more details such as mouse movements, geo-location, click-activity, and much more.

List of Best Hotjar Alternatives in 2022

Suppose you’re not happy with Hotjar, don’t worry since we have plenty of great traffic analysis tools that will help you understand how users interact with your website or app.

1. FullStory


FullStory lets its users search and filter virtually on any action, browsing environment. The FullStory provides an extensive analysis of digital interaction. FullStory offers digital experience analytics on the fly convention funnels. And advanced search capabilities, a video-like replay of user sessions. And hence it provides robust debugging and developer tools.

Visit: FullStory

2. Mouseflow


Mouseflow is a kind of session replay and heatmap tool. It is quite similar and a great alternative to the Hotjar tool as it shows how visitors of a website click, move, scroll, browse. And how they pay attention to the web pages of the website they are searching for.

It helps clients simplify their analytics to make a decision that matters a lot. Hence it is one of the best Hotjar among alternatives.

Visit: Mouseflow

3. Matomo


Matomo, formerly known as Piwik, is an open-source and free Hotjar Alternative. It is a self-hosted, as well as an open-source alternative to Google Analytics, which provides nearly similar features also as it is a self-hosted application. It is also available to provide full ownership of the analytical data to the users.

Visit: Motamo

4. Smartlook


Smartlook has been a long-trusted name for providing accurate analytics for websites and mobile apps. But unlike many other website analytics, Smartlook performs most cost-effective. So, if you find a Hotjar a little bit too expensive for your budget, then do not fail to try it out. So people like this very much just because of its amazing features.

Visit: Smartlook

5. WalkMe


WalkMe is a digital platform that is digitally adopted. And it is essentially ‘a stop shop’ for adoption.  It is a perfect tool that gives the facility of change management. And it also guides users through software in real-time. It makes an excellent substitute for Hotjars, and that is to offer a comprehensive solution. And this is the significant advantage of WalkMe.

Visit: WalkMe

6. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is an online application that provides us with an eye-tracking tool like Heat map, scroll map, Overlay. And other features to track a website’s operation like Confetti. Crazy Egg helps us understand our customer’s interests to boost our website’s profit. And I can say with a guaranty that nobody will deny this just because of its amazing features.

Visit: Crazy Egg

7. Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is a complete and useful conversion rate optimization. And it is a customer feedback tool designed to help. It helps us to know whether our website is working best or not. The Lucky Orange platform is working pretty much like it is a more famed counterpart. It has a culture-free interface for beginners.  This makes sure that everything you want to view is just a glance away.

Visit: Lucky Orange

8. Freshmarketer


Freshmarketer is a complete marketing automation suite. It helps its users to manage their contacts and lists, designs. And to deliver compelling marketing and automate their email marketing.

This is also coming with a visual editor to help you edit the page. It is quite simple to use. Hence, you can change text, images, and other elements easily. Therefore it is essential among available Hotjar alternatives.

Visit: Freshmarketer

From Editor’s Desk

These were the best Hotjar Alternative to track your website users’ activity. These tools will help you to maintain your website content better to make it more usable for its consumers. Which one among them do you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below.


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