When it comes to the best AI art generator, Midjourney is the most powerful and popular right now across the globe. Based on the Discord server, Midjourney was free to use earlier.

Due to its impressive capabilities, it quickly gained millions of users within a few months and come out as a paid tool. If you are interested in purchasing a Midjourney subscription, this post provides a comprehensive guide on how to buy a Midjourney subscription.

Midjourney Plans & Pricing

It’s important to know Midjourney plans and pricing before purchasing any random plan. However, it has several plans for any budget. You can pick which plan suits your needs.

Basic Plan

Monthly – $10

Yearly – $96

Standard Plan

Monthly – $30

Yearly – $288

Pro Plan

Monthly – $60

Yearly – $576


Monthly – $120

Yearly – $1152

Note: If you are wishing to use Midjourney for a longer period of time, you should go with the yearly plan because it saves 20% of the money. For beginners, the basic and standard plan is simple enough.

The basic plan allows you to generate 200 results in a month. While other plans have extra features like fast generation, credit top-up, and relaxed hours.

How to Buy a Midjourney Subscription

Generally, there are two ways to purchase a Midjourney subscription. Whether you are using the website or using the Discord server, you need the same details.

Method 1 – Midjourney Subscription Using Discord

Here we’ll show you how you can buy a Midjourney plan from the Discord server.

  1. Visit Discord.com, and create an account. If you have an account, log in to your account.discord login
  2. Then, click on the Explored Discoverable Server, and you can see the Midjourney server at the top, click on it. Explored Discoverable Server and choose Midjourney
  3. On the next page, click on the Join server to add the server to your account.join midjourney server
  4. Next, you have to verify human access. For this, you have to click on I am human.i am human
  5. That’s it; you have joined the Midjourney server. Here you can see some magic image art creations by other people. Also, you have successfully set up the Midjourney Discord server.welcome to midjourney discord server
  6. After that, you can see Newcomer rooms from the left pane. Under the Newcomer room, click on one of these; suppose here we’ve selected Newbie 7.click on newbie
  7. On chat type /subscribe and hit the enter button. You will get the subscription page.type subscribe
  8. Now click on the visible Open subscription page which is the personal subscribing link for you.Open subscription page
  9. Again, click on Yep to continue to the pricing and plan page.click on Yep to continue
  10. It will redirect you to the Midjourney checkout page, now you can select a plan according to your budget. You can select either a monthly or yearly basis. And click on the Subscribe button of the chosen plan.select Midjourney plan
  11. Here you have to put your personal information with the payment method (Card Details). Once everything is filled up, then click on Subscribe button again.midjourney payment method
  12. After this, you will get a confirmation pop-up on the payment successful and the subscription activated. That’s it – you have successfully bought a Midjourney subscription to create magic art.

Method 2 – Purchase Midjourney Subscription using Midjourney Website

Here is another method to get your Midjourney subscription.

  1. First of all, visit Midjourney.com on your browser, and click on the Sign in option.sign in Midjourney
  2. Then, submit your Discord account details. You can also create a Discord account if you don’t have any until now. To create an account click on the Register button and log in.discord login
  3. Once you will click on Log in, it will redirect you to a Discord account. Then select all available services, and click on the Authorize button to give access to everything on the Discord server.authorize midjourney bot
  4. Now you can see your account on Midjourney. Here click on Purchase Plan.purchase plan
  5. Next, select your plan accordingly just like the previous method. And click on Subscribe, and provide your card details.select Midjourney plan

Once everything will be completed, you can enjoy Midjourney without any hassle and create image art smoothly.

Bottom Line

There is no denying that Midjourney is the fastest-growing AI tool and everyone wants to use it for remarkable results. If you want to create magic on Midjourney, you have to buy a subscription.

And today, we’ve shared how to buy a Midjourney subscription with step by step guide. However, if you have any questions, let us know in the comment section.